Pumpkin Week At the Picket Fence … Corn Husk Pumpkin


Welcome to Pumpkin Week!
We are just having way too much fun being inspired by this wonderful seasonal fruit.
Wait, what? Pumpkins are actually a fruit?
Oh man! I’ve been convincing myself that eating all of that pumpkin bread was actually helping meet my dietary needs. Sheesh! Can’t a girl catch a break?
Well, I guess we will just have to come up with some pumpkin creations that won’t convert to sugar the minute they hit our blood stream!
First up, a Copper Corn Husk Pumpkin.
That’s right folks, I made something else out of Corn Husks.
Are you sick of them yet?
Well, too bad! Winking smile
I had some corn husks left over from my Corn Husk Garland which I shared with you last week and wondered what they would look like if I spray painted them.
I had leftover copper spray paint and figured it didn’t hurt to just try it out!

I was instantly hooked! I loved how it absorbed the color and how the metallic paint just soaked in perfectly to the texture of the corn husks.
The next step was figuring out how to attach the husks to a round foam ball.
I tried hot glue and that was a big fat FAIL so my next attempt involved using these greening pins and slowly working my way around the ball, layering the husks over each other and having the ends meet at the top.
Of course, this left me with a very ugly bottom!
(insert “ugly bottom” jokes here)
No worries though, because I just turned that puppy over and stuck it into an urn.
Bye-bye ugly foam and greening pins.
Hello lovely Copper Corn Husk Pumpkin!
The “stem” was made using a snipped off piece of silk leaves with the branch portion twisted up to resemble the stem of a pumpkin. I just hot glued it right onto the top covering up the other section of foam and greening pins. Easy peasy!
I had so much fun taking photos of my Corn Husk Pumpkin with our newest family member.
Isn’t she just beautiful? I haven’t quite decided on a name for her.
For some reasons names like Bertha and Betty keep coming to mind.
Don’t ask me why! Maybe you all could help me name my new baby.
Any suggestions?
She is extra special to me because I almost lost her before I even found her!
You see, my sweet hubby gave me a gift card to go buy her for my birthday…in FEBRUARY!
But then, I lost that gift card.
Awful. Sick. That was how I felt when I couldn’t find it.
I knew that I had stuck it someplace safe and apparently I’m better at keeping things safe than I realized. I tore the house apart, went through every card, every gift bag, every place I could think of.
Fast forward to last week when my sweet hubby (who never made me feel like the horrible wretch I was for losing that gift card!) moved aside some papers and books in the office.
One of those books was a Photography book he had given me to go along with the camera.
Guess what was inside the book?
Yep. There was the gift card!
I cried.
I hugged his neck.
And then I grabbed that gift card and raced out the door to go buy my sweet new little love.
The moral of this story is….don’t buy me gift cards!
Ok, scratch that.
I really do like shopping! I’ll be better next time, I promise honey!
Now, here is one last Pumpkin related picture for you to enjoy.
This one is from our family Pumpkin Patch trip!
This is just one of 4 trips I will have made to a Pumpkin Patch by the time you read this.
Yep. 1 family trip, 1 Birthday Party and 2 Field Trips.
That’s a lot of pumpkins folks!
But, we still have more pumpkin related fun in store for you this week.
So come back tomorrow when we will be sharing an absolutely over-the-top delicious
Pumpkin Recipe!
Thanks for joining me at the Fence today,


  1. says

    Congratulations on your new camera! You will love it. We gave my oldest daughter a Nikon last year for graduation and this year we gave our youngest a Canon. I still have a point and shoot and can’t wait to get a nice slr for myself so I won’t have to borrow my youngest daughter’s camera.
    Love the cornhusk pumpkin!

  2. says

    Another great pumpkin idea! Who knew there could be so many variations to creating/decorating pumpkins? Blogland is full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    Love your new camera…I actually have camera envy. This is actually on my list of things to buy one day. And love the corn husk pumpkin idea…there are just so many wonderful ideas out here in blogland.
    Marianne :)

  4. says

    I love your copper pumpkin, the color is beautiful!! Oh my gosh I had to laugh reading your gift card story, I just found a GC that my hubby got me for my birthday almost a year ago for a massage! HELLO!! What was I thinking??? I am booking that baby this week! :) I am glad that you found your and I love your camera, how fun!!
    The photo of your family is beautiful sweet friend. Enjoy your day!

  5. says

    Vanessa- I love that copper pumpkin! Great job and very clever. I am so glad you found your gift card. I hid one that I got and have not found it yet…probably my kids will discover it when I am dead and gone!;>)

    Love your new camera. She looks more like a Betty to me. I think of Bertha as being much more chunky! xo Diana ps…great family photo~

  6. says

    Hey Vanessa,

    So happy you found your card. I can totally relate. Last Christmas I bought my son a $400.00 Apple Store gift card.
    He called the other day to say he was coming to pick it up(I was holding it safe for him) to use it.

    Well I could not find my ‘SAFE’ hiding place. We looked every where and I mean EVERY WHERE.

    Like you I got panicky, but finally found it in an envelope marked
    “Important stuff..do not Loose!”

    Finally I could breathe again!

    Janet xox

    PS…love your pumpkin!

  7. says

    I love your corn husk pumpkin, Vanessa! I just might have to go out and get supplies just to make it. And what a beautiful picture of your sweet family…

  8. says

    I am beginning to freak out just a little. Believe it or not, I looked at my left over corn husks and decided that I wanted to cover a pumpkin too. I’m getting all Vanessafied.

    Love yours. If mine isn’t an epic failure, I shout it out.

    And the camera is making me salivate. I won’t tell the shiny red kodak, but I covet it.

    And I would call her Nikki. Not creative, but my names are usually a bit of a take off of the product.

  9. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says

    Hi girls! Darling pumpkin Vanessa and congrats on the new camera! You will love it! I am loving my Canon to pieces!

  10. says

    I’m back, hours later, and I just wanted to report that my pumpkin project was an epic failure. Tossed the whole thing out and had an ice cream sandwich.

    At least it was sugar free.

  11. says

    Cute Pumpkin, Very cute family and oh man what a story! So glad you found the card and know you get to have fun getting to know your un-named camera better. Enjoy! And I think Betty sounds like a great camera name.

  12. says

    Congratulations for finding your giftcard! I lost mine 1 1/2 years ago and I am still looking for it! I just can’t let it go can I? Oh well. Happy for you with your new camera!
    I suggest the name Nikki for Nikon 😛


  13. says

    The pumpkin looks great, I only wish I could fix my ugly bottom so easily! LOL Oh and that lovely camera, how wonderful! I use a 8 mp Canon. Ok course most everyone else has the Nikon—and you know that makes me want one! Let me know how you like it or should I say love it!

  14. says

    I love the texture that resulted from spray paiting the husks! What a great idea! The pumpkin turned out great; how about a wreath too?! It may be too obvious a name for “her,” but how about Nikki? Nikki is a beautiful name, and she IS a beauty! :) Enjoy her company, after you waited so long to have her!

  15. Dori says

    I like how you painted the chandeliers. They look stunning! I have about the same brassy chandelier in my dining room and was thinking to attempt painting it. The wiring is yellow, so I can’t imagine painting that. If it doesn’t match, on the other hand, it will stand out. Did you have the chandeliers rewired? Or how did you solve that problem? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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