Sparkles make everything better! Spiderweb Blinged Out Pumpkin!

I’m of the philosophy everything looks better with a little bling.
I am a Southern gal after all, and we “really” love our bling!
I think we all can agree that a little sparkle makes the world a better place.
Having a bummer of a day…add sparkles!
Haven’t had a chance to wash your hair all week…add sparkles!
Experiencing some PMS water weight gain…yep…add sparkles!
Sparkles make everything better, including cheap Dollar Tree pumpkins.
Those sad little orange foam pumpkins with the line running around their middles, are so much happier with glitter and sequins on them!
Just get yourself a pumpkin, orange glitter blast from Krylon, glue, a toothpick…and of course some sequins! Oh and don’t forget a really good movie for the two hours it will take you to hand apply the sparkles!
But it will be so worth it when you end up with a spiderweb blinged out pumpkin like this.
Doesn’t this pumpkin look so happy and well…sparkly!
Did you see my other fun Krylon project, my Creepy Crawly Canvas?
If not head over and check it out!
Wishing you a sparkly day! 
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  1. says

    LOL … love the PMS excuse, Heather! I’ll use any excuse in the book to add bling! I love the pumpkin … and, the Halloween vignette is beautiful! I hope you all are having a stress-free move this weekend … you’ll love Georgia!


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