How to age new garden pots


The topic of aging has been forefront in my mind these days since…well..ahem…I turned…forty… this past Friday.  And while it takes years, hopefully, to age oneself, it only takes a few hours to age new gardening pots.

I found this pin on Pinterest (are you following us on Pinterest? We’d sure love it if you would!) several weeks back and just love the look of these aged blue terra cotta pots.

How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

Source:Country Living


I knew that with some paint and a little elbow grease I could create some of my own.

How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

They may not be identical but I think they definitely look like they’ve seen some years in the garden, instead of a few weeks on the store shelf.

Here’s all it takes to create this same look yourself.


Terra Cotta pots (new or old) in various sizes
spray paint and/or regular paint in the color of your choice (I just used some left over wall paint I had)
inexpensive foam craft brushes
sanding sponge
steel wool
exacto blade




Directions: (this couldn’t be easier)

Paint your pots, lighter on some heavier on others I painted the teal blue underneath some of the pots and the lighter color on top in layers. While paint is still slightly wet, take your sanding sponge and start to sand off the paint in areas that would normally receive wear.


Do this along the rim and bottom of pot.  Also along any edges. For a more distressed look use the steel wool and heavily scrape off the pain along the surface. You can also use an exacto knife to chip off the paint. Take a hammer and lightly chip off some of the pot, revealing the terra cotta color underneath. Continue these steps until you get the look you want.


How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

That’s it!

How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

One of the benefits of having Better Homes and Gardens out to our house was I got to keep all of these gorgeous potted herbs that they purchased for the photo shoot!

How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

They just happened to be some of our favorites!


I can’t wait to start enjoying our fresh herbs this year thanks to Better Homes and Gardens, and I’m so excited to be out working in the yard!

How to age garden pots from At The Picket Fence

What outdoor projects are you “itchin’ to get working on?



  1. says

    Wonderful, Heather. I am pinning this! As for outside projects, I am planning a deck makeover, but I have some pressing inside projects and an adventure to complete first. But then, the deck is GOING DOWN…

  2. says

    I love the idea of aging flower pots. We spent all of Saturday getting our outdoors ready. I’ll be posting about it later in the week. I have to try this aging process. It really looks great.

  3. says

    Your aged pots look great! I love the blue color. After building 4 more 4′ x 10′ raised beds this winter and planting veggies, there’s always something to do in the garden. This past weekend we bent some poplar twigs and made a makeshift trellis over our strawberry plants and covered it all with black bird netting, which you can hardly see. We also attached hoops on our raised beds. We are already harvesting romaine and head lettuce, peas and potatoes. Still need to work on painting the floor of our deck and decorating/planting on the patio below it.

  4. says

    Heather, I had been thinking about cleaning my old clay pots…now, I’m leaving them as they are…they self painted!Ha!
    Your pots looks great! Hope you visit my blog to see what mine are looking like. Thanks, Helen

  5. says

    Love them! Totally going to age my pots…it so bothers me when they look too new. My entire herb garden is planted in the ground, but I may have to add some of these too!


  6. says

    I love your new “old” garden pots….if only forty looked so good on my face…I just turned that “hard to swallow” number also.

  7. says

    Forty!, ah, you’re just a baby! Love the aged pots! I have some that aged and peeled and broke edges all by themselves too, but I’m going to try making some attractively “aged” ones like yours. I might try to fix up some crummy-looking plastic pots too! I love the herbs too, and in pots like yours, they will look good on the patio, for those of us who can’t have garden beds!

  8. says

    I just read somewhere that aging new terra cotta pots takes 10 years off of your face! Oh wait…I didn’t read that, but now everyone else will! I love the colors. In the words of some creative lady who is (hopefully) older than me: “Age is just a number and mine’s Unlisted!” xo

  9. says

    Love this idea…I inherited some old Terra Cotta pots when we purchased our home a few months ago. I’ve already planted flowers in them for the season but I am definitely going to do this project in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

  10. says

    Loved the aged pot look, I have done your method and I have also taken dirt and rubbed into the paint. People say you can put yogurt on it to get a little mossy, haven’t tried that. I love to do mosaics on my pots too!


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