• Winter Decorating Ideas
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  • Take Five: DIY Poppers for Valentines Day

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Truth is a strange thing. We can know it in our heads and yet feeling it in our hearts is an entirely different matter. At at no other time are we more aware of this duality than when we are … [Read More...]

State of the Blog Address

Many years ago my husband and I attended a leadership conference hosted by our church. There were many amazing speakers over the course of the weekend and a lot of wisdom was shared. But there was one … [Read More...]

Winter Decorating Ideas

*I have some very simple winter decorating ideas for you today* Well, the gift I gave to myself when I decorated the house for Christmas is really paying off! This was by far the easiest tear-down … [Read More...]

The Post Christmas ‘Blahs’

Hello sweet friends! How are you? Are you recovering from the craziness of the holiday season? I don't know about you, but I find myself feeling all out of sorts in the days following Christmas. On … [Read More...]

The new year never looked so Lush!

I've been using touches of green in my home for three years now.  It started with this vintage writing desk I stumbled upon at one of my favorite second hand stores.... … [Read More...]

Kentucky Champagne.. a fun drink for New Year’s Eve!

  Just in time for your New Year's Eve celebrations, I'm sharing with you Kentucky Champagne...one of my favorites! Can you believe it's almost the end of 2016?! Whew! It's been a year of … [Read More...]

Christmas down South….

Welcome!  I'm so excited to finally give you a peek at our new home! It seems these days, I'm a day late and a dollar short but here I am with a glimpse into our house dressed up for Christmas day. … [Read More...]

A Nativity Scene Story

Hello from redheadcandecorate.com~ Before I share today's treasure with you all, I wanted to ask if you have subscribed to my weekly newsletter yet? I send my decorating newsletters out by e-mail on … [Read More...]

Easy Eggnog Cake with Eggnog Icing

*I'm so excited to be sharing with you today this easy recipe for Eggnog Cake* A few weeks ago I gathered with a group of amazing women at the beautiful home of Janna from Yellow Prairie Interiors. … [Read More...]

Healthy Holiday Appetizer

  If you're looking for a healthy holiday appetizer, I want to introduce you to Roasted Beet Salsa! Beet Salsa is not only vibrant, the perfect color for your Christmas parties, it's also … [Read More...]