Damask and Book Page Easter Egg Topiaries



This little set of candlesticks have been around the block! From Christmas Paper Cone Tree Topiaries to Valentine’s Day Candy Topiaries  these candlesticks have served as a great base for some fun Holiday Projects!

I thought for spring they deserved a fresh coat of paint and what says “spring” better than eggs! These are so easy to make and provide yet another use for the popular “book pages” grin!


Here’s a collage to give you a quick tutorial to show you truly how easy these are.


I think both styles turned out adorable…


In fact, I’m not sure which one I like better….


It’s so fun to find new and creative ways to re purpose things you have around the house!


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    These are absolutely adorable! Love love love the colors… the blue damask look compliments the black and white pages so prettily and I love the blue candlesticks stand for the eggs:)This is a darling project.. love it!Thanks for the spring inspiration!~Poppy

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    These are so pretty! I love the mix of the book pages with the damask. I don’t think I could pick a favorite because they go so well together. Excellent job on these and thank you for linking them to my party!

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    These eggs are adorable! Love this project, might have to try these out! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your kind words! I am so excited because I have the Romantic Home’s you are featured in and going to look at it now :)

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    These are lovely, Heather! Love the blue one! I did this a couple of years ago, too. They turned out better than the pumpkins I attempted this past Fall! Love the candlestick idea. I have got to pick up a few extra for decorating this way when I see them at the thrift store.

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