Vintage Bedroom Reveal!

Vintage Girls Bedroom At the Picket Fence

Vintage. A word which conjures up images of a bygone era. Simpler times and pieces of history we cling to in order to feel connected to the generations which have gone before us.

Also a word which sends chills up your spine when you are walking through the mall and overhear a group of teenage girls talking about the “Vintage 80’s and 90’s” clothing they can’t wait to try on. And I don’t mean the 1880’s and 1890’s!

Could it be possible that the clothing I wore is now considered “vintage”? I mean, I know I turn 37 today, but come on people!

Well, I think I’ll just stick to my definition of “vintage” and share with you how that word inspired the way I decorated my daughter’s room.

Vintage Vanity table At the Picket Fence

It’s a room filled with history. Pieces of the past. Her mother’s past and her grandmothers past and her auntie Heather’s past and her great-grandmothers past.

So help me, this girl is going to love history!

vintage nightstand At the Picket Fence

Shadow boxes hang on the wall and hold baby gowns which belonged to her great-grandmothers.

PicMonkey Collage

Her dresser and bed belonged to her Nonna (my mom) when she was a little girl. I won’t call them “vintage” OK Mom?

They were also in my sister’s room growing up and then were in the guest bedroom of my parent’s home until finally making their way here.

vintage dresser at the picket fence

I have so many memories of Heather and I pretending that bed was our wagon when we played “Little House on the Prairie”. She was the Mary to my Laura. Still is.

And to soften the oak (which will never be painted by the way!!) I added some details fit for a princess. A curtain panel and the dust ruffle which used to grace my daughter’s crib found new purpose here!

DIY cornice over bed At the Picket Fence

My daughter’s room is quintessentially “girl”. It has interesting angles and almost resembles an attic room. And, the window seat is my favorite feature. If she doesn’t wind up sitting there reading “Anne of Green Gables” then I might just have to!

window seat At the Picket Fence

toile curtain tie back at the picket fence

Alongside the vintage there is some “new”. My daughter’s first Easter dress and her Dedication gown look right at home hanging on the wall with a baby bonnet which belonged to my great-grandmother.

vintage baby bonnet

Vintage Details collage

And lest you think that she doesn’t actually LIVE in this room I thought it only fair that I showed you the inside of her closet. I would’ve also showed you the enormous amount of toys, stuffed animals and odds and ends that wound up in the hallway outside her room so that I could take these photos but I thought it might kill the moment. 😉

Closet Organization At the Picket Fence

Above the vanity hangs this beautiful painting done by my incredibly talented father-in-law as a gift to my girl when she was born. I know that it too will be passed down from generation to generation!

Field of wildflowers painting At the Picket Fence

Every time I open the drawer to get out her little undies and socks I see that precious face staring at me. In that photo she is wearing one of those baby gowns that is now behind the glass of a shadow box. I remember slipping it over her soft infant head and realizing how incredible the connection is between the past and the present.

I want to preserve that.

vintage decor at the picket fence

And even when someday these walls are painted to suit her pre-teen tastes and the cameo Toile fabric is long gone and the baby gowns are lovingly packed away and posters of teen hearthrobs are plastered everywhere, I hope that she will still have a love for all things “vintage”.

Vintage Bedroom At the Picket Fence

If nothing else I’m sure she will stand in the mall with her friends talking about the latest in “Vintage 2000’s” fashion!

Thanks so much for joining me today at the Fence,


P.S. Did you happen to see the latest addition to my daughter’s room? I shared this American Girl Doll sized Dollhouse earlier this week!

Bookcase turned American Girl Dollhouse At the Picket Fence

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  1. says

    Vanessa, oh my goodness:-) Love, love, love everything. You know how I love vintage and you have captured the past so beautifully and given it such a fresh modern twist. I bet she loves it. Gorgeous!!
    Anita recently posted..The Italian aria…My Profile

  2. Pam says

    Everything looks beautiful! I love the shade of yellow so soft and wonderful. As a mom of 3 girls I know your daughter will love this. She will love it even more as she grows older and looks back into all the love you put into this amazing room.

  3. Johna says

    Keeping the dresses on displaybis suchba wonderful waybto honor their owners and keep the past in the present. Very nice!

  4. Jeanie says

    Happy Birthday!!! enjoy your day!! the room is beautiful! I also have two of those beautiful oak dressers that will never be painted either!

  5. Michael Reddin says

    Happy, happy birthday Vanessa! Thanks so much for treasuring your (and my) past. Just looking at everything displayed brings back many memories of your grandmothers and my own childhood. Now our own granddaughter will have a constant presence of her heritage. Love you, Mom and Dad

  6. says

    Hi Vanessa and I want to wish you a happy birthday! Oh, my what a wonderful bedroom. I love everything you’ve done. Love the olden baby gowns in the shadow boxes and the oak dresser is beautiful. What a lucky little girl!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉
    Shelia recently posted..Mile High MeringueMy Profile

  7. says

    Sweetest room ever! Thanks for not painting the oak! I have a little oak secretary desk that I know all my friends are itching to cover with milk paint. I just can’t cover up a past that means so much to me… my grandpa used that desk every day! I love all the little details that you put in the room. It’s like a living family history; I know they are watching over her! Birthday Blessings, too … jules
    Julia recently posted..Sneaky PeekyMy Profile

  8. Sandi says

    Happy Birthday. I love the room you did. I love all the little touches and the family history. Your daughter is a lucky young lady. Have a wonderful day!

  9. says

    Vanessa, I am so in love with every detail in this room. You did a job worthy of a decorator someone would pay a lot of money to for this look. Your daughter is so lucky, it will be a wonderful and relaxing place to be a beautiful little girl in. I hope you are sharing this at my party! I miss your link party, you always had such amazing features. Any chance it will be coming back? Have a beautiful weekend. -K
    Karen recently posted..Link Party #92, and Les FeaturesMy Profile

  10. says

    Oh my gosh Vanessa I LOVE everything about her room!! Love love the bed and that beautiful dresser! Her American Girl dollhouse is adorable, my youngest would LOVE IT!!

  11. says

    It’s one thing to decorate and make a Vintage themed bedroom. But to make it a place full of Heirlooms, Sentiment and Treasures is a whole other kind of decorating.. Love it!! Happy Birthday.. We are the same age, Two VINTAGE girls from the 80’s LOL!! Who would of thought. I remember having a Sock Hop at my school growing up and wearing my Mother’s dress to it, now my clothes are considered, VINTAGE!! Yikes!!
    Angelina recently posted..Diy Flower NecklaceMy Profile

  12. says

    Great post, Vanessa! I love all of the sentimental details. And the yellow is so pretty. I miss the little girl room…we’re in the teen years with Justin Bieber posters and peace signs adorning the walls. Enjoy it while you can! And Happy Birthday!

  13. says

    First of all, Happy Birthday Vanessa! This room is absolutely amazing. The history and connections with family, it all adds to what is already a beautiful room. I love that you chose not to paint the wooden pieces. They look great and adds to the charm of the room. Love it! Sharon

  14. says

    Oh Vanessa, how gorgeous! When my two older girls were young I decorated their rooms in the same way, with lovely things representing the generations of our family (only nowhere near as beautifully as this!) Those days are gone for me with my oldest married, and my 15 and 9 year old girls not about to let me get away with this in their spaces! :)
    How sweet that you’ve captured the love and care you’ve put into your daughter’s room here, it’s really just so beautiful. Love the dollhouse, too!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life recently posted..Don’t Let It Slip On By…..My Profile

  15. says

    Oh my, how lucky you are your family preserves so many wonderful treasures! The only things I have are old teacup/saucers and a very old family Bible (which is very precious to me). Imagine, holding on to all those lovely vintage baby clothes! How special it makes your daughter’s room, and I’m sure she will be a lover of history and vintage when she sleeps and plays among such gorgeous heirlooms.
    Debbie :)

  16. says

    Happy “37th” Birthday!!!…You are definitely not of the “vintage age”….Now I am vintage….and so glad that I have not reached the “antique phase”….You did an incredible job on your daughter’s room…It was so very emotional to me…to see all of those sentimental items so beautifully displayed in the room…The painting is just so special…and I love the fact that you saved her first drapery panel and bedskirt…that is so special..I saved my son’s first window valance of “Sesame Street fabric”…I am putting it in my granddaughter’s memory chest..a chest we used to call “Hope Chests”…now you know I am really vintage!…you did a fantastic job….beautiful room…beautiful memories and keepsakes!!

  17. says

    Happy Birthday!! Our 37th wedding anniversary is this May, youngster, LOL. I really started to feel old when the 1960s and 1970s stuff I was seeing coming back were vintage. Man I wish I’d kept those white platform sandles I wore on our honeymoon! You’ve done a beautiful job on the bedroom for your little darling. I have a shadowbox to put a dressy spring coat I had and a pair of mittens my great-grandmother knit for me my first (?) winter after my spring birth. They might be three inches including the cuffs and considering the fact she never did anything with just one year’s wear considered. Hope you had a grand day today with a like year to follow.

  18. says

    What a fabulous room – definitely fit for Mary & Laura (but don’t let Nellie come over)!

    Love that oak dresser – so glad you will never paint it. And those framed gowns – love!

    Just wait for the day when your daughter comes to you with neon green paint swatches (yes, I’m talking about my daughter!) and posters of One Direction! Enjoy this while you can!

    And again – happy birthday my vintage loving friend!

  19. says

    I’m obsessed with vintage and it’s so refreshing to see a little girl’s room like this. My entire living/dining area is vintage and I’m trying to sneak more and more of it into my 8 year old daughter’s room. =) She doesn’t seem to mind so far. I ADORE the curtains framing the desk and may incorporate that into Rory’s bedroom, since I’m painting a desk for her this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  20. says

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your daughter’s room is beautiful. The color is the perfect shade with the oak. I LOVE the repurposed crib skirt and, of course, the shadow boxes. It’s wonderful that you have these precious things on display. They’re a daily reminder of so many of the people who came before her and who love her so very much. Well done…makes me wish that I had a daughter…again. It’s so fun to see how beautiful girls’ rooms can be. xo

  21. says

    Oh, Vanessa! It’s darling! I am finishing up Kate’s cottage bedroom that she asked for. Isn’t it so heartwarming when their taste changes and it’s so much like your own? I love all of the details…just perfect!

  22. says

    So pretty and fresh! The furniture is amazing. My parents have 2 pieces in their bedroom exactly the color of your bed and dresser. It will never get painted either! All your little personal touches are so obviously done with love and care. Good job!

  23. says

    What a beautiful, beautiful room for a precious young lady! Vanessa, you did such a wonderful job … this room was designed with love! The vintage touches are gorgeous … and the sentimental additions are so special. I know she loves her “grown up” space.

    I hope you had a happy, happy birthday!!!

  24. says

    This is so sweet and feminine- a perfect little girl’s room! I like that you have the christening gowns on display. I made our son’s gown and hope it will be passed down over the years. :-)

  25. says

    Attempting to get caught up in blog inspiration, and I just saw this. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it. It has everything that I love about a room.

    We’re probably going to be getting some more oak furniture (as if I don’t have enough) from my MIL’s house. I was going to put it in the attic, but this makes me think about redoing one of the daughter rooms, It’s all lovely, and how well it will grow with her!

  26. says

    What a gorgeous room! I had a yellow room too when I was little, this reminds me of it (but not half as beautiful)! Thanks for the look around and I have this linked to my girls rooms post too today!


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