Best In Show ~ Dog Themed Party

Best in Show Birthday Party

My daughter has yet to meet a dog without some redeemable quality.  Every dog regardless of pedigree, grooming, or personality is either the cutest, sweetest, or smartest dog on earth.  And if they’re not, well, it’s not their fault and they deserve an extra dose of love and affection.

Dog themed children's birthday party from

Case in point, when choosing a pet to be photographed with during Humane Society day camp, my daughter lovingly chose a large, gray pit bull with one eye.  As I looked at the photo of her with an arm draped around it’s neck and her face glowing, I both cringed at and admired her for her choice.  While I don’t share her passion for canines, every dog must have its day, and her 7th birthday had to be a day for dogs.

dog invitation

One of my kids’ favorite things to do when dreaming up birthday plans is to choose a color palette and this birthday girl was super specific about the shades she wanted.  A trip to the paint aisle to get color chips was helpful and carrying those cards in my purse allowed me to color match to her specific palette whenever I was out shopping.  I love how color can unify a theme and make even a few, simple decorations pop.

party decor

In order to create a more feminine dog party, I brought in dog show elements using paper medallions and frilly prize ribbons (both vintage and diy ones) in the décor.

front door

paper fan backdrop

white ribbon

The table settings featured miniature dog house candy boxes, and the birthday girl ate from her own fancy dog dish.

place setting

dog dish

No dog party would be complete without the guests of honor (which in our case are stuffed) decked out in party hats.  As a surprise for the big day, I designed fancy new kennels for them out of empty Amazon boxes.

party dogs

dog house

dog balloons

Another thing my kids are really specific about is their cake.  This year my daughter insisted on a 4-layer vanilla cake, with creamsicle frosting between the layers and I loved how the citrus-y flavor complemented the bright orange colors of her party.  To make the creamsicle frosting I used our family’s favorite buttercream recipe and added vanilla bean paste, a few tablespoons of orange juice concentrate and a few teaspoons of orange zest, adjusting the flavors until she gave her final approval.

dog cake

sweet treats

large dog bone cookies


After sweets, we passed out dog noses and the kids had a blast playing a version of Simon says (dog trainer says) and competing in relay races by pushing balls around with their snouts and balancing tennis balls on Frisbees.  The noses were such a hit that some wore them for the rest of the party, sometimes resting them on the tops of their heads when they were concentrating like during the draw-a-dog art lesson.  It was totally hilarious.

dog noses

dog artists

dog nose drawing

The favorite activity might very well have been when we gave them all a chance to eat like dogs.  Bowls of cocoa puffs were devoured by kids on hands and knees as they were given permission to forgo all mealtime manners and lap up their food and slurp up their drink.

dog food

In order to truly celebrate my daughter’s love of dogs, we made special doggie bags for each party guest to give to their favorite friend, family or neighborhood pet.  They braided tug toys and filled their bags with peanut butter & pumpkin dog treats, tennis balls, and mini bones.

doggie bag

doggie treats

craft table


After a round of dog Mad Libs, we watched the 1950s version of Shaggy Dog and, as each guest left, they were given a dog pop and a hand selected dog of their own to take home.

dog pops

dog favors

The dog day was over but fortunately for us, the library hosted a reading event with therapy dogs the very next day, so we could keep the love going.  My daughter’s passion for dogs was totally affirmed and she didn’t ask for a dog all weekend which made this celebration a total success, in my opinion.  Now if only I could find a way to stop my husband from sending me dog listings on craigslist!  😉

puppy love

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  1. Patty Lucas says

    God bless your daughter for posing with a pit bull. I have two pit bulls who own me and you would not believe the discrimination that is placed on these dogs. My red nose pit is 85 pounds who thinks she is a lap dog and is absolutely terrified of our cat. I won’t give you the statistics regarding pit bulls and how many are put down each and every day because they are “bad”. Please give your daughter a kiss and hug from me and thank her for all the love she shares with dogs. And for you, please don’t shop – adopt.

  2. Teresa says

    Such a cute party! Where did you find the white trophy cups that are holding the dog pops and also the dog house candy boxes?

  3. Suzi says

    This is incredible. What an effort. The only thing i see wrong with it is that her future husband will never be able to celebrate her birthday right! Ha. Will likely be in the doghouse for i.t too 😉

  4. says

    Your daughter has a gift of caring for others already at a young age. A tribute to her patents. Love the theme carries this attribute on. But the cake & cookies are darling. Where did you get the doggie pops in the trophy cups? ?
    I think these would be a cute gift.
    Happy Birthday to a wonderful young lady..
    Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations
    Barbara Ann recently posted..Vintage Cottage ChicFloral China Platter Gold Rim Embossed Design ShabbyChic Style Mauve Roses by BarbaraAnnsCreationsMy Profile

  5. Liz Archie says

    So many great ideas! It looks like the kids had a lot of fun!
    Where did you find the stuffed animal dogs used for the favors?

  6. Amy Sterling says

    I love all of this! We are planning a similar party for my daughter right now. Where did you find the dog party hats and the stickers on the bottles?

  7. says

    This is so cute! I did a puppy party two years ago… for my puppy! I love these colors though. I used red, white, and black- the colors of my puppy/ his collar. One day I hope to reprise the theme for my future kiddos. ox

    Princess Genevieve

  8. Kristin says

    Good Morning,

    What an awesome party idea!! My daughter is having a friend party this weekend and has just changed her mind on the theme. We went from Cheetah’s to dogs!! Where did you get the stuffed dogs and the cute little hats for them! Thank you!

  9. kris says

    What a great idea, my daughter wants a puppy party. Where did you get the stuffed dogs? they look like a perfect size. Thank you!

  10. Ameliorateme says

    ^^looks like you haven’t seen any of these new comments? But I’d also love to know where you found the dogs thank you.


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