• A Snowball Tree Love Story
  • New Dresser in the Master Bedroom
  • Nesting Trays Makeover
  • Oversized Wall Clock in the Dining Room

American Flag Candle Log

Hello At the Picket Fence friends! It's me, Julie, from redheadcandecorate.com. You might be wondering if I didn't realize that YESTERDAY was Memorial Day and thinking this project is too late. But … [Read More...]

Patriotic Ideas and Projects

It's that time of the year again. When red, white and blue take center stage and we completely ignore the fact that the craft stores already have Christmas items on the shelves. Because, we don't … [Read More...]

Easy Summer Cocktail Station

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I can definitely see how this can be true when it comes to particular words in the English language. In that case though, beauty would be in the … [Read More...]

Deck Decorating Ideas and Giveaway!

I think it's time for full disclosure here. I have a serious case of porch envy. Did you know that when you search for outdoor decorating ideas on Pinterest that there are approximately 2 million … [Read More...]

Ballard Designs Pillow Knock-Off

I need to tell you something. I went into Michael's Crafts the other day and realized that it had been at least 2 months since I had last been there. Now, this might not seem like a really big deal … [Read More...]

How To Make Frozen Greek Yogurt

I have a confession to make. And I hope you still like me and want to be my friend and will still sign my yearbook after you hear it. ;-) Ready? I don't really like cake all that much. Gasp! And … [Read More...]

When You Have a Mom Like This…

When you can call her anytime to talk about ANYTHING When she lets you just cry if you need to cry When you go shopping together and she wants to buy you something 'just because' When she laughs … [Read More...]

Build Up Sweet Friends, Build Up

Pursuing your dreams can be a funny thing. It brings up so many different emotions. We're putting ourselves out there. Setting goals, taking risks, praying, hoping, willing those dreams to come … [Read More...]

Chalky Finish Coffee Table Makeover

That whole concept of it never hurting to at least ASK, is so true, isn't it? Because more often than not, the answer to the question is a 'yes'. My kids always know that when they ask us for … [Read More...]

Science Themed Birthday Party Ideas

When my daughter was 4 ½ her greatly anticipated Christmas gift was a pair of plastic safety goggles and a Mind Blowing Science kit.  Fast-forward a year and a half and a few dozen Steve Spangler … [Read More...]