• Farmer’s Market Sign in the Breakfast Nook
  • How to Make a Patriotic Wood Ruler Basket
  • Bi-fold Shutter Doors Turned Entry Decor
  • My Snowball Tree Love Story

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Weekend Wonderings

Happy weekend my friends!! What will you be up to? We're celebrating my son's 13th birthday today and I can be found curled up in a corner in the fetal position because I cannot believe that my baby … [Read More...]

New Bedroom Nightstands

*I'm so excited to be sharing my new bedroom nightstands with you today!* I have a confession to make...for more years than I care to admit, I was living with a nightstand that, for lack of a better … [Read More...]

Creamy Brown Sugared Strawberries

Calling all strawberry lovers! Julie here, from redheadcandecorate.com with the easiest recipe for strawberries in a desert that you will ever find. … [Read More...]

Farmer’s Market Sign in the Breakfast Nook

I feel the need to declare to you right up front that we are not opening a farmer's market in our home. I only say this because it was the first question my children asked after they saw my new … [Read More...]

Cake and Grace

I have decided that while there is a great deal of discussion about girls going through adolescence, those of us raising boys are generally ill informed, ill equipped and sometimes just downright … [Read More...]

How to Make a Patriotic Wood Ruler Basket

I'm so excited to share my patriotic wood ruler basket with you today my friends! Can you even believe that it's almost Memorial Day? And does anyone else feel like the month of May is trying to kill … [Read More...]

Weekend Wonderings

Does anyone else feel like the month of May might actually be the busiest month of the year? I always thought it was December but I now think that Spring is more insanely crammed with activities … [Read More...]

Bi-fold Shutter Doors Turned Entry Decor

I'm so excited to be kicking off a fun new series today with some of my favorite thrifty blogging friends and sharing with you how I transformed an old pair of bi-fold shutter doors into a fresh new … [Read More...]

About Mother’s Day

Romans 12:15 says, "Rejoice with those who rejoice: mourn with those who mourn." This is what we do on Mother's Day. … [Read More...]

Make Room For What You Love

*this post contains affiliate links I'm so thrilled to be joining an AMAZING group of bloggers today as we celebrate the release of Melissa Michael's brand new book, 'Make Room For What You Love'. … [Read More...]