Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor Idea

Happy Thanksgiving friends! As you are getting ready to celebrate this special day we want to not only take a moment and tell you how very thankful we are for all of you, we also want to bring you a super simple last-minute idea for adding some extra beauty to your Thanksgiving decor this year, courtesy of our friend and regular contributor Angelina!

how to decorate with amber glass bottles

Hello Picket Fence Family, this is Angelina from JoJo and Eloise.

If you are a follower of mine, you probably know that I do a lot of SEWING. Though sewing is one of my favorite things, there is something else that actually trumps that, it just so happens to be DECORATING. I LOVE decorating,


decorating with amber glass bottles

Ever since I was a little girl, I would always look for ways to make and create things. My room was constantly undergoing some sort of redesign or refashion. ( of course using existing items, or occasionally borrowing things from around the house ) The fact that I was just a kid, meant my Budget consisted of little to NO $$ Money $$

So I had to be Creative and come up with Creative ways to decorate my space.

Oh!! Did I forget to mention that I shared a room with my sister. So I had HALF the space. Yes!!! There was that ever wonderful, INVISIBLE line across the room. You know the one, your NOT suppose to cross. LOL!!! The one Common space we shared was the BIG Dresser by our closet.

This dresser had those wonderfully adorable, Avon perfume bottles scattered about it. I could stand there and SMELL them ALL day long. ( Okay, not really. I would of most likely ended up with a wildly crazy headache and passed out on the floor, from the fumes)

I have always loved using, Empty or 1/2 full bottles to decorate my home. Maybe it stems from my childhood. Typically I am NOT a huge fan of the color BROWN, that is until FALL begins to roll around. Then Brown’s, Oranges and Greens quickly become some of my favorites and must have colors.

amber glass vases


If your anything like me and don’t find Browns workable in your home decor, you may want to reconsider with the use of AMBER GLASS bottles.

I have found such a LOVE and simple USE for these beautiful bottles, Vintage and New alike.

Filling them with Seasonal Flowers, Twigs, Wheat Stalks or just on their own, in front of Sunny window. They truly do make for one beautiful display.

Amber Glass is no longer the BROWN I don’t like but it is Now the BROWN I hunt for in Antique Shops and Grocery Stores.


amber glass bottle vases


So instead of throwing away those not so pretty Amber Glass Bottles, you might consider cleaning them up and decorating your home with them.

I know we’ve enjoyed them and I am sure you will too!!

Happy Decorating!

how to decorate using recycled amber bottles into flower vases

For some other Fall ideas you can check out this post HERE!

how to make men's boutonnieres #fall #wedding #holiday #specialoccasion tutorial

Thank you so much Angelina for the lovely ideas!

We hope and pray that your Thanksgiving is filled with blessings and that your hearts are as full of gratitude as your stomach’s are full of turkey.

giving thanks photo

And thank you as always for meeting us here At the Picket Fence,




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