Vintage Tool Box Turned Frugal Fall Centerpiece

Do you ever wonder where those “vintage” items we all love so much come from?  Who owned them before us? For instance, my new (to me) tool box?

Being a vintage i.e. old tool box, I am going to assume the who was a him. We could even make a guess at his name…

I see a J and an M and a C.  So could be… John, or Mac or Carl? Do you think John Mac Carl ever thought his beloved vintage tool box would become a frugal fall centerpiece? That it would hold Miniature Foam Dollar Tree Gourds

Or Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle Candle Holders tucked inside?

Do you think he could have even fathomed Burlap Covered Glass Jar Dollar Tree Candles nestled between Dollar Tree Fall Foliage and Twig Pumpkins stolen from faded and forgotten fall arrangements.

I’m sure he would struggle understanding why anyone would want to light any type of candle in his worn out tool box. A box meant for holding wrenches and hammers, screw drivers and awls, not berries and pumpkins and burlap and twine.

So the fact that it now sits on a dining room table, and not in a garage or barn somewhere, I am guessing would be quite a shock to John Mac Carl.

…but I think there would be a little piece of him that would be proud to see his tool box given a new life in a new home…and I promise John Mac Carl…or whoever it is that once owned this beautiful piece…that I will treasure it!

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  1. It is totally awesome girl! LOVE your photos too, so pretty and so Fall festive:)

  2. Gorgeous! Those wrapped candlesticks add such pretty texture. Oodles of fun fall inspiration! :)

  3. love it!! and those perfect burlap candles!!

  4. beautiful :)

  5. love it as I am sure they would too!!:)

  6. What an awesome tool box full of a lovely fall display! I love it!

  7. Just gorgeous! Love every detail…I have been on the lookout for a similar toolbox.

  8. Your whole display is gorgeous and so frugal.

  9. You never know – John Max Carl could have been in touch with his inner fashionista! Love your found toolbox – I think it’s the long lost twin of mine which is also sitting on my dining table! Love those twine wrapped candleholders!

  10. It looks gorgeous as a centerpiece. I love every detail. What a great look.

  11. Wow this is gorgeous, how I wish I could arrange flowers and candles to look even half this good. The tool box- amazing idea.
    New Follower, blessed to have found your blog,
    Jen @ frazzled5

  12. Beautiful!! Love it and your photos!

  13. I think it’s a great new life for this old tool box, Heather! I love everything you added into it. Quite the cornicopia of Fall! : )

  14. Love it! What a perfect fall centerpiece!

  15. You are so stinkin creative and who would of thought all of the fillers were from the Dollar Tree. Awesome Heather and again your photos are beautiful!!

  16. hmmm. . . what is it about an old tool box that makes us want to fill it with Fall decorations!? I just saw another toolbox centerpiece on another blog and you’re both giving me inspiration to do something similar. I have an amazing handmade piece to use – It’s been waiting for just the right season to make it’s debut!
    I always think about who might have owned this kind of thing – some guy – who needed to carry his stuff – and now it’s this incredibly desirable piece of vintage goodness! Can’t wait to get to work on mine!

  17. That is super cute, I love how well it all works together

  18. John Max Carl would be thrilled what you did with his tool box! I love all of the Fall goodies you placed inside. And, the candles are fabulous … Dollar Tree would be proud!

  19. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says:

    So cute- I love old toolboxes and have a couple myself. They are so charming for so many different displays. Love yours and your story!!

  20. Fabulous ! Love it !

  21. very interesting, when i look at the letters what i see is … J H M. lol. oh well, it doesn’t really matter does it? your arrangement is Gorgeous! ;) thanks for sharing!

  22. Adore you toolbox! It has such an interesting mix of “ingredients” and textures! I have my Daddy’s toolbox, (along with some of his tools) which I plan to decorate this year. You are in inspiration!

  23. Love your tool box–it looks great with the fallish elements in it! But I think the initials are JHM; the C doesn’t look like a letter to me. Clever the way he formed the J with the first line of the H. So he was handy and artsy and smart. Maybe John Henry Michaels. Or James Hampstead Morgan. It’s fun to imagine, isn’t it? :)

  24. Just a beautiful use of such a great box. I love all the items you used to fill this with. Gorgeous!!


  25. Your toolbox looks amazing all decked out for fall. I also love that you added candles. You just can’t have enough of them this time of year.

  26. Hi Heather, You have me hoping someone somewhere sees this tool box and knows exactly who owned it. I know they will enjoy seeing it as all of us have. Love your sentimental thought of J C M! It looks gorgeous on your dining table and who knew!! Thinking there might be a rush in blogland of bloggers shopping for an old tool box. Thanks, Helen

  27. I absolutely love how you styled this tool box!! I am so inspired! My husband’s great-uncle built him a wooden toolbox just like this when we were first married. It’s so special and I’d much rather use it in the house than for tools. I LOVE how yours looks with the whitewash and the letters preserved….so cool!

  28. That is simple and gorgeous!

  29. It’s gorgeous!

  30. Stunning, Heather!! I’ve been looking for a piece like this–so envious. ;)

  31. So pretty, Heather! I love the burlap-covered glass jars–will have to try that out!

  32. Love your centerpiece! So beautiful! Happy Fall!

  33. Everything is just beautiful! Love it!!

  34. Absolutely beautiful with that warm, rustic feeling.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open.

  35. That is absolutely beautiful!

  36. Heather,

    You are SUCH a rock star! I love everything about this. The photography (*sigh*). Your writing. The fact I have a toolbox that told me today it needs some burlap candles :)

    It’s amazing. I’m just sayin’
    :) me

  37. What a beautiful center piece!! LOVE those colors!! Great photos!

  38. I felt the same way about my Homers toolbox. I completely understand!

    It sure turned out pretty. I think he’d be pleased :)

  39. Love it! Hopping over from Our Everyday Harvest, I always enjoy my visits to your blog. xo

  40. So beautiful! You came up with a great display. Thanx for coming to THt!

  41. You are featured today at Potpourri Friday at 2805!


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