Hanging Wine Racks and 9 Year Old Boys

hanging wine rack label At the Picket Fence

I know. What on earth could a hanging wine rack and 9 year old boys have in common?

Have you been around 9 year old boys?

If you’ve spent even a few seconds around one you will know that these two seemingly unrelated things could in all actuality be very much related.

You see, a few months ago I shared with you how I turned an awkward closet under our stairs into a Butler’s Pantry. Actually, it was more like a “wannabe” Butler’s Pantry because I just like how that sounds!

In the process of transforming that space I decided that we should do something fun with the little space that tucks back under the stairs. I set off with a spring in my step in search of an old cabinet door and upon entering the local ReStore was thrilled to see row after row of possibilities. There was something I hadn’t prepared for though.

cabinet door to hanging wine rack

I feel the need to warn you that digging through bathroom cabinet doors isn’t for the faint of heart. I might have learned a little too much about the people who owned those doors in their previous life. I also might have thrown up a little in my mouth. Just sayin’.

Once I had recovered and found a door that I could pick up without feeling like I needed to be wearing surgical gloves, I headed over to Lowes and purchased 3 wine glass holders/brackets.

Then I attached them.

This is complicated folks so try and keep up! ;-)


Next, I attached hooks to each corner of the cabinet.

chain on hanging wine rack

And now we are entering the highly technical portion of this tutorial. The “trial and error” step.

My sweet, tolerant husband did a lot of holding this cabinet door at different heights and angles until I figured out exactly where I should place the hooks in the ceiling. I’m fairly certain he was also wondering why on earth he was holding a cabinet door with wine racks attached to it while inside a closet that goes under our stairs.

He should just have been thankful he wasn’t the one who had to go pick out that cabinet door. I spared him a lot of dry heaving.

cabinet door to hanging wine rack

Once the position was determined we attached the hooks to the ceiling and then used chain link to hang the wine rack. You can see how we had to mimic the curving of the stairs by having one chain longer than the other.

hanging wine glasses

Are you still wondering what hanging wine racks and 9 year old boys have to do with each other?

wine corks on tray

Well, you see, that wine rack is obviously hanging underneath our stairs. And we happen to have a 9 year old boy in this house who is completely incapable of merely walking up those stairs.

For a 9 year old boy, stairs are an opportunity to run, stomp, slide, etc.

hanging wine rack label At the Picket Fence

One day, after the aforementioned 9 year old boy had ascended the stairs in a manner which sounded remarkably like what I imagine elephants climbing stairs would sound like, we all heard this loud CRASH!

Those 3 glasses you see there are all that are left after this incident.

And I was very thankful that I had decided to hang up my “cheap” wine glasses instead of the ones we got at our wedding!

A 9 year old boy might not be the most gentle of creatures…but life with one will always be an adventure!!

Thanks so much for joining me at the Fence today,


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  1. Turned out beautifully, certainly creative! Great you had a “nook” to put this in. Regarding 9 year old boys, I UNDERSTAND! But must say, I soooo miss having my boy at home…he’s
    27 now! :(
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!
    Cindy recently posted..CHOICESMy Profile

  2. Very pretty! I totally understand the 9 year old boy issues…I have a 9 year old boy and a 6 1/2 year old boy and nothing stays in place in my house! They are terrors but so precious too!
    Shelley @ Calypso in the Country recently posted..Yoga Mats Can Be PrettyMy Profile

  3. What a cute idea! Okay glad I did not have breakfast while reading this though LOL! I don’t any boys in this house with the exception of husband.But I did grow up with 2 brothers so I understand LOL!
    Anne recently posted..Welcome to my new home!My Profile

  4. Oh Vanessa, that was funny! I know it wasn’t funny at the time it happened, but I can picture my 9 year old boy in the same situation, I still have to patch a hole in the wall after he used the towel ring as a swing! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Cristina@remodelandolacasa recently posted..Valentine MantelMy Profile

  5. This project came out great what a smart use of material.

    Cynthia recently posted..Getting Caught Up!!My Profile

  6. I love this post. Not only is it a great idea for a tucked away space, but the story of your 9 year old is charming and spot on. My son is now 22 but I remember well “the elephant on the stairs”. I also used to teach 3rd grade and lots of 8 year old boys and it’s a fact they can’t do any thing “gently”! lol But what a blessing these young fellas are!

  7. my girls love to dance…and the all house shakes :)
    Daniela @frugal ain’t cheap recently posted..Don’t Spill the BeansMy Profile

  8. Love your butler’s pantry, such a fun idea. Yes, I raised two boys, I definitely know. Hugs, Marty

  9. Boys (or girls, for that matter) and stairs! Your post brought back memories of my kids “sliding” down the stairs on cardboard boxes. Good thing I didn’t have glasses in the closet under the stairs–they surely would have broken!

  10. You gotta LOVE those boys of ours :) They certainly keep you young ( I think? )
    Angelina recently posted..Diy Mock Neck TieMy Profile

  11. Oh this makes me so glad I have a single story house!! I do however have a five year old boy who delights in running up and down the hallway and hiding to scare his sister. LOL Cute, story, Vanessa, thanks for sharing.
    Kristin @ Simply Klassic Home recently posted..Sheepherder’s Dip from Crazy Little Projects {Game Day Appetizers}My Profile

    • At The Picket Fence says:

      Oh yes! The scaring thing is happening at our house a lot too Kristin! Those boys definitely keep us on our toes huh? Thanks for stopping by today. :-)

  12. I have a five year old boy who’s been doing his best impression of a herd of elephants on the stairs (and in the upstairs hallway!) this week also! Hmm..I wonder why all the downstairs lights are flickering?? :)

    What a great idea this is! As is often the way with inspiration, I think you’ve just given me an idea for a slightly different hang-y type project with a cabinet door I’ve had in the “possibility pile” over here!

    Thanks for the good ideas and the giggles :)

    Jeanette @ Creating A Life
    Jeanette @ Creating A Life recently posted..Simple & Pretty Handmade Gift Ideas {And a Free Vintage Image Download!}My Profile

  13. What a great idea. I totally understand the 9 year old boy thing. It doesn’t get that much better. My 15 year old still sounds like a herd of elephants going up and down the stairs. He can’t just walk down the stairs, he needs to jump the last 4 or 5. After all these years of him doing that he has actually loosened the banister and we’re not sure how to fix it. So, be happy it was only a few glasses. :)
    Judy recently posted..No Fabric Waste DIY Table RunnerMy Profile

    • At The Picket Fence says:

      LOL Judy! Yeah I kinda figured that the bigger he got the louder it would get and now you’ve confirmed that for me! :-)

  14. Michael Reddin says:

    Great idea for a Butler’s Pantry! OUR boy couldn’t possibly sound like a “herd of elephants.”


  15. LOL Vanessa! And thanks for that cabinet door/Restore tip. I’ll be sure to bring some latex gloves with me …

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    :) Linda
    Linda @ it all started with paint recently posted..to our blog widowers*My Profile

  16. … this is why we don’t have stairs! LOLOL. I love seeing your “butler’s pantry” again … and, thanks for the tip about the gloves! Ewwwwww.
    Becca recently posted..An Unexpected Valentine MantelMy Profile

  17. Hi Vanessa
    I think this is a really nice project…
    you have good ideas :)
    and do not miss…..




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)
    The Rosegarden in Malevik recently posted..SATURDAY SHOW OFFMy Profile

  18. Great little project! I love having a dedicated space for wine! Although it might make me want more lol…
    Deneen recently posted..Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake with Pudding MixMy Profile

  19. So cute!!! I have those exact wine glass holders…they are screwed in under the buffet in the kitchen. I never use them. Hmmmm….now you got me thinking! uhoh
    Julie recently posted..Coffee Cake & My Keurig K Cup HolderMy Profile

  20. I LOVE this idea…and your story was so sweet and funny! Too bad about those glasses, though…
    Lucy recently posted..Vintage Necklace Miners Tag/Tool Tag Numbers by belmoniliMy Profile

  21. Ha! Soooo hear you. When my nephew comes over, there are times I fully expect a remodeled living room when I go upstairs. I swear they are moving the furniture!! Always exciting ;)

  22. Such a cute idea for a wine rack! I really need to get creative and use more of the things I have to do some decorating this year. I babysit 3 days a week and I have 3 boys so Hubs has kept many great decorating items and props under lock and key. I keep asking to move a Hoosier cupboard of my Great Grandmothers out to my favorite window to style some photos of all my vintage cooking and Hubs won’t hear if it! Some day soon it will get moved out there though if only temporarily, because I bought the casters to move it this week! LOl shhh…it is a secret!
    Sherry recently posted..An Important DecisionMy Profile

  23. Such a cute idea for a wine rack! I really need to get creative and use more of the things I have to do some decorating this year. I babysit 3 days a week and I have 3 boys so Hubs has kept many great decorating items and props under lock and key. I keep asking to move a Hoosier cupboard of my Great Grandmothers out to my favorite window to style some photos of all my vintage cooking and Hubs won’t hear if it! Some day soon it will get moved out there though if only temporarily, because I bought the sliders to move it this week! LOl shhh…it is a secret!
    Sherry recently posted..An Important DecisionMy Profile

  24. FYI – my parents had same issue with same kind of rack, so took clear tubing (like oxygen tubing) sliced down center and put over metal “rungs”, and it kept the glasses from shifting so much due to vibration. Can’t vouch it will work for you, given that they weren’t dealing with stomping vibration from young boys!

  25. Love the story and the cabinet search and rescue description! I have two boys and the noise (and damage) only gets louder and I love it! My son saw me on the floor photographing my PB Basket knockoff and he just says, “blog thing, right?” I responded with a “no doubt.” xo, laura

  26. Cute, cute idea, Vanessa! Have you figured out a way to add something on the ends where the glasses slide on that would keep them from slipping off — maybe those pony-tail things that have baubles on the end & one slips over the other? My boy is almost 40, but I do remember the “herd of elephants!”

  27. LOL! Oh, man do I know about boys. With a 8 & 6 year old ALL of our light fixtures rattle when the walk. But, I was thinking that they would try to hang from the shelf.

    I enjoyed our Hometalk hangout today, I only regret we didn’t have more time to girl talk ;-D
    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl recently posted..DIY Photography Light Studio Set UpMy Profile

  28. I had two nine year old boys at one time, so I get it…TOTALLY! Oh my, I am happy they were not your good wine glasses too. What a neat idea, I love this!

  29. What a great idea! My husband stomps, I just think it’s men ;)
    Debbie refresh recently posted..Emerald Green DresserMy Profile

  30. I love this idea. I spend so much time on my shoppe I have been neglecting my projects at home but this has truly inspired me!


    and everyone knows I love my cocktails and my husband has a glass of winewith every meal- this looks so organized – I love it!
    Stephanie Fig at The Enchanted Fig Tree on Etsy :)
    Stephanie Fig recently posted..Wood Folding Magazine Holder. Stamped Romania Mid Century Rack. Madmen Style Mag Holder. Danish Rack Beautiful Lines Atomic Mags by theenchantedfigtreeMy Profile


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