Hanging Garden Markers

Garden Markers
Like many of you, we love having a garden!
Every year my kids can’t wait to get those seeds in the ground and we wait anxiously for those first sprouts to peek up through the soil. Somehow the process just never ceases to amaze and thrill me and I’m just as eager as my kiddos to watch it all unfold!
This year we decided we needed some garden markers and I really wanted them to have the kids’ “stamp” on them.
While perusing the aisles of Michael’s one day we saw these darling little wooden plaques with rope handles and while I wasn’t quite sure how it would all work out, I threw caution to the wind and snatched them up!

Anyone who has attempted doing crafts with kids knows that these experiences can go one of two ways.
It is either a “pulling out your hair because no one is listening and everyone is arguing and won’t share their markers and ruins the first 10 attempts and leaves you wondering why you ever bothered doing crafts with your kids in the first place” kind of experience.

It is a “lovely summer afternoon and everyone calmly listens to mommy explain the craft and no one fights over the markers and they are so proud of themselves and you are so proud of them and you wonder why on earth you don’t do more crafts with your kids” kind of experience.

Fortunately, this one fell into the second category!

I had the kids go to the garden and memorize what we had growing.
Then they came back to the table and after dividing up the plaques, they wrote the name of the plant and drew a picture of it.
Are those not the sweetest carrots you’ve ever seen?!
This next part is VERY IMPORTANT!
Be sure to spray each plaque with 2-3 coats of polyurethane in order to seal and protect it from water. Then we got to that point in the craft where Mommy just had to wing it. Not an uncommon occurrence around these parts I have to admit! How was I going to hang those adorable plaques in the garden? Enter the dry cleaning hangers!


 All I did was use wire cutters and clipped off the bottom part of the hangers. Then I used pliers to make the little hook at the top of each one. Each time I picked up another one I channeled Joan Crawford.

“No wire hangers EVER”!

Thankfully, the hanger hooks worked perfectly!
Hanger Garden Marker
And the kids had so much fun attaching the plaques to the appropriate plant hook.

Carrots Garden Marker


Can you guessssss why this Parsley plaque is my favorite?
parsley garden marker
And the best part?
This particular “crafting with kids” moment gave this mommy hope and motivation to try another one soon.

I didn’t even feel like pulling my hair out!

Thanks so much for joining me today at the Fence,


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  1. Those are ridiculously adorable! I love them. Seriously, I don’t have kids and I would love those in my [non-existent] garden.

  2. Those are just too adorable!!! I already can see mine, “short weeds”, “tall weeds”, “weeds with flowers”, “unidentifiable weeds”…….Yours are certainly better….

  3. What a super cute idea!

  4. I absolutely LOVE these, Vanessa! They are so sweet and have the touch of a child but they really look great in the garden!
    thank you SO much for linking up at MercyINK’s heart & home party, too :)

  5. That is such a cute idea!

  6. How fun! These are super cute!

  7. Thie would be so much fun for kids. A good way to get them involved in the gardening process. Very cute.


  8. So cute that the kids made the signs, and I love the use of the hangers. Clever and practical! (I find the picture of the carrots especially adorable.) :)

  9. Your kids are natural artists! These are too cute!

  10. So cute and great that it all went well. Memories that will last a lifetime :)

  11. What a fabulous Joan Collins crafting moment! This is the only time when wire hangers are acceptable – who would want to bear the wrath of Joan!

  12. Too perfect! Hahahaha, Kelly! Every time I see a wire hanger I still cringe!

  13. Those are so incredibly cute. Great idea with the wire hangers.

  14. This is so great…but what is even better is that you have it all recorded right here on your blog. Your photos are fantastic. The perfect example of “quality time” with your kids. Good job!

  15. Thanks for the great idea:). Stay cool, Jen

  16. A wonderful idea that gets kids connected to the garden, looks adorable and has an easy clean up. Genius!

  17. Vanessa, those are precious! I’m going to have to remember that idea so I can do it with my Little Man and Little Sir when they are old enough. That would keep them nearby even when they have to go back home. Love it!

  18. These are so so cute!! I really wish I had a garden – I mean I have wanted one for a while, but I want one even more so I can make these with my little boy :-))

  19. So cute! Wish I had done this when mine was small we always had a garden..she would have loved it! Would love it if you would share at my link party http://www.onemoretimeevents.blogspot.com

  20. Vanessa, I love these! I like the ParSley sign, too, and I LOVE the “Carrots”! Good for you for doing this with your darlings. And great use of wire hangers!

  21. It is interesting and creative post shared we can be know that and enjoy it in this moment so nice and fantastic.

  22. I have never seen your blog before, just found it. SO glad I did, what I gorgeous blog!!! I’m a new follower for sure! This project with your kids is so adorable. Totally something I meant to do with my kids and just missed the boat. Next year for sure!

    p.s. This is Rachel from Family Ever after. I’m having a big contest starting next week where you can link up your posts that have to do with anything you made with your kids over the summer. This would be perfect! You can check out the teaser announcement here: http://www.familyeverafterblog.com/2012/08/sewlebrity-crush-recap-and-100-giveaway.html


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