Cast Iron Skillet Memo Board-Copy Cat Challenge

cast iron skillet, kitchen, memo board, DIY, craft

Copy Cat Cast Iron Skillet Memo Board
I first saw this idea in Southern Living Magazine last year

and I just KNEW I had to do this in my kitchen makeover. I had just the perfect skillet too.  One given to me by my sweet, loving (always treated me just like one of her own)…grandmother-in-love…Bama Boy’s Mamaw.

cast iron skillet, kitchen, memo board, DIY, craft

I inherited this perfectly seasoned and aged cast iron skillet when she passed away, and it is a true treasure to me.  One I hope to pass down to “the girl” someday. I hated having it tucked away in a cabinet, so when I saw the idea in Southern Living I KNEW it was the perfect way to honor the memory of the most fabulous Southern cook I have ever known. 

cast iron skillet, kitchen, memo board, DIY, craft

This idea is so simple, it’s amazing no one had thought of it before! 

It’s the perfect way to keep a recipe close by while cooking and baking…like this one for Kentucky Derby Pie, BUT I can still use it whenever I want since it’s hanging on a hook.  I just remove the memo board items, cook, clean it and back up it goes! 

cast iron skillet, kitchen, memo board, DIY, craft

Every time I look at it..I think of the loving hands that prepared decades of cornbread in this very pan.

I see those hands seasoning it just perfect…storing it away in the cupboard of a small home in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

cast iron skillet, kitchen, memo board, DIY, craft

The same hands that taught me how to make her pecan pie and smothered steak just like her grandson likes it.
cast iron skillet, kitchen, memo board, DIY, craft

I miss those hands and I miss her.  But I have a piece of her that hangs by my stove to remind me of what is important in life….
…Good family, Good friends, Good Cooking, Good Cornbread…and a Cast Iron Skillet.

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  1. What a great idea Heather and I love the fact it has sentimental meaning! Awesome copy!

  2. Love it, Heather. So sweet, sentimental and special. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How sweet to have that wonderful pan passed on to you. Great idea using it that way.

  4. Love it! What a sweet and awesome copycat :)

  5. I have my grandmothers. It is so heavy that I can’t imagine hanging it But I love yours. Do you cook with yours?

  6. So Cute! I love using family heirlooms for display instead of packing them away. :)

  7. Oh Heather this is a fantastic copy cat. Hold such sentiment too! You did a better job than the original. Thanks in advance for sharing and linking up. I am super excited about this party.

  8. I LOVE this idea. Cast Iron Skillets completely remind me of all the wonderful women in my life so this just makes my heart happy. I definitely think I need to “copy” this for my own kitchen! Thanks for the idea and inspiration!!

  9. Being a southern girl I absolutely adore this. An iron skillet is a must have for sure. I love the idea of using it as decor and for organization. Great job!

    Literally Inspired

  10. I love it–that you can still USE it, especially. I also appreciated the “Mississippi” part, being a Mississippi girl myself! I love, love, love using my cast iron for cooking, and it could only be better if I owned any of my sweet Mawmaw’s pans. However, the best gumbo and jambalaya pot in the WORLD is the cast iron one I inherited from my husband’s grandmother. :)
    Thanks for sharing this fun and wonderful idea!

  11. Now this is just downright adorable! When I’m back “on my feet” and out of this boot, I’m going to make one!

  12. That is such a great idea. I love the alternate use of something so special to you.

  13. Heather! What a treasure to have. And having it so visible helps keep loved ones in our thoughts :) It’s wonderful!!

  14. Heather,
    I LOVE this idea! What an easy way to preserve a little bit of history! You truly inspire me!


  15. YOur copycat cast iron skillet is the perfect way to enjoy your family treasure and have it work for it’s keep!
    I hope you will share this with TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS this week. Linky goes live at 8:00 Wednesday evening!

  16. What a great idea. I love how you’re using something with such sentimental value.

  17. Hi Heather, What a beautiful way to display something so loved with special memories of your loved one! This is truly one of the best copycat I have seen!

  18. This is wonderful, and what a wonderful way to showcase, store and even use a treasure. You’ve really honored her with this. Love it… and love the sentiment too. Great job!!! Janelle @ Emmaline Bags.

  19. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says:

    So charming Heather and love the sentimental value it has for you. I have such great memories of baking with my grandmother too.

  20. Very cute!! My mom’s kitchen is decorated with her mom’s old kitchen tools. I need to show her this post. I love the way you gave that skillet triple duty. Decorative, functional, personal. Great choice.

  21. Oh what a great idea! It looks adorable and I have an extra skillet that would be perfect for this!

  22. Heather – that is seriously cute! Mamaw would be proud!! I’m pinning this – why oh why did I donate those cast iron skillets!??

  23. Oh my gosh love!!! You did a fabulous job.

  24. :D How cute for a country kitchen. LOVE this copycat!

    Linking from Debbiedoo’s,
    Ricki Jill

  25. What an idea — a skillet for a message board!

    Cheers on this Sunday morning … from Panglao Island, Bohol.

  26. This is adorable! What a cute, cute memo board and sweet tribute. Great copy!

  27. LOVE LOVE Love! I will be featuring it later today.

  28. What a fantastic idea. Even better you can incorporate a source of precious memories of a special family member.
    Great! xo Ginger

  29. love it! I saw this in Southern Living too! I was glad you said you still use yours. I love my cast-iron skillet..


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