Five Minute Crafts: West Elm Inspired Tinsel Ornaments

West Elm Inspired Tinsel Ornaments

I wish I could tell you that this would be the most complicated project you would make during the Christmas season..  I would tell you tales of the lengths I went to, to create these sparkly ornaments.  The sheer effort, sweat, blood and tears that went into making them.

But that would be a lie.  Because this is Take Five Friday after all! Where we share an easy craft with you that takes literally….five minutes or less! Who doesn’t love that during these hectic holidays!

Take Five Graphic

When  I first saw the West Elm Tinsel Ornaments, at $6.00 each I KNEW, just KNEW it couldn’t be that difficult to recreate them.

It wasn’t.

Here’s all you need:

West Elm Tinsel Ornaments Supplies


Clear glass ornaments (you can purchase them at most craft stores)
Tinsel (any the color of your choice)
A chopstick (yes a chopstick, or knitting needle or anything that will fit down into the top of the ornament)


Here’s all you need to do!  Remove the hanger from the top of the ornament.  Cut a piece of tinsel.  Poke the tinsel down into the ornament….

West Elm Inspired Tinsel Ornaments 3

….and replace the top!  See I told you it would take less than five minutes!

West Elm Inspired Tinsel Ornaments

Now hang them and see how pretty and sparkly they look in your tree…and think about how much you saved!

West Elm Inspired Tinsel Ornament

Thanks for joining us for another Take 5: Five Minute Crafts!

Take Five Craft West Elm Inspired Tinsel Ornament


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PS…We’re happy to announce the winners of TWO GREAT GIVEAWAYS!

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Congratulations Sean, we will be in touch!
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Lynda Lamon

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Congratulations! All winner has received an email! Thank you again to everyone who entered!



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