Tell Me How You Really Feel About Winter!

I feel it my duty to give you fair warning.

If you ever decide to do a quick Google search of Winter Quotes so that you can post it on your blog and maybe seem all enlightened and everything, you should know that you may have one of two things happen:

A) If you are suffering from the post-holiday, winter blues doldrums you will only have your feelings confirmed as you read quotes with words like “barren” and “dark” and “bleak”.

B) If you’ve been feeling just fine and dandy about winter and how cozy it is you will slowly begin to feel like the person in scenario “A” above. 

The only quote I could find that didn’t leave me feeling like person “A” or “B” had to do with the fact that Spring comes after Winter.

Don’t you feel enlightened? Me too!

winter quote

I find myself waffling between being the person who is struggling with the fact that winter seems to go on forever and being the person who really likes the fact that winter means I can practically live in sweat pants. God bless elastic!

Taking down all of the Christmas decorations also seems to produce these mixed emotions. There is that twinge of sadness that it is over mixed with the overwhelming urge to just leave it all up till next year rather than having to go through the work of packing it away mixed with how much I love my house looking more open and airy again.

Mixed emotions tend to lead me to “puttering” as my sweet husband likes to call it. It can also be called “tweaking”, “fluffing”, “nesting” or maybe even “decorating”!

winter garden buffet2 at the picket fence

Despite what all of those poets and authors said in those quotes, to me winter means…

clean slates

fresh starts

new beginnings

winter plants At the Picket Fence

And there is just something about bringing life into the house. Flowers and plants that aren’t related to cedar or pine or fir.

cranberries in apothecary

Winter decorating can still involve elements of shine and sparkle but maybe in more subtle ways than at Christmas, don’t you think? Glass jars and silver trays suddenly seem like the stars of the show!

curved silver tray

And, of course, there is always that thrill of finding a Christmas item on clearance ($3.99 people!) that you can use in your house long after the holidays are over.

The good people of Target have really brought their “A” game when it comes to faux florals don’t you think?

winter bulb

And when the sun comes streaming in your house and you pretend that you can’t see that it highlights all of the dust, you just close your eyes, fight the urge to grab your Swiffer duster, and savor the moment.

winter garden buffet at the picket fence

Because even though we know that “If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?” we also know that there is much to be appreciated about this season.

For example…elastic waistbands.

So, how do you feel about winter?

I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for joining me here today at the Fence,


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  1. Betty Sneeringer says

    You made a good transition into what can be great about the winter season! I love your winter buffet. My last post was about the “white” of winter and includes a few positive quotes.


  2. says

    I’ve never been a winter lover…never been into winter sports…and then I had children. Two boys. And they live for winter sports…and while I don’t actively participate (I don’t play hockey!), I spent many years of their youths in hockey arenas watching them play (with joy!). The lack of sunlight affects me greatly but being aware of that makes a difference in how I manage my moods. In the last few years I’ve tried the approach of finding the joy and the beauty in winter…and as you pointed out…you can decorate to bring in the sparkle & shine and spring is on the way!

  3. says

    HATE IT! Absolutely HATE HATE HATE it! HA! Louisiana winters aren’t even real winters compared to what most people deal with it but I still hate it. I don’t like to be cold & I can’t ever seem to warm up. I welcome spring!!!
    Traci recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  4. says

    Oh, I am the same way! It seems that after Christmas (here in NC) everything outside is brown, wilted, wet and cold…DREARY! BUT, I keep reminding myself SPRING is coming…just a few LONG months ahead new life will start popping up everywhere. I can’t wait!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Cindy recently posted..MEMORIES!My Profile

  5. says

    Winter can be a depressing time for me! We don’t seem to get allot of sun around here this time of the year.And when we do it is a real treat! Today is sunny and I am one happy girl! I LOVE bringing in fresh flowers it really does help your spirits!And I am changing things around a little too!Although I am going to leave a few pine cones around.I do want to eat more this time of the year.Especially sweets!
    Anne recently posted..Winter Whites Time For RenewalMy Profile

  6. says

    I’m with you and winter to me, means yoga pants!! That’s about all I can say that I like. And taking the Christmas decorations down….boo hiss, now I HAVE to dust all those areas that were so lovingly covered in pine garland and fresh greenery. <> But spring is coming this I know for the arrival of the Ft Worth Stock Show tells me so!!
    SammaMichelle recently posted..Tumbled Wacky Fun ThursdayMy Profile

  7. says

    We lived most of our lived in Syracuse where I would spend five months hating winder, wishing I could go outdoors (hate the cold). Now we live in Coastal North Carolina and winter isn’t so bad at all.

    I try to appreciate all God’s blessings, even chilly days :)
    Leen recently posted..Burlap Stockings…Bless their heart!My Profile

  8. Laura Steckly says

    It all depends on where I am… in the Valley – I HATE winter… over in Central Oregon or in Canada – I LOVE it!! There is something so beautiful and peaceful about the sun glistening off of the snow or the moon making it glow. I love watching my kids (and Joe) flying down the hill on inner-tubes and I even love doing it myself. I love sitting at the window and drinking hot chocolate with my kids and knowing that Isaac only drinks it so he has room for more marshmallows :-) Winter is magical some places.

  9. says

    I love your little snowglobe! I love winter (no snow here, but pretty COLD this year!) for the coats and sweaters and coziness:) I found a bit of a more positive quote for you:

    “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” —Edith Sitwell …

    Happy New Year!
    Sue recently posted..Valentine Snowball CookiesMy Profile

  10. says

    I love Winter in South Florida when it gets cool. It’s not happening much this season, but when it’s cold in the Winter here, it’s just gorgeous. A bit of rain passes through and then like magic, the sky is as clear and blue and crisp as can be and the temperatures are so wonderful after the constant warmth.

    Your photos are so very cheery! Enjoy your seasons and the constant change from one to the next. I would love to live somewhere like that for a while. I’m sure it has some good and some bad points, just like living where it’s almost always warm and the grass green and the flowers blooming year round. It’s almost always the same here which can be a bit of a shame.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas recently posted..Hobby Lobby Shopping DayMy Profile

  11. says

    The excitment of Winter used to be Christmas decorating and winter sports. Now I prefer the tiny shoots of green pushing through the earth and the birds buildings nests that comes with Spring. I do have to say that I appreciate the snuggly comfort of fleece and cashmere this time of the year.
    Sami Pat recently posted..What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?My Profile

  12. says

    I love all seasons… and winter has it’s own beauty. With every season, comes a downside! I just don’t give it much thought (except the humidity in summer… I HATE IT!)

    Winter gives me a breather… a time to work in the house and slow down. In 8-10 short weeks, I’ll be starting to fuss in my garden and yard and things will get so so busy!

    I think the biggest thing I like about winter is snow! I love snow!!!!!

    I also loved what you said about the sun streaming down on all the dust… I can relate!!!
    Yvonne @ StoneGable recently posted..THE BEST STEW I HAVE EVER EATENMy Profile

  13. says

    I am not a winter lover…however, I do enjoy wearing cozy sweaters and some of my winter coats. As much as I love summer and often think I am really meant to live somewhere where the weather is warm all the time, I do enjoy the change of pace, slowing down a bit to actually enjoy our home. I like your sweats idea…I feel like winter makes me break out the jeans. Not nearly as comfortable as your idea.
    Judy recently posted..No-Cost DecoratingMy Profile

  14. says

    I don’t mind the cold or snow…but what tends to get to me is the gray sky. Here in Ohio it’s almost an every day occurrence. When the sun shines it just makes life better. I’ve loved following you and Heather over at the FOLK blog…what a great gig!
    Ann recently posted..Vintage Linens and More EnamelwareMy Profile

  15. says

    Ah, winter. Cold, crisp and promising! I am always looking forward to the sunshine and warmth. Although we’ve had some brisk sunny days here in the Pacific NW last couple of days. Your winter decor looks so pretty…love the winter buffet. I didn’t spot a speck of dust anywhere, btw 😉
    Sherry recently posted..Mrs. Hines is visiting the Cafe today!!!My Profile

  16. says

    I feel pretty much the same way, Vanessa. Once I dismantled all the Christmas, I did a lot of staring, Pinteresting (please don’t tell me I made up that word) and more staring before ideas started coming to mind. I also like to keep some red and sparkle going on through Valentine’s Day. I try to tame it a bit and actually mix it with more subdued shades of green — I know, sounds weird, but I’m liking it and will share in another day or so.


  17. says

    Well first, I love that quote. I has been a favorite of mine since reading the ode wayyyy back in either HS or college. It sums up how I generally feel about winter. However, last year I purposed to enjoy even the winter and the attitude adjustment did wonders for me. These days, I don’t hate it so much. I just take advantage of the inside time to do inside stuff. (Still working on having a positive attitude about the dog days of summer.)
    Debbie recently posted..The New Year BluesMy Profile

  18. Bonnie Powell says

    I love winter. Living in the Deep South of course means that the definition of winter is somewhat different than other parts of the country. But – what little winter we get is great. I love fires in my fireplace. My friends say they don’t like the mess or the smell, but I really like the morning after smell of a good fire from the night before. I am a Christmas “over-decorator” but I don’t care. I like it!! When it snows here in Alabama (which is very rare) we just shut the whole city down and enjoy it. People don’t go to work and school is out and it is almost like a state holiday!! Great memories….I am definitely a winter lover. Oh, one more thing. You can put on enough clothes to stay warm…you can’t shed enough clothes to be cool in our HOT summers — well, you can’t take enough clothes off without getting arrested! :)

  19. says

    Our winters up here in Michigan’s UP tend to be long, but also can be beautiful. I do tire of the dark days and the soaked floor mats in the car. Scraping windshields and driving on slick roads is another story.

    Give me spring, summer, and fall anyday.

    I already cannot wait for spring so I can get back outside and into my outbuildings.
    diane @ okcamp recently posted..St. Vinnie’s Thrift FindsMy Profile

  20. says

    Totally agree – God bless elastic! lol This is the first year that I truly feel like I’m embracing winter as opposed to enduring it. I think it’s the cozy factor that you mentioned. For some reason, I just want to be comforted by feeling cozy. It could also have to do with the fact that all those hot flashes in the summer were no fun! :)
    Suzy @ Worthing Court recently posted..House Snooping at Debbiedoo’sMy Profile

  21. says

    I love winter, I know I am in the minority, but I love the crispness in the air and cuddling up in my bed with lots of blankets. Wearing sweaters and boots. But here in Southern Oregon winter isn’t a bad thing, not much snow and only a month or two of cold weather. But I was born in Montana and the winters did drag on until April. I sometimes miss the deep drifts of snow and making snowmen, but then I remember how much trouble it was just to get out of your driveway and I don’t miss that for sure.

  22. Johna says

    I love the Shelly quote about spring coming with its new growth and brave little shoots peeking up from the cold ground. I am three weeks past a mastectomy and may be facing chemo soon so the promise of the renewal of spring sings to my heart! But a cozy winter day definitely has its place. Thank you for your post and beautiful photos of your home!

    • At The Picket Fence says

      I’m so sorry for what you are going through right now Johna! Praying that you will have strength to endure this season of your life and that you will have full healing and recovery. Thank you so much for stopping by! :-)

  23. says

    LOL – I am with you — none of the Winter quotes inspired me because I hate the season :) We’ve been fortunate here in Chicago — NO snow yet which is unheard of in these parts. I already have my Valentine decorations up but am holding off on the outdoor ones for a week so the neighbors don’t think I’ve totally lost it!
    Lauren recently posted..Crazy for Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  24. Marianne says

    it’s not so much winter i don’t like, but it’s the days of no sunshine, the cold and the inevitable seemingly unceasing days of shoveling snow that i don’t like. We usually miss all that and go to Arizona, and then, what’s not to like about winter except the days of rain. i love being outside, which is difficult in those circumstances!

  25. says

    I was laughing hysterically over the quotes you were finding! That can bring even the happiest of us down! Living in the Midwest all my life, winters are just routine. Snuggle in as much as possible, try not to eat everything in the house at once, and yes, elastic waistbands! And I love the excuse to slow down. If you are curled up in a chair at 2:00 on a Monday afternoon reading a book, you can always blame the weather.

    I love what you are doing as far as decorating for the winter, glass and silver and plants. I think I will use some of your ideas (if I ever get my tree down!!).

    Jane recently posted..HIGHLIGHTS OF 2012 PART 2My Profile

  26. says

    Love your vignette!!….Winter…I do not mind it here…usually our winter day is cold, but the sky is blue and the air is crisp…I hate those dreary days…but luckily we do not have many of them…I think of Winter as a time to “regroup” after the hectic and busy times of the holidays…to plan and prepare for the beautiful season of Spring..

  27. says

    I live in northern IL and hate winter. Not a good combo – but not a choice at this time in our lives. I live in pajama pants and yoga pants in the winter – at home, not when I go out! Lovely decorating you have in your home. I do like the beginning of January when it seems like you can just start anew with everything.
    Melanie recently posted..adding pops of color to neutral decorMy Profile

  28. says

    Good post. I actually don’t mind winter. I do suffer from depression and I get very lonely and depressed after the holidays. But I look at winter as a time I can do things that I normally don’t do when it is good weather. I sew a lot. Crochet, and plan for spring and summer. It is a time of rest, the earth is resting before her glorious awakening and colorful seasons. Hugs, Karie

  29. says

    Personally I could skip winter all together! I grew up in southeast Texas and it was pretty warm through winter, but now living in the Midwest it’s COLD and snowy. I prefer warmth to cold any day!!
    Although, thinking about winters in our lives it something to be thankful for! Just like winter prepares the plants for the spring and makes us grateful for the flowers, so is the winters in our life. We need “winters” to grown and appreciate the “springs!”
    Thanks for another great post, Vanessa!

  30. says

    I hate winter :-)
    so we are always repeating this quote , our version anyway..

    I heard a bird sing in the depths of December , a beautiful thing, so sweet to remember.
    I heard a bird sing in the depths of Decenber, we’re closer to SPring now then we were in
    September !
    I heard a bird SIng in the depths of December..

    it always reminds us we Are closer to spring.

    thanks for the post from Sunny, cold Iowa

  31. says

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