Pine cone Christmas Trees..simplicity at its best!



Pinecone Christmas Trees from At The Picket Fence

 I find it interesting how complicated we can make the Holiday Season.  Year after year we pledge that NEXT year we will plan early, plan simply, enjoy this season that comes around but once a year.  Then the hustle and bustle sets in.  The activities, the parties, the trimmings, the shopping and we find ourselves out of breath, out of time and often, if truth be told, a little out of our minds.

We forget that the simplest things can often be the most beautiful.

Incorporating elements of nature; found on a walk through the woods hand in hand with those you love, children’s voices carrying on the chilly breeze.

Pulling out pieces of time worn history; those treasures past down from generation to generation. Worn into a patina by time and loving hands.

pinecone christmas trees in vintage silver

 Sometimes the most magnificent holiday trimmings are free and so simple they hardly need much thought at all.


These sweet Pine cone Christmas Trees are a quick easy way to combine nature’s trimmings with much loved treasures.

mini pine cone christmas trees in vintage silver

 Whether you deck your halls to the fullest or prefer a more simple and rustic Christmas, consider bringing a little of nature’s greatest ornaments indoors as a reminder to slow down, simplify and savor this Season!

Pinecone Christmas Trees from At The Picket Fence





  1. says

    Oh my stars… this is such a lovely, simple and elegant idea!!! I have given up the Christmas rat race… if I don’t like it or it is not my thing I don’t do it… no cookie baking, only spotlights outside… no 800 light on the tree…no big projects… not elaborate Christmas dinner… equals one very happy and sane Mommy!

    But I do have a lot of silver and a bag of pinecones to play with…

  2. says

    What a sweet idea with the pine cones. I am with you I always think I will be so far ahead of the game and then the night before Christmas comes and I am like…WHAT? I forgot WHAT?;>) Blessings-xo Diana

  3. Carol Reddin says

    We’re in your home right now enjoying your beautiful pinecone trees and everything else “Christmas.” Christmas cookies, popcorn balls, music, late-night viewing of Christmas lights and lots of talking in the days ahead. Nothing could be better than being with family! Love you, Mom and Dad


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