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Wow! So can I say, first we (Vanessa and I) are probably the last two people on earth who should be keeping “secrets.” 

So when the sweet Beth Livesay from Romantic Homes Magazine contacted me in late December informing me that they’d like to feature At The Picket Fence(really?! our lil ol’ blog!? in their GORGEOUS magazine) along with some photos of my kitchen remodel, it was all we could do not to share with all of you…cause ya know YOU ALL are the first one’s we love to share with!

I sent the photos off with a first of January deadline…and then we waited.  And I worried just a little that maybe I had imagined it all.  I confess to even checking the email correspondence a few times to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it all up.  
Then we got the email.  The one from Diana of Nana Diana Takes A Break, who graciously highlights bloggers featured in Romantic Homes magazine each month.  “Hey gals, I’m gonna be featuring you for being in Romantic Homes!” and the the emails and Facebook Wall posts started popping up from y’all saying you had seen us.
So, We hadn’t imagined it!!
And on Saturday, I was able to finally officially get my hands on a copy of the LOVELY April edition of Romantic Homes!!
romantic homes magazine  feature
Seriously!! To even be included in the pages with such amazing homes, décor and just plain beautiful ROMANCE, is just too much…and then to find our sweet friend Sherry from No Minimalist Here included in there as well, that was the icing on the cake!
And you know what…as fun as it was to see my kitchen in print, in such a fantastic magazine like Romantic Homes, even better what Beth shared ABOUT our blog!
“This blog has a great sense of community….”

See that part about “community” in there? Well, folks that means more to us than anything else! Because we knew that Beth got what we’re trying to do.  Create “community” with an amazing group of fellow bloggers, DIYers, decorators, cooks, moms, both women and men walking on a journey together to create beauty in their everyday lives!
romantic homes magazine  feature 
So, thank you Romantic Homes for sharing “our home” here At The Picket Fence with your readers! A big thank you to Jacqueline deMontravel and Beth Livesay for helping to create and produce such a lovely publication and including us in it.
And thank YOU to our friends of At The Picket Fence for meeting us here everyday! We appreciate you so much!


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    Oh, I just bought my copy this morning and was thrilled to see you featured! I was showing my husband and saying…I know her, and her and her! It’s wonderful to know someone so famous! :) I’m thrilled for you!
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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    This is fantastic…how thrilling for you girls and you totally deserve to be featured! I am running out today to get my April copy. Hooray for you and bloggers in this community everywhere!!! I couldn’t be more excited or happy for you.


  3. says

    THAT is FANTASTIC!!!! I will have to go and get a copy. Congratulations!!! So exciting.

    Vanessa, thank you for commenting on the bedroom for my girls. No, I did not make the standing lamp/lantern in the corner of the room. It was a gift when my son was born many moons ago (12 years actually) and we have enjoyed using it in the kids’ rooms ever since.

    Can’t wait to see what you girls do with Cutting Edge Stencils. I am sure it will be amazing!

    Thank you for always being so encouraging and for visiting me! and Vanessa, I never commented back on the going for a walk thing but I wished you lived closer so we could. Wouldn’t that be fun!

  4. says

    Congratulations! You totally deserve it and I agree with Romantic Homes 100%! Your blog has such a sense of community. You welcome everyone and make them feel like we are sitting on your front porch drinking sweet tea and sugar cookies!


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    It’s wonderful! Congratulations! Your blog is fantastic and it’s nice that this fine magazine featured you! I have to go get a copy and brag that my blogging friends are in it!

  6. says

    I am so excited for you!!! You totally deserve it and you already know how I feel about both of you and your gorgeous blog. Congrats!!!

  7. says

    Congratulations! Isn’t it wonderful to be recognized like that? You so deserve it. Your kitchen is beautiful and your blog is full of inspiration too. I can’t wait to see this issue. I looked for it at the store yesterday, but it’s not out yet.

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    Congratulations Ladies… I can CERTAINLY see why you would be featured in Romantic Homes…Your homes and projects are always so VERY LOVELY!!! Have a Blessed week!!

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    Yeaaaa! I just knew you gals would hit the big time. I am proud to be one of your followers! You girls do a wonderful job of connecting with all of “us” and that is as good, if not better, than the projects that you do! xo Diana

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    Oh.My.Gosh! YAY! Well deserved. Your building of community is very evident! When I think about being a “better blogger”, I think of you two. You are great at building up others, sharing your knowledge and helping others grow. I believe you are receiving “just the beginning” of all that you have given. I can’t wait to see what else is in store! Love, Rebecca

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    This is such great news. You two are among the most deserving bloggers out there. I know we all dream about a magazine feature…the fact that it came true for you and Vanessa is a tribute to all bloggers. Very, very cool. I don’t want to sound like your mother, but I’m so proud of both of you! Well done.

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    Wooooo Hoooooo … that is such wonderful, wonderful news, sweet friends !! I’m so excited for you both … what a well-deserved feature !! I can’t wait to pick up a copy !! And, how fun to have Sherry featured in there, as well !! So exciting !!

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    I know, I saw you guys! : ) I’ve been telling my husband and family, “I know them!” and there are a couple of others, too. I have to say this issue had the most bloggers I know mentioned in it. I think they definitely hit the nail on the head with the “community” part, ladies. Congratulations!

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    That is just wonderful! I can’t imagine how this must feel. I love your blog and always visit to see what is new.

    I guess your ‘community’ has just gotten a little bigger!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party!

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    Sisters: I heard about you from Barbara at 21 Rosemary Lane. Congratulations on the article. I have watched and read bogs published in magazines for sometime. Now it’s fun to see one’s that I ‘know’. I will be following you and invite you to visit GoldCountryCottage..Judy

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    HUUUGE Congrats!!! This is so fun! How fun to see your kitchen in such widely read, and beautiful magazine. Definitely buying this tomorrow, can’t wait to see it for real!! You should go celebrate! -K

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    Oh wow, how exciting. I am so thrilled for you, this is totally fantastic. Congratulations!!!!! Now I can say I know two celebrities, you and Sherry. Wow, I am totally excited. Congrats to all, this is so exciting. Hugs, Marty

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    So exciting! I’m so happy for you! Couldn’t happen to two nicer people:) I love meeting at the picket fence; it’s such a happy place:)

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    I’m so proud to know you! I get a little childish giddiness when I have a claim to fame like this. Now, I can say something kinda braggy to my IRL friends like, “Some friends of mine were featured in Romantic Homes magazine.” I’m dorky like that.

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    Well, duh, you’re in a magazine!! I am not surprised one bit! Congratulations! Gotta go get a copy!
    I’m not surprised that Sherry is in there either!
    You girls rock!
    Love, Leslie

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    Woo hoo!!!! So very excited for the two of you girls! You have always tried to foster comraderie amongst your readers and participants! Great feature……

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    Congratulations! It was well deserved! I love the kitchen and I can easily see why it was chosen! It is fun to see Sherry in there with you!
    xo Becca

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    Hi Heather & Vanessa, A big congrats to both of you! I was so excited to see you featured in the magazine. I couldn’t be happier for the two of you…well deserved. Thank you for the mention and sweet comment. I appreciate your friendship and support more than you could possibly know. Hugs, Sherry

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    This is a bit late, congratulations! Your blog isn’t a lil “ole” blog anymore. I hear your name mentioned all over the place. Love the paragraph that they wrote about 2 different points of view from 2 different states. I think I’ll stop in here more often and join the community!

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