Spring Mantel Copycat


Let’s face it. 
If you are going to try and copy a Martha Stewart creation, you’d better have a stiff upper lip, a good sense of humor, and no confidence whatsoever that you will somehow be able to perfectly recreate one of her masterpieces. That being said…I’m just enough a glutton for punishment that I decided to go for it!
I was bound and determined to find something to copycat for this fantastic extravaganza going on this week:
And when I found this photo, I was thrilled to realize I could “kill two birds with one stone” by doing a Copycat Mantel and linking up to two of the parties.
Hee Hee…get it…birds…eggs…nests…that one was just too easy!


While I knew I had a white cake stand which would work for one of the nests, I had to improvise for the other. So, I dug through my candle holders and found these brass ones. I gave one of them a couple of coats of white spray paint so that I could use it as the base. Don’t you just love how I didn’t even take the time to scrape of the leftover wax before I sprayed it? I’m super detail oriented like that!

Then I just put one of the salad plates from my china on top!
I decided to use this shredded paper for the “nests” since it was cheap (or should I say “cheep”!) and at the store I was in at the time.

I simply piled on the shredded paper and nestled down in some pastel colored eggs 
that I already had on hand. 
I loved the flowers Martha used, especially that they were so tall.

But, alas, these shorter daffodils were all I could find.

I have some kind of sneaking suspicion that Martha planted the bulbs for those longer stemmed flowers WAY ahead of time just knowing she would use them for this mantel! 
Wouldn’t that just be like her?
For vases I simply used 2 of our drinking glasses.

And now for the dreaded side-by-side comparison.
Don’t judge.

                      Martha Stewart                                                         Vanessa’s Copycat (duh)


Martha also used more flowers and they actually seemed to stand up straight as opposed to mine which just wanted to flip and flop all over the place.
Actually, I kinda wonder if she just gave hers a “look” and they straightened up right quick!


I’m not sure that I will ever attempt another “Martha” copycat (since it seemed to bring up all sorts of insecurities I didn’t even realize I had!), but I sure am loving my sweet little 
Family Room Spring Mantel!


And, while we are on the subject, I’m just gonna toss another mantel your way!
This one is in our Living Room.

This mantel is really loooong, making it a bit of a challenge to decorate at times. I know I could just fill it to the brim with stuff but I really like to see some open spaces in between the items.

I was so excited to find these silver mint julep cups at Goodwill and if you look very closely you can see that they are monogrammed. It kind of makes me sad that someone just gave them away. 
I felt like going all “Murder She Wrote” and solving the Mystery of the Monograms!


These urns also joined the family and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this shade of blue worked in my home. Their $9.99 price tag didn’t hurt either!

Some flowery branches were added.


And if this doesn’t say “Spring”, I don’t know what does!
My botanical paintings were just made for this season, don’t you think?

 Now, if only the rain would stop long enough so I could get out and plant some real flowers!
Thanks so much for joining me and my mantels today at the Fence,


You’ll find us partying here this week:

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  1. says

    I have to say I like yours better…it’s more bright. I like how your mirror has an awesome chunky frame and the eyelet detail in you cake stand is so much nicer too…way to go! You more than nailed it.

  2. says

    Well, there seems to be a consensus here. I like yours better than Martha’s as well. Yours looks more springy. I prefer the colorful look of yours over the subdued look of Martha’s. Both are beautiful, but you surely have nothing to feel insecure about!!

  3. says

    Beautiful, Vanessa! I love how you improvised with the brass stands. Wax shmax! Who cares when there is a copycat project that needs to be done right now! : ) I have to tell you, I am in love with those floral prints over your other mantel and that clock! Any time you’re looking to get rid of them . . .

  4. says

    I think both of your mantels look beautiful! As far as the copycat goes, I prefer yours over Marthas! Her mantel is a little too “uppity”, your mantel is more relaxed and realistic. So there, take that Martha! lol

  5. says

    I seem to be the latecomer but I honestly like yours best! It appeals more to my style and looks cleaner. I must have that cake plate!!! Keep on going, girl. I’d rather see your decorating than Martha’s any day.

  6. says

    You are very clever to get a two for one. I love both of your mantles. I think you did a great job on your copycat project. I like yours way more than Martha’s. Gorgeous flowers. I’d rather hang out with you any day over Martha!!!

  7. says

    I think your mantel…really both, are beautiful! Who cares about Martha? She has a staff of 1,000 I’m sure and some of her “looks” could kill. :-) You did a wonderful job!


  8. says

    OMYGOSH…you did an amazing copy cat of Martha’s mantel. You are sooo brave and I have NO doubt that she DID cock her head, raise an eyebrow and those flowers wouldn’t DARE flip flop around!!
    Great job!!

  9. says

    What a fabulous job! I would never attempt to copy the great Martha – wouldn’t want to upset her (she might land back in jail)!

    I do believe you’re right – I think one withering look from Martha and those daffodils had no choice but to stand at attention!


  10. says

    Yours looks just as good as Martha’s if you ask me! I can’t believe how close they are. You did a great job. I like the other mantel you did too. They look very nice for the warmer months ahead. Wish it would stop raining here too!

  11. says

    Your mantle is lovely, and just as good or better than Martha’s! Love that quicky spray-paint job!
    The living room mantle looks really pretty! The prints, the urns , the tarnished silver cups– it looks fab!

  12. says

    I think both mantels look beautiful, Vanessa! I adore so much of what Martha does, but just remember all of the resources she has at her fingertips. I think you did a great copycat. One thing you might try with your daffs is to undo the tie at the bottom so the stems flair a bit. I’ve done that before to make long stems stand straighter. They are lovely no matter what!

    Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving sweet comments!

  13. says

    Let’s see. Martha mantel copy cat, FABULOUS. Dead on ringer! You rocked it. The second mantel is just lovely too. Those blue urns ARE fantastic and $10? Total steal ;)The botanical paintings are gorgeous and it all just flows beautifully. Happy Spring.

    PS-We have had hail, rain, hurricane strength winds and now, snow… Come on Spring!

  14. says

    I definitely prefer your mantel to Martha’s! Hers is lovely, but too stiff. Yours is fun and has much more character. Plus, your description of how you recreated made me giggle a few times. I doubt Martha uses puns! I don’t think anyone could go wrong decorating with daffodils. They’re just such a beautiful, happy flower. I can’t wait for mine to bloom!

    So glad I clicked over!

    Claire @ alittlesomethinginthemeantime.blogspot.com

  15. says

    You are too hard on yourself. I think your version of the mantle is sooo pretty, and I prefer it! Bright, cheery and perfect for spring!

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