Simply Sunday Thanksgiving Week 2


Learn to appreciate difficult days.



Be stimulated by the challenges you encounter along your way.

As you journey through rough terrain with Me, gain confidence from your knowledge that together we can handle anything.




This knowledge is comprised of three parts: your relationship with Me, promises in the Bible, and past experiences of coping successfully during hard times.

Look back on your life, and see how I have helped you through difficult days.

If you are tempted to think, “Yes, but that was then and this is now,” remember who I Am!



Although you and your circumstances may not change dramatically, I remain the same throughout time and eternity. This is the basis of your confidence.

In My Presence you live and move and have your being.

From “Jesus Calling” Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 102:27; Acts 17:28


We’d love for you to leave a comment here answering these questions:

What are you thankful for this week?

How can we be praying for you?

And as always, we so appreciate you joining us for another Simply Sunday at the Fence,




  1. says

    Beautiful! I can’t imagine living my life without HIM and I am so thankful that HE is the same yesterday, today and forever!
    Hope your week is wonderful!!!

  2. Sharon says

    Beautiful pictures! I read Jesus calling every day. With all my blessings in life, I’m most thankful for my close relationship with Jesus, my Savior. Thanks for posting your thankfulness in such a beautiful way.

  3. says

    I am so thankful for my wonderful family. I pray for financial stability this coming year. A beautiful post, and I do need appreciate the difficult times, and grown in them instead of fretting. This is something I need to work on.

  4. Deb McKathan says

    Lovely reminder! I am thankful for each and every morning I see by the grace of God. Recently completed a year of treatment for melanoma and God has been so good to me!

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