LG 8W iPod Dock with Bluetooth Streaming


When it comes to the latest technology, I think I fall into the “oooohhh, that looks neat but it’s probably complicated and would require me reading the instructions” category.

So when presented with the opportunity to review this LG 8W iPod Dock with Bluetooth Streaming I was fairly certain it would be no exception.

I figured that while I would love the look of it and how many features it offered, I would find myself relegating it to the same place in my heart as knowing how to change a tire….or math.

So much potential to benefit me yet just so complicated.

As my husband and son (who fall into the “that looks neat and we will spend as much time as necessary figuring out how to use this cool new toy” category) unpacked it from it’s box I could see the glean in their eyes.

I kept myself at a bit of a distance as they worked until all of 5 minutes later when my husband said, “Done”!

What? That’s it? Oh, but wait, now they are going to want to show me how to use it.

I’m here today to announce that the LG 8W iPod Dock does NOT fall into my usual, “ooooohhhh, that looks neat but it’s probably complicated and would require me reading the instructions” category!

Although, I would recommend you read them anyway.

You might not be as technically savvy as I am now. 😉

Now, don’t go thinking that the only thing I was able to figure out was how to set the alarm clock.

Because, truly within minutes I was happily rocking out to my favorite music all the while mortifying my family.

Made to be used with an iPod or iPhone, this dock not only allows you to stream music from your phone, it also provides a place to charge it and if you are anything like me you are always realizing too late that your phone needs charging!

Another awesome feature about this Dock is that when you download the Bluetooth Remote App, you are able to control all of the settings directly from your iPhone through wireless streaming. 

My favorite thing about this product is that now I can listen to my incredibly eclectic array of music in our office which is where I spend quite a bit of time these days. You know, cause of that whole blogging thing. 

 Yep, that’s right. You aren’t imagining that AC/DC is right up there above the Bangles. I told you it was eclectic!

I love how easy it is to pop my iPhone into the dock while I’m working and not only get to listen to Bill Withers and Billy Idol or the Beatles or the Black Crowes, but also to get to listen to all of these artists whose names start with the letter “B” with incredible sound quality.

Don’t go blaming me though if my blog posts start suddenly sounding like they were written by someone either dreaming of burying her toes in the sand while watching surfers catch a wave or might go jump off a stage into a mosh pit.

Just sayin’.

To find out more about the LG 8W iPod Dock with Bluetooth Streaming, please visit their website here.

And thanks so much for joining me today At the Picket Fence,

*I was not compensated for providing my opinion about the LG 8W iPod Dock with Bluetooth Streaming. The views expressed here are completely my own. I received the product in exchange for this review and it is sponsored by LG Electronics through Ogilvy Public Relations*



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    Just thought I would spread a little Christmas cheer by telling you that I really have no clue what bluetooth streaming is. I don’t have an iPod. Well, I have an old one of my daughter’s but I don’t know how to work it. How is that for DUMB? Seriously.
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