DIY Love Mug…for Valentine’s Day!


DIY Love Mug from At The Picket Fence

It’s so easy during Valentine’s Day to get wrapped up in expensive gift giving.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love roses and perfume and jewelry as much as the next girl but I also love sweet, simple gifts as well.

Like this Love Mug that you can easily make yourself! All you need is an inexpensive mug, paint pens and an oven!


White porcelain or ceramic mug (I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree)
Red and Black Paint Pen

DIY Love Mug from At The Picket Fence


Draw a fun design.  I made this one of a sweet little “flying” heart and the word LOVE
Decorate both sides if desired
Place on cookie sheet in cool oven.  Bring to 350 and bake for 20 minutes.  Allow to cool in oven.
Consider hand washing to maintain design.

DIY Love Mug Tutorial

 That’s it! Seriously, could this be any easier?! I just love how darling it turned out.  I might just have to keep this one for myself. grin!

DIY Love Mug from At The Picket Fence

This sweet mug would be even sweeter with some of my Chocolate and Pink Salt Dipping Spoons tucked inside!

Chocolate and Pink Salt Dipping Spoons and Mug from At The Picket Fence

 These delicious spoons are a great treat! Just wrap them up and tuck inside…who wouldn’t love to receive this as a Valentine’s Day gift?!  This would make a perfect gift for a special teacher or co-worker.

DIY Love Mug from At The Picket Fence

 Be sure to come back tomorrow and join me where I’ll be sharing another sweet treat! My decadent Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark!  See you then!

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  1. Michael Reddin says

    But YOU are artistic, Heather! What if one was artistically challenged – AND – no one ever wanted to play “Pictionary” with said Mother! Huh?



  2. Nicole Tidman says

    Love your mug! I did this for Christmas for my boyfriend and followed the same baking instructions and it is almost all wiped off. I used a sharpie, which is what I figured would stay on. Perhaps i ahould have looked for markers for ceramics? Its never been put in a dishwasher either. Any ideas what would have went wrong? Hoping this doesn’t happen to anyone else. :)

    • At The Picket Fence says

      Hi Nicole,

      I actually used paint pens, that will probably make a difference. I would suggest still hand washing it, but I did give it a nice scrub afterwards to test it and so far so good. :) I purchased a pack of paint pens at Michael’s. They were pretty inexpensive and came in several colors. I know some people have had success with the Sharpies, and some not. I think technically they aren’t meant to be permanent on ceramic which may be the problem. :) ~Heather


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