It’s Somebody’s Birthday…Happy Birthday Vanessa!

From then….
To now…
We’ve come a long way together!
Here’s to many more years being sisters!

Happy 36th…er um 20th Birthday Sweet Sister!

I’ve loved you longest, I love you more than you’ll ever know, I’ll love you always….
Be sure to come back this afternoon to join us for a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!!!

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    Happy Birthday Vanessa! I hope your day is as beautiful as you! Wishing you a year of blessings! Thanks for being so sweet, funny and wonderful. So glad to call you a friend and can’t wait to meet you at Haven!!!

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    Happy, happy birthday to a beautiful baby girl born at 2:54 p.m. on a beautiful day in Ohio 36 years ago. Your sweet little sister, Heather, was so excited to have a new baby sister to play with and soon spent endless hours and years playing together.

    We love you so much Vanessa – now as a woman, wife, mother, sister and daughter.

    Mom and Dad

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    Aw, I just dropped in to say a quick Happy Birthday and to tell you that I tried your delicious tomato soup recipe the other day … and then I saw your Mom’s comment. Sheesh! As the mother of two little (now grown) daughters myself, I have to go find a Kleenex. From this Nonna to that one: Aren’t we lucky ladies?

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    Happy Birthday!!! You are lucky to be close sisters! I have three and none of them live close to me and I miss them all soooooo much! Sisters are the friends you can argue and fight with and tell secrets to and know that they will always love you!
    XO Cindy

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