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Diy Flower Necklace n

Hello, Picket Fencers. My name is Angelina and you can find me happily blogging over at JoJo & Eloise.

Today is an exciting day! Why, you ask? Because I get to share this Fabulous tutorial, I get to hang out with Heather and Vanessa and I am also getting the chance to meet and get to know other great Picket Fencers like you. How cool is that? Pretty Cool, right?

I don’t know about you but I am a the kind of girl that NEVER gets tired of having, wearing or getting flowers. So if your anything like me, you will certainly love the tutorial I have for you today.

Well, let’s at least hope so.

First you are going to draw a circle ( the bigger the circle the bigger the flower ) and then draw scallops around in a spiral shape. You will place your pattern piece on top of your fabric and cut out. I used felt for my flowers. Once your felt is cut out into a spiral shape you will wrap it around and use dabs of glue to hold in place. You can go HERE to see an example of that. I hot glued some pearls in the center of my flowers.

flower necklace col n

flower necklace 7 n

Once I was done making all my flowers I put them on top of a separate piece of felt in the shape of a necklace. I traced the shape and then cut out. I scalloped my edges with scallop scissors I got HERE. I then cut 2 pieces of ribbon (long enough to be tied around the neck) and hot glued those to both edges. Then I began hot gluing my flowers in place.

flower necklace col1 n

And, there you have it!! A Beautiful Flower Necklace, in a matter of minutes.

diy flower necklace1 n

This necklace would be pretty in almost any color combination.

diy flower necklace5 n

It would also make a fabulous inexpensive Bridesmaid gift.

diy flower necklace3 n

Or, just simply make one to wear on that special night out with your Sweetie.

flower necklace4 n


No matter how you make it or wear it. You are sure to be a stylish hit wherever you go!!

flower necklce5 n


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Looking for more amazing projects like this? Find them everyday over at JoJo and Eloise!

And, as a Regular Contributor to At the Picket Fence, Angelina will be sharing some of her fabulous creations with you here too so stay tuned for more inspiring ideas! 

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