Simply Sundays…join us for the “Sally List” Challenge

One of the things we love most about blogging is the ability to change our scheduled posts on a whim or in this case on a challenge.  We love when opportunities come along that allow us to join with other bloggers in a worthwhile project…like this one from Susan from My Place to Yours
My Place to Yours
Susan is challenging her readers to join her in a “Sally List” Challenge
What is a Sally List you ask?

I’ve decided to try to be a better person… But not right away of course.  Maybe a few days from now.(Sally to Charlie Brown in a Peanuts cartoon)
Susan share in her post that there is a difference between everyday procrastination and avoidance. She explains the Sally List in full detail on her blog.  So head over and visit Susan and read her post then come right back here cause we’re going to share OUR “Sally Lists” with you!

Welcome Back. Gulp. There’s nothing like sharing a list of the things you should be doing but don’t, or need to be doing but haven’t. It’s a little scary and vulnerable feeling, but we know that you will help hold us accountable to work through our “Sally Lists”. In fact, we are going to keep our lists in our sidebar and revisit them from time to time to let you know how we’re doing!
Up first…
Heather’s Sally List:

When I started thinking about my Sally list, I realized some of them were quite painful and soul searching. Some were ones mom will be very happy to see on here…yes I know Mom, I know. Some are deeply personal…but I guess they won’t be anymore. ha-ha! Here’s my Sally List:

I need to schedule my exams…any exams.  I have not been to the doctor for ANY type of physical in years. I’m really scared. I’m going to do it though for the sake of my husband and children. Pray for me about this one.
I am going to start exercising, in some form even if it’s just a little bit.  Not because it’s trendy or to be skinny, but because it’s healthy.  See above for my three reasons why I need to start moving my body more. Anyone have a treadmill or elliptical they wanna give me? lol
I am going to be better at scheduling things I need to do the moment I think of them.  I continue to let important appointments and dates slip by because I don’t take the time to get them on the calendar. 
I need to take a moment from my home improvement projects and clean up our bedroom.  It’s bad, really bad. I’ve been avoiding it like the plague. It will involve sorting papers and cleaning and organizing our walk in closet. Our bedroom has become a dumping ground not a sanctuary…not good for a marriage.  (This is my #1!)

I am going to work through the process of letting go of a specific painful and joy-destroying hurt that has haunted my life now for over three years.  I have bandaged it but it has not healed.  Whenever the band aid gets ripped off, the wound is still there.  I need to allow God to heal this, however that looks and in whatever way is necessary or a seed of bitterness may take root in my heart.

I am going to make sure my children realize I love them more than crafts, DIY projects and home improvements in a tangible way. I think they feel second place these days to mod podge and MDF. They will be gone so quickly (the boy is graduating this year?!) and I don’t want to lose these precious moments.
I am going to show the love I feel inside in a better way to my husband in ways that speak to him and his needs.  I love him so very much, not sure if he knows that though…I mean really knows that.
So, wow. That wasn’t easy.   I know when the tears flow I’ve touched a vulnerable spot and they did.  I am praying in earnest God will reveal true and practical ways to fulfill my “Sally List”, will you join me on my journey?

up next
Vanessa’s Sally List:

As I read through Susan’s post I was thinking about how different a “Sally List” is from other kinds of lists.

It isn’t a “Bucket List” of things you hope to accomplish before you die.
I’m pretty sure I can live the rest of my life without swimming with the sharks or jumping out of a plane!

And it necessarily a “To Do” list of things I have been putting off getting down around my house.
Although, I really do need to get my photos in order and get the kids pictures put into albums.
A “Sally List” is much more personal than that.

And for some parts of my list, Sally’s voice sounds an awful lot like my mother’s.

I need to be better about taking my multivitamin and my calcium supplement.

I really need to schedule my annual exam. I am LONG overdue! Would you believe that I finally went to the dentist after not going for over 4 years? It always was so hard to schedule childcare and so it just got pushed further and further back on the burner.

I need to go through our paperwork and make sure I have the appropriate life insurance.
We FINALLY had a Will drawn up, so we can check that one off, Sally/Mom!

But, for other items on my list, the voice seems to sound less like Sally and more like God.

I need to forgive that person even if it feels as though it has already been more than “70×7″.

Loving your neighbor as yourself means ALL of your neighbors, or so they tell me.
I’m thinking I could do better on that one.

And speaking of neighbors, when am I going to work up the courage to ask all of those retired women living in the houses around me if they would like to come over for coffee sometime?

For that matter, when will I begin praying for those neighbors? Will I ask God to use me to show His love to them?

Hmmm…that second list seems to have one over-arching theme.

I’m thinking number 1 on my “Sally List” will involve reaching out to my neighbors.

Will you hold me accountable to that?
Thanks for letting me share from my “Sally” heart today.
So….do you feel challenged by Susan and us gals to create your own Sally List? Are you brave enough to join us for the Sally List Challenge?
If so we’d love to hear about what’s on your “Sally List”. We’d love to see what you are going to challenge yourself to complete by leaving a comment over at My Place to Yours letting Susan know you are participating in the Sally List Challenge; or you can leave a comment here or there letting us know what your Sally List is.  
Maybe, you will feel led to blog about the Sally List Challenge. I know Susan, as well as us gals here, would love some moral support from other bloggers! You can grab the graphic over at Susan’s like we have in our sidebar showing you are participating in the Sally List Challenge! We will be keeping our Sally Lists in our sidebar, so, stay tuned…. we’ll take you along as we complete our Sally Lists!
And as always…thank you for joining us this for Simply Sundays….At The Picket Fence!
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  1. says

    Heather- I have to tell you that YOUR Sally list brought tears to my eyes…because it was so much like my own. I had not had a physical in …well, I won’t tell you how many years…and I work at a health care facility. Anyway, I went last year and WHEW-everything was fine…well, except I didn’t fit the weight scale they give you to work with- hellllooooo..WHO does fit that- okay…shut up all you skinnies! Anyway, there was a “spot” in my breast. That had NOT been a concern-it was more about the old PAP smear thing. PAP was in my breast. Small aspiration of that area and it was just a little calcified thing..nothing. I think the worst thing is the dread of going. I had always had male doctors but I went to a female doctor and it was SOOO much better. I felt comfortable and relaxed…well, as relaxed as you can feel with a physical. So, ask around and find someone that other people tell you is GREAT..and go there! You CAN do this! AND I identified with the part about holding onto the feeling that went with an old issue…anger and betrayal…I need to let it go…

    The other items on both lists are really great items too! I need a Sally list…

  2. says

    OK, now it’s my turn to cry! I’ve always made it a point to call you two “ladies” in my past comments, but I’m older than you, so this time I’m just going to say it the way it comes out of my heart: YOU GIRLS MAKE ME SO PROUD! Some day I want to meet you both and give you big hugs because I have come to love what I see in your hearts. Vanessa, I’m glad you made the distinction between a Sally List and a Bucket List or To Do List. You’re soooo right. The Sally List is much, much more than either of those! You both are an encouragement to me, and I’m excited to see what’s ahead as we all think about our Sally Lists.

    But now, Heather, go clean your room! And both of you, schedule your doctor appointments … and love on all of those people God has placed in your physical, non-Blogland circle of influence. I can’t wait to hear how your stories unfold! I’m praying for you!

  3. says

    Such a good post! I can completely relate to reaching out to my neighbors more and praying for them! Thank you for sharing this. I’m heading over to My Place to Yours. Hope you gals are having a grand day! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. says

    You two are just so, so lovely. I wish, I wish, I wish you lived nearer. I’d love to meet you.

    Your lists are so lovely, and I’m sure, represent the lists of a thousand different women across the world. Certainly mine would sound scarily similar!!

    Vanessa, have you thought about a Christmas party for your neighbours? That way it could be a low key way to meet them all and decide which friendships might be worth taking further. I do this most years and it works a treat!!


  5. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs says

    This is such a nice post. Your honesty has inspired me to think about my list, and we all have one. Love your blog!

  6. says

    I think a lot of moms are in the same boat. We never take care of our own medical stuff until something scary happens b/c we never tend to put ourselves first. andrea@townandprairie

  7. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says

    Love Sarah’s idea for the party Vanessa. Great post with so much honesty in your lists. I think we all have things we need to be better about too or tend to-your lists are a great idea. Happy Sunday!

  8. Le-Ann says

    Heather, were we separated at birth? I could easily just c/p your list. I haven’t had pap or mammogram in 2 yrs. And my mom is a breast cancer survivor! I know!

    I need to exercise again, to be healthy and strong, not necessarily to lose weight. I’m “skinny fat”.

    My room needs to be turned back into a sanctuary, too. I just walked through this morning and thought “I really need to clean this room today”. And my closet.

    I need to let go of a hurt. God has been nudging me on this, I’ve been avoiding it.

    I need to make sure my loved ones know I love them, dearly.

    Thanks for sharing, great post!

  9. says

    Hello Girls,
    As a newbie blogger, I stumbled upon your site and I feel so blessed. All your projects are awesome and your sally list sharing was inspiring as well as courageous. Vanessa, I want to encourage you to reach out to those retired women. I have a place at the table of a community of crafters who meet once a week. I am the youngest woman (53) and the oldest lady in the group is 83. Their life lessons, their skills, their memories, and their prayers are precious gifts to me. You will not regret the time spent with older wiser women willing to share whatever talents God gave them. I guarantee you that your hand of friendship will be a blessing to them as well. Just don’t count on them to understand or relate to anything regarding the internet and social media!

  10. says

    Thank you for stopping by, Heather. I love both your list and Vanessa’s. You’ve given me some things to add to mine but since mine is already SO long, I think I’ll just jot it down in my agenda. 😉
    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
    Much love!!

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