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Turning an Appliance Garage Into a Coffee Station

Coffee. I love it so. In fact, I had fully intended on sharing a coffee quote in this blog post but there were 1,585,763 of them on Pinterest and I couldn't narrow it down to just one that perfectly … [Read More...]

Barnsley Gardens and Shaw Floors

Two sisters who hadn't seen each other in two years had the amazing opportunity last week to not only finally get to be together but to do it in style! When Shaw Floors reached out to us recently … [Read More...]

Wood Chargers Turned Wall Art

Well, my friends, I've committed a major blogging faux pas. In my eagerness to complete a makeover I didn't take any 'before' photos. But, you have to understand. You see, I had been trying to find … [Read More...]

What You Don’t See

Blogging and social media always has a bit of a smoke and mirrors element to it. We let others see what we want them to see, right? What I tend share here At the Picket Fence are the areas of my … [Read More...]

Socks on My Table

There are socks on my kitchen table. … [Read More...]

What I Can Do

I don't know about you, but my social media feeds are leaving me feeling more and more disheartened. Post after post of negativity. Some of it is based on facts, a lot of it isn't. And it's left me … [Read More...]

Why French Country is My Favorite

When I got engaged to my husband in 1997 and began to plan for our home together, I knew exactly what I wanted for our bedding. I had seen a comforter in a movie (Father of the Bride??) and just like … [Read More...]

Kitchen Makeover Sneak Peek

Recently I was shocked and horrified to find out that my mom will almost always peek ahead and read the end of new book. Even a mystery novel!! For her suspense-loving daughter this was mind-boggling. … [Read More...]

In the Coolness

I often hear people talking about how they feel closest to the Lord when the sun is shining down on them. The warmth emanating from that giant star in the sky reminds them of the warmth of the love of … [Read More...]

25 Garage Sale Tips

Hi folks, it's me, Julie from redheadcandecorate.com with 25 Garage Sale Tips! If you're not too interested in garage sales these days, you can check out my latest DIY project here: DIY Rustic Indoor … [Read More...]