How To Join a Twitter Party! Do you tweet?

Tweet! Tweet! We hope if you are attending or think you might want to attend the Southern Bloggers Conference you’ll join us Monday, October 8th at 8:00 for the Southern Bloggers Conference Twitter Party! 

But first…Do you Tweet? Have you been putting off joining Twitter because it seems confusing, unnecessary or maybe you’re like us and you wonder how could you EVER express yourself in 160 characters or less?! 😉 
We felt the same way at first.  We just couldn’t see what the big deal was, until we decided to jump on board the Twitter Train..and we haven’t looked back!
Here’s why we love Twitter.  It’s very conversational.  It’s another way to promote your posts, store, share giveaways and well just about anything! There are some fabulous people on Twitter and you can connect with like minded people that share your interests and you’d be amazed “who” is talking to “who”.  We’ve seen some pretty big “Twitterers” connecting with their fans and followers.  
and the best thing about Twitter….it’s a great place to PARTY! 

So how do you get in on a Twitter Party or Chat.  Well first you have to get yourself a Twitter account.  It’s super-duper easy.  You can sign up as “yourself” OR you can sign up with a handle like we have.  See here’s our profile:

Once you’ve signed up be sure to fill out your profile information and upload a picture.  No one wants to talk to this:
Now all you have to do is start finding your friends or tribe or whatever you like to call those weird people that like the same things you do…oh wait that might include us…;) 
Of course we’d love you to follow us: meetuatthefence

as we will be hosting the party along with Kelly of Eclectically Vintage and of course the Southern Bloggers Conference
Now let’s talk about how to party on Twitter and discuss the infamous…HASHTAG
It’s amazing what this (#) little symbol can do for you on Twitter.
The Hashtag will open up a whole new world on Twitter.  Anytime you see a word proceeded by a # in a tweet, just click on it and it will reveal a list of all tweets associated with that hashtag…cool huh?!

It might be something like #crafts or #DIY or #recipes or #summer…the options are endless.  You can even create your own hashtag. 

Here’s the one to use for the Southern Bloggers Conference Twitter Party:
So how does the party work? Now that you are all signed up with your Twitter account….
just log onto Twitter at 8:00 PM EST this Monday, October 8th. 
Make sure you are following us and the Southern Bloggers Conference, and then watch your feed.  When you see us welcome everyone to the party in a “tweet” and you see the #SoBC2012 hashtag in our tweet, just click on it and now you’ll only see tweets for the party! It’s time to jump in.  
Give a quick hello, introduce yourself and be sure to include the #SoBC2012 in your tweet.  This will keep you connected with the party and make sure that all party goers see your tweet! It help to keep it in copy and just paste it in.  Parties move fast…so don’t get discouraged! 
It’s that easy…well except for the fact that Twitter only allows you 160 characters including the hashtag. So, you’ll learn to use your words carefully.  This is one time where symbols and shorthand it perfectly acceptable.  If you want to address someone directly in the chat, make sure to put the @ symbol and there username.  It should pop up automatically if you are following them.  You can also just select “Reply” to a tweet and Twitter will know to @ them in the tweet.
So are you convinced? You ready to jump on the Twitter Train and party with us Monday night? Are you a little nervous about how it all works? Well, don’t be!! We’re all here to have a great time and we’ll make sure you have one as well! Just remember your #SoBC2012  hashtag in your tweet and start partying! 
Donna of Funky Junk Interiors has a fabulous post up as well on three different ways you can use Twitter! Be sure to check it out! 

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    Great tutorial…have you ever used tweetchat? It cuts out all of the tweets except the ones with the posts with the hashtag/chat you are participating in…Crafterminds uses it, and it keeps you from having to watch for the posts with a certain hashtag. Hope this makes sense.

    • says

      Yep! We’ll be using it as the hosts. It’s a great program. wasn’t sure if newbie party goers were ready for an explanation of all the platforms and apps available for Twitter. Maybe a part two on those. :)


  2. says

    Now that would be a chance to try it out! Darn you, time zones! I’m not going to get up in the middle of the night to twitter – my husband would call a mental institution 😉

  3. says

    I have been thinking about getting a Twitter account for a while now. Now seems like the perfect time. If I can figure out how to do it, I will definitely be there tonight.

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    My advice for Twitter parties … there are so many conversations going on at the same time, so just find one or two to keep up with … and then later go back and try make sense of the rest! Twitter parties are also a great place to find new people to follow as well as great ideas and resources! You can set up a column in hootsuite (online and nothing to download) to search for a hashtag so you can see all the tweets containing that hashtag!
    Melissa @mwedwards

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  1. […] Putting # in front of a word turns it into a hash tag—a searchable, linkable, followable stream of Tweets.  I frequently follow and use hash tags for #savvyblogging, #therelevant and #1000gifts.  When I am Retweeting a great blogging tip, I’ll add the hash tag #savvyblogging so that others who are interested in becoming savvy bloggers can also see the tip (even if they aren’t following me).  When talking about The Relevant Conference, we use the hash tag #therelevant so our sister bloggers can see all our Tweets about the conference in one place.  And when we’re counting our blessings, we use the hashtag #1000gifts. “The Hashtag will open up a whole new world on Twitter.  Anytime you see a word proceeded by a # in a tweet, just click on it and it will reveal a list of all tweets associated with that hashtag.” -”How To Join a Twitter Party! Do you tweet?“ […]

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