Wrapping Paper Letters and Burlap Art


wrapping paper letters and burlap art

So am I the only one that is drawn like a moth to a flame to the “dollar” sections in stores? It seems that everywhere you shop these days, they have these little sections set up full of goodies that are all under a few dollars.

What was once meant to be a distraction attraction for little kids, while out shopping with mom or dad, has now become the hot new place to find cute seasonal decor, crafts and baubles.  It’s kind of like The Little Mermaid,  “(They’ve) got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. (They’ve) got whosits and whatsits galore!”

I think my favorite Dollar Section is at Michaels! Seriously! Have you seen the cuteness that can be found there?! Cute little keys, and stamps and notepads with coordinating pens.  Darling little collections with even cuter themes.  It’s like they just KNOW what is going to suck us into dollar item crafter’s heaven.

“Look at this stuff, Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t ya think my collection’s complete?”

wrapping paper letters 5

That’s how I felt when I saw a darling collection of wrapping paper.  It reminded me of the popular Pucci patterns that have seen a resurgence lately.  I think you either love or hate it…and I love it! I thought it would be fun to make some cute art pieces for the house out of this brightly patterned paper! Here’s how I did it…


Stretched Burlap Canvas
Patterned Wrapping Paper
Large Wooden Craft Letters
Scissors, Pencil, Mod Podge, Foam Brush, Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
(optional) Gilding liquid and Paint brush

wallpaper letters and burlap art supplies


Flip letter  or symbol over with frontside facing down and trace lightly with pencil onto back of wrapping paper.
Cut along traced lines, remember to cut out any openings in letters or symbols. It helps to cut a small hole in the middle and work your way out when cutting open areas that are hard to reach.
Lightly coat the front of the wood letter with Mod Podge and carefully lay the wrapping paper letter on top being sure to smooth it as you go to avoid wrinkles in paper.  Allow to dry.
Coat wrapping paper lightly with Mod Podge to seal the surface of the letter.  Allow to dry.
(Optional) for a pretty finished look you can gild or paint the edges of letter or symbol. Allow to dry.
Apply hot glue to back of letter and attach to burlap canvas.

Wrapping Paper Letters and Burlap Art

wrapping paper letters and burlap art

Now for some exciting news! I’m so honored to be partnering with Hometalk and Michael’s 
for a really fun event! If you haven’t spent time over on Hometalk then you are missing out! It is THE premier Home and Garden Website and chock full of inspiration and ideas!


And if you follow Michaels on Hometalk you will be entered to win a $100 Michaels gift card. Five winners will be announced on Hometalk’s Facebook page on Feb 17, after the party.

Michaels Pinterest Event

I, along with 100 other bloggers, will be representing Hometalk at my local Michaels Store THIS Sunday the 16th from 1-4pm to show you my project in person and hang out with you as you put your own personal spin on these projects!

So, if you happen to be in the southwest Atlanta area, this Sunday, I would love to have you stop by and visit me at the Newnan, Georgia Michael’s Store AND there will be 100 of us around the country participating in this event so click here to find the location nearest you to join in the fun!

Did you see Vanessa’s Pinterest Inspired Tiered Clay Pot Centerpiece?

Clay Pot Tiered tray with succulents from atthpicketfence.com

Be sure to go check it out and we’ll see you back here soon….at the picket fence!




  1. says

    So ADORABLE! I have purchased a couple of letters from Michael’s but have not thought to cover them. What a great idea!!!!
    Congratulations on your pairing up with Michael’s and Hometalk! Good for you!

  2. Sandy says

    As each year of your blogging journey unfolds, I’m noticing more and more creativity and inspirational ideas. I love, love, love this project. It’s like the more you create, the more creative you become. So much inspiration to be found here. Congrats on the Joss & Main collaboration. I’ll have to check out your collection!


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