Make Your Own “Frugal” Kitchen Cabinet Feet


 Make your own frugal kitchen cabinet feet from

I love the look of feet on cabinets.  I think they epitomize the french country farm kitchen look.  But have you ever priced those lil’ suckers?!  They are EX-PE-NS-IVE!! For instance these beauties:

No you are not seeing things.  that is $58.07 for one foot!

I placed it to the cart for the fun of it..and it added another $12 in shipping!  Good Lord! That’s an expensive foot!  Now I do understand they are maple, and fluted and pretty but seriously?  These feet aren’t even painted people.  Once you slap some white paint on it who cares if it’s whole maple, split maple or whole cherry?  I mean really.  I knew there had to be a better way.

I hit my local Lowe’s store (seriously need compensation for mentioning the “L” store so much…lol) and wandered up and down the wood aisles. I saw the normal table legs and even some smaller legs that might have worked with some modification but even these were still around $8 each and people we’re working on a very frugal budget here and I needed 12 feet!  At $8 each that was still way more than I wanted to spend.

But I really {Heart} cabinet feet and I just knew there had to be an alternative.  There was. The question was would it work?   What was my solution? Finials and Buttons.

2 pack of medium craft finials and 1″ flat head plugs (6 pack)

Yep. Medium craft finials and 1″ flat head pluggy things you stick in screw holes. They would become my legs.  I just knew it would work. I had faith in my little finials to become the feet they knew they could be!

 It’s calling to me..”Make me a foot please!”

First, using needle nosed pliers, I removed the screw that is sunken into the bottom of each finial.  This would be used if you were going to attach them to a rod for curtains per their original intention.  But we don’t need them so off they go.

Remove screw from bottom of finial

Next I glued the button , using liquid nails, to cover the hole where the screw was, with the narrower end of the button facing out.

After the glue had dried.  I painted the first coat of paint onto the tops of all of the finials.

Aren’t they so cute all in a row!  They look like little chess pieces.

I then painted the lower third of the feet resting them in a large egg carton so they would not touch and the bottoms could dry properly.  I repeated this step again adding another coat of paint.I did not want the feet permanently attached to the cabinets in case I ever needed to remove them for new flooring..a girl can hope can’t she?? grin.  So I located the corner underneath each cabinet and placed the feet in the right location, with the round knob at the end of the finial located up under the cabinet.  This will help keep the foot in place.

Of course. as with everything else in this house. some of the cabinets were slightly higher or lower than another.  On the ones I could I gently tapped the foot into location and so far they are holding tight. For the ones that were loose under the cabinet still, I applied a small bead of caulk to the bottom of the foot and adhered the foot to the tile.  This will not damage your tile but will hold your foot in place.  The foot will be permanently in place, but can be removed if ever need be.
Let me just say…I am in L.O.V.E!!

I think they turned out great considering they started out as finials and buttons

Oh and what do you think of my “new” painted cabinets..or at least what you can see?

Side view of cabinets

And did you notice the beadboard along the toe kick?  Another great use for beadboard wallpaper!

Total cost for 12 kitchen cabinet feet: $ 22.48
6 packs of finials @ 2.86 = 17.16
2 packs of 1″ flat head plugs @ 2.66 =5.32
white paint: already had for cabinets

Now that’s a savings! I’m so glad this idea worked for me!  I hope if you give it a try it will work for you too!

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And as always, thanks for meeting me (and my new cabinet feet) at the picket fence!


  1. says

    I actually gasped when I saw how pretty these feet look (I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true)! I love the beadboard at the toe kick… they look so fantastic together. I would love to add feet to my cabinets… thanks for all the great tips!

  2. says

    I heart these ALOT!!! I have tried so many things and these are perfect!! I am going to have to go see if I can find some. Everything is looking so beautiful Heather!

  3. says

    Way to go, Heather! You made a wonderful knock-off of cabinet feet–I think your version is smashing! Here’s an idea. . . if you paint the wallpaper on the toe-kick black or dark brown, it will probably recede into the background. That will make your cabinetry look even more like footed pieces. You could try it on one cabinet and see what you think–and if you don’t like it, you could always just re-paint with white! :)

  4. says

    This is brilliant! Oh my goodness what an amazing solution. I’ve been wracking my little brain trying to think of a way to add feet to my cabinets that wouldn’t send me to the poor house. Thanks for sharing this. I’m following you know. Visiting from Wow us Wed.

  5. says

    These feet are a great idea…I have always wanted them but my cabinets are built too low. That beadboard wallpaper is amazing stuff…I swear it looks like the real thing. Can’t wait to see the rest of your transformation! At the moment my kitchen is sitting in my dining room. Starting to paint the cabinets tomorrow. What a mess! I’ll just keep thinking about your beautiful cabinets and what the end result will be…Have a great rest of the week! ~Ann

  6. says

    I had never seen kitchen cabinet feet… and now you have me hooked! I can’t believe how expensive the ones you originally found were! My real HUMAN feet wouldn’t sell for that price… so you are genius for this idea! Can’t wait to start our kitchen!

  7. says

    Those feet are fabulous!! I had been wanting to do the same thing but was put off by the cost. This is great.
    Thank you so much for sharing this tip. Kudos!
    hugs, Ginger:)

  8. Cindy says

    I AM SO EXCITED to be the winner…Thanks so much!!!

    Love, love your new frenchy look and so cost effective! Feet always make cabinets look like furniture pieces. They really look amazing!

  9. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says

    Wonderful Heather-I love to find creative ( and less expensive!) ways to replicate a look too – well done!! :)

  10. says

    I read this yesterday but got distracted before commenting.

    This post is an inspiration to me. I might have the courage to paint the kitchen cabinets if I can make it all come together like these with the little feet. Love it.

  11. says

    your cabinet tootsies look amazing…i’m thinking you should sell them for about $60 each! just kidding…sort of…great ideas every time i stop by!

  12. says

    I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this for the longest time… this was a perfect tutorial for me, and the price is just right too. Your little kitchen feet look wonderful!


  13. says


    These cabinet feet are fantastic! I wanted to achieve this look when I was renovating my kitchen last spring, however I shied away from it because of the cost. This idea is total genius and looks amazing!

    Warm Wishes,

  14. says

    WOW, I love this….what a great idea. Those feet are so expensive. It’s amazing what one can do with a little imagination and elbow grease!
    Marianne :)

  15. says

    Heather it is look fab girl! You are getting so much done and we are at a stand still and it is driving me INSANE!! It totally puts a damper on my mood and The HUbster does not understand why. Urgh….

  16. says

    I know can you believe how expensive they are. we priced them 7 years ago when we did a re-do on our 70’s kitchen. We used molding and shelf brackets to make it look like feet. They turned out so great. You can visit my kitchen on the sidebar of my blog. Much cheaper at $1.99 each instead of over $60!!!! Great choice and yours looks great!! Kathysue

  17. Elaine says

    Your cabinets are beautiful, what a clever and affordable solution. I once bought a big old kitchen farm table for $5.00 at a yard sale that turned out to be too low for my chairs. I bought four chunky wooden knobs and 4 double ended screws, screwed it all together and the table is now the perfect height. No one can tell that the legs were ever any different.

  18. says

    That is a beautiful transformation! I will want to do the same when we upcycle our cabinets in the future! Thanks for sharing! Very beautiful!

  19. says

    This is brilliant! I just finished painting my cabinets and wanted to add some kind of feet under them. Thank you so much for the idea!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  20. says

    Love the painted cabinets and the three tier tagged stand in that last photo. Might try something similar to the feet alternative in my bathroom. Only problem being that I live in the land of giants with oversized everything in this place. So I’d need something pretty substantial. We’ll see what I come up with. Good inspiration here!


  21. says

    HELP! I absolutely love what you’ve done here! I think this is just the idea I’ve been looking for to revive my pink (yes, pink) kitchen cabinets.
    Can you tell me where you found the finials and plugs? Thanks!

  22. says

    @Bec Hi! I hope you will see this reply. I wanted to email you but didn’t see an email address attached to your blogger profile. :) I purchased the finials and plugs at Lowes. They are located in the unfinished wood section where you find crown molding and wood trim. They have several different sizes. The medium finial combined with the plug worked perfectly size wise for my cabinets. If you need any additional help feel free to email me through our contact page and I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can! So glad my idea might work for you! :)


  23. says

    looks fabulous! i love the look. may i ask a silly question… how do you figure out exactly where you need the little feet? my cabinets go around corners/etc. and it isn’t evident to me…

    also, i just ordered the beadboard wallpaper for the sides of my cabinets after reading another post. and, i was wondering about baseboards. you did it! i’m definitely going to copy that as well :)


    ps. what color white did you use for painting your cabinets?

  24. says

    Hi Jules! I hope you’ll see this. I didn’t see an email address for you.

    First the paint color is Greek Villa from Sherman Williams. It is cabinet grade oil based. Messy to work with but gives a nice durable finish. You could get the same color in latex too though.

    I placed a foot in the corner of each cabinet not matter how big or small it was. So there are some that have feet almost right next to each other. I also put them under the corners of my lazy susan cabinet that is a corner cabinet. I wanted each cabinet to look like it could be a free standing cabinet. It means you have to use more “feet” but they are so inexpensive you can get away with using more. I will post more up close details on the kitchen when I finally do a full reveal when the whole kitchen is done so you can see how many I used.

    The beadboard wallpaper worked great on the baseboards. Just make sure to seal the seams well since they do get a little more wear from people kicking their feet under it. I haven’t painted it yet, which should help some with wear as well. :)

    Let me know if you have any more questions!


  25. says

    thanks, heather! one more question… where did you get the cute trim for your beadboard? i looked at home depot and found nothing like it. i’m guessing if you got the finials at lowe’s you might have gotten your trim there too… thanks again!

  26. Anonymous says

    Ok maybe I missed something . . BUT, did you tell us where to find these? Because I’m not finding them as affordable as you have!! Thanks for the help!

  27. says

    Hi! This is a reply to the last comment, I wasn’t able to email you directly since I didn’t have any information.

    The finals and the wooden buttons were purchased at Lowe’s. They can be found in the wood trim section. I am sure Home Depot would carry something similar. These are the types of finals that you would use at the end of a curtain rod but I removed the screw. If you look at one of the first pictures in the tutorial it will show you the packaging so you can try and find the exact ones. My finals were approximately $2.86 for a package of two. You then glue the final to wood “buttons” these are also located in a package of 6 in the same area. Hope that helps with some more information! If you have any other questions or need more details please feel free to email me as well through our contact page and I’ll try and help!


  28. says

    LOVE the feet!
    Question: I have a U shaped kitchen. My cabinets are divided by my dishwasher, stove and fridge. SO, would I purchase a pair for each division, right? What about my corners? Do I need one there? (My email is if you would just email me.)
    My U goes in this order:
    Cabinet, dishwasher, corner cabinet, stove, corner cabinet, fridge, cabinet. The way I look at it- I need 8. What do you think?
    I can’t wait to get started on this!

  29. Anonymous says

    I haven’t seen this question here. Do these come in different sizes.
    I have 3 1/2 inches from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet. I am sooooo going to do this to my kitchen cabinets. You are awesome! Thank you for sharing! My email is


  30. Lona says

    How ingenius! I am going to do this to my bathrooms too! I have been wanting to change out the legs of some dressers, that have plain ones, this is giving me some hope. Thanks!

  31. says

    I am SO GLAD I found this post! I have a ‘naked toe-kick’ in my kitchen and the beadboard wallpaper is perfect for it (hubby fixed a leak under our sink and didn’t quite finish up). All great ideas in this post and I plan to use them all. Thank you!!

  32. says

    I plan on putting feet in our kitchen when we renovate this year, but haven’t checked out pricing yet. Based on this, I’ll be going the same route! Fantastic idea, and I do love how feet give a finished look to the room. And your beadboard wallpaper…perfect! Pinning this…thank you!!
    Debbie :)

  33. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    YES, WOW, WOW, WOW, what a fantastic idea, I am definitely going to try this. How would I do this when cabinets come to a inside corner……use a finial at each corner? Thnx for sharing, Love & Blessings to you/yours…

    • says

      Hi! I have an inside corner that is a lazy susan and what I did is put the final at the end of the cabinet that was to the left and then one finial in the right edge of the “corner cabinet” which is next to the stove. Technically if it was a a stand alone cabinet it would only have one foot but aesthetically it looks better this way.


  34. maryJean says

    We JUST finished our kitchen . . . . painting over maple something. This is such an
    amazing idea!!! I “slap” a lot of white paint around so I did a Ha Ha Ha at that. Is the bead board actually wallpaper??? WOW! where? (:

  35. Sandy B says

    I just found you when I did a cabinet leg search…..YOU ARE AWESOME!!! So glad I found this….I think though if I find the same ones to work with I MAY TURN THEM OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU HAVE AND PUT THE “BALL” PART ON THE FLOOR>>>>.either way ..GREAT JOB!!! and Thanks for posting 😀

  36. Karen Allen says

    Where can you now purchase a finial that fits a cabinet base 3 inches tall? July 2014 and Lowe’s only carries the larger finial, which is too tall. Thanks = it is a fantastic idea.


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