Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas and Giveaway!

Every year around this time I suffer from a very particular ailment. I’ve come to find out that the official term for it is “must-have-all-the-latest-summer-accessories/gadgets/gizmos-so-that-I-can-be-the-perfect-summer-hostess-itis “.

Is anyone else suffering from this problem? I mean, when it’s all right there at the front of every store it is so hard not to give into it! Fancy beverage dispensers, plastic platters that look so ‘un-plastic’ that you simply must pick one up to believe they really are plastic, clip on grill lights, outdoor speakers, over-sized ice buckets, lanterns, utensil caddies, and about a million things with the American flag on them. It’s so easy to think that in order to set the stage for the perfect summer gathering we need all of these ‘extras’.
Easy last minute summer entertaining tips from atthepicketfence.comBut then reality hits. Where do you store it all during the rest of the year? I don’t know about you but I don’t have a dedicated ‘outdoor summer entertaining accessories’ closet. And, the even bigger reality to hit you (which might be harder to accept if you have a disconnect between your ‘imaginary’ life vs. your ‘real’ life) is that you’re not throwing fancy, five course, sit-down dinner soirées every weekend. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s more along the lines of, “hey, do you guys want to come over for pizza and brownies from a box?”

outdoor entertaining with Tiki brand

So, I’d like to now declare myself officially cured of my aforementioned ‘itis’. I’ve finally realized that I don’t really need all of those designated ‘summer’ items to create the right atmosphere for my outdoor entertaining whether it be a last-minute pizza in a box kind of night while the kids run around in the yard or a fancy soirée. I mean, a girl can dream of hosting a soirée now and then, right? 😉

No need to spend the money on an outdoor bar when you can simply turn a TV tray into one with the addition of a handled tray on top!

tv tray used as a bar

Those giant beverage tubs seem like a great idea until you have to figure out where to store it the rest of the year. Why not just use a galvanized bucket instead? This is one I decorate with year round inside my home so I always have it in arms reach. And filled with ice its the perfect way to chill those bottled beverages.

galvanized bucket drink cooler

I keep bread sticks and salami or prosciutto on hand at all times for a simple yet elegant appetizer.

bread sticks and salami appetizer

We always keep our favorite summer-y music loaded and ready to push ‘play’ at a moment’s notice. ‘Pink Martini’ is a family favorite and you won’t be able to keep from kicking up your feet as soon as you hear the first strands of music.

pink martini cd cover

And just like keeping the inside of your home fairly clean and tidy (most of the time) makes it easier to host last-minute gatherings inside, creating a beautiful foundation for gatherings outside means that you will always be ready to welcome friends and family at any moment. That’s why lighting and ambiance are so important. And this beautiful TIKI® Brand Glowing Tabletop Torch definitely ups the ambiance factor big time! There are some things that you just make room for, right? 😉

TIKI globe

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love that someone finally came up with an easier way to pour the TIKI® Brand Torch Fuel into the TIKI® Brand torches. Genius!

Tiki brand snap and pour spout

And, I love how these turquoise colored glass TIKI® Brand Torches look against the green of the trees in the background. turquoise glass tiki torch

Once you have set the stage for your summer gatherings…

Tiki torches for outdoor entertaining

…and you have recovered from “must-have-all-the-latest-summer-accessories/gadgets/gizmos-so-that-I-can-be-the-perfect-summer-hostess-itis “, you can simply sit back and enjoy!

Are you ready to get your ‘Summer’ on? Did you know that not only can you purchase these awesome items online but also at your local Target? As if we needed one more excuse to go to Target, right? summer outdoor party with TIKI

And we’re so excited to help you kick off summer in style by offering you the chance to win this awesome Prize Package including:

4 Glass Torches 

1 Glowing Tabletop Torch

1 Bottle of OFF/BF Torch Fuel + 1 Snap & Pour funnel

That’s a retail value of over $100!

We’re making it super easy to enter to win! Simply leave us a comment answering this question…

How do you think the TIKI© Brand products would help you to create the perfect environment for your outdoor entertaining this year?

*this post has been sponsored by TIKI© Brand but all opinions are 100% my own Sweepstakes Rules:  No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods: 1.     Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post 2.     Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post 3.     Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post 4.     For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 5/19/2014-7/4/2014. Be sure to visit TIKI’s brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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  1. Dena says

    I love how beautiful the Tiki products are now! They fit in everywhere now. The Tiki torches always reminded me of a luau, and didn’t really look good in more formal settings. This stuff looks great! The colors would be great with my green patio furniture with white accents. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  2. Georgia Beckman says

    Thank you for curing our “itis”! I think the Tiki products are gorgeous & perfect for our outdoor festivities this year. Lighting is the one thing that always seems to be the problem so this is just what we need!

  3. Karen Jerread says

    The lighting would be great but the real reason would simply be that as a natural gal, I just really love sitting out near fire. The lovely colors are so soul soothing too.

  4. Judy Wilson says

    I feel that using the Tiki products would take my back deck from drab to fab and make me WANT to sit out there and entertain :)

  5. Raquel says

    When did Tiki start making such pretty things?! I love entertaining outdoors with candles and torches setting a festive scene. These would be perfect!

  6. Amy Kaminski says

    We just put I a new garden with a fire pit for entertaining. Having the Glass Tiki Torches out there would add color and great ambiance.

  7. Christine Martin says

    Love those Tiki torches! And that turquoise color is simply perfect! Just what I need to go with my patio table and umbrella.

  8. Linda says

    Love the torches perfect for Torch lake MI which is also the color of turquoise. The most beautiful lake in thw world in my opinion

  9. Sandy says

    Our deck needs outdoor glow and these Tiki torches would be just the perfect solution. Love the color!

  10. Deborah says

    The Tiki torches pull dual duties keeping those pesky mosquitos away while keeping décor stylish and functional. Love the torches!

  11. says

    I’ve been suffering from your same ailment because I’ve been looking at melamine dishes online and then realized that I didn’t really need them because I have NO place to store them! Ha! Tiki torches have come a long way and the ones you’re showing are so beautiful and would be a great addition to an eating area that I’m creating in our garden!
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads recently posted..Tortellini Mozzarella Garden SaladMy Profile

  12. Pam says

    I don’t even HAVE an outdoor space–but these TIKI torches make me want one! If I win, I’ll be inspired to create a beautiful place to show off these beauties!

  13. Kim says

    I have a great back porch but the mosquitos are TERRIBLE!! I also need to add some color to make it feel more inviting.

  14. Debbie says

    The tiki torches would not only be a nice addition to my to my outdoor decor they help keep those pesky bugs away!

  15. Julia G. says

    These TIKI torches would be perfect in my back yard this summer so we could have the perfect ambiance for our pizza and brownies from a box! Come on over and join us!

  16. Susanne says

    I love the Tiki torches. Beautiful color!!! I’m sure it would help keep all those pesky bugs away and it would be so pretty at night!!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  17. merry z. says

    The Tiki products are gorgeous. My back yard lacks ambiance. There’s nothing that sets it apart. Now I know what would be perfect. Tiki.

  18. Kathy Westbrook says

    Love your blog and the Tiki giveaway op…My new favorite color and I am in the process of setting up our deck for entertaining…You offered so many great ideas. Color helps create a feeling and I love the color combination you showed. Yellow is great too. Keep blogging. Love it!

  19. Kelly D says

    These Tiki brand products would help light my back deck and look nice, and I would add Citronella to keep the bugs away.

  20. Liza Glick says

    The Tiki Torches would be a great addition to my backyard. I’ve been dying for a fire pit and this would work great until we can get one!

  21. says

    It would easier to host last-minute gatherings by creating a beautiful foundation for any outside occasion. You can use the Tiki torches either for something romantic and private or for the perfect family & friend party. Either way, it would be a great addition to your backyard fun. Thanks for such a great product!!
    Kathy P. recently posted..Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas and Giveaway!My Profile

  22. Esther says

    These Tiki torches would be super to keep the bugs away, plus they are beautiful. I have been looking for something like this.

  23. Rochelle says

    The turquoise color of the Tiki products you have shown would be the perfect touch to bring the turquoise colors I have decorated with inside my house to the outside, blending the two together!

  24. says

    Who knew that Tiki torches could be so elegant and downright pretty?? I would love to win a set and use them to update our back patio area and keep the ‘buggies’ away!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  25. Karen says

    I love these Tiki products! So nice compared to the old bamboo looking lights. Would love to add these to our outside space for the summer!
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  26. Jennifer H. says

    I think that it sets the perfect mood for a relaxing backyard. It reminds me of everything tropical which I love even though I live in Michigan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Vicky says

    Lighting is crucial to create the right ambience to any setting. And doesn’t everyone look better by candle light?

  28. heather says

    The TIKI Brand helps me create the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining by creating a fun, comfortable and classy place to celebrate life with family and friends.

  29. Betsy says

    I am hosting a baby shower for my daughter in July and these items would definitely update my lanai area where I plan on having guests sit and chat a bit.

  30. says

    TIKI brand torches would DEFINITELY help us with our outdoor entertaining from this week on! The heat has HIT here in Az, and all outdoor entertaining has to be done when the sun is down! We NEED the torches to help light things up and give the yard a tropical feel.

  31. says

    LOVE those glass torches! we have some very old wicker ones that need to be replaced desperately and those would look beautiful on our deck. The mosquitoes are already bad here in the south so we desperately need some help in warding them off as we entertain this summer.

  32. Alina says

    We are always missing more lighting cause the porch light we have is teeny. This would add to the ambiance and would give it a summer feel.

  33. Sean C says

    I have an all brown deck with all brown furniture so this would definitely add much needed color to our backyard!

  34. Angella L says

    We have teenagers so having a nice space outside that we can all enjoy together would be great.

  35. Bobbie says

    Sure would help tremendously with lighting & bugs, so we could enjoy the outdoors in the cool night air.

  36. Jennifer says

    Fire adds light and ambiance to evening entertaining. Nothing says summer like teaki torches and a glass of wine on the patio.

  37. susie king says

    TIKI© Brand products would help me create the perfect environment for your outdoor entertaining by using TIKI Brand torches to my backyard for an amazing ambiance and keep the mosquitoes away.

  38. Jana Brantley says

    TIKI Brand torches, you have come a long way baby! Love the new classy design, the blue is perfect for Summer..and bonus..no mosquitoes! Perfection reinvented! Let’s get the party started!

  39. D Schmidt says

    The Tiki brand provides a sense of relief against mosquitoes when outdoors, compliments our decor and adds to the ambiance with their great styling.

  40. MARTHA says

    SPECTACULOR TIKI brand torches ,,,, extremely colorful would light up any patio or party no mosquitos in sight a lot of nights spent just relaxing and tales told from all I would really enjoy that !!!!!! TY

  41. Patti Wilson says

    I love the gorgeous colors of the tiki brand torches. I’ve heard the mosquitos are going to be particularly pesty this summer. I’d love to sit around a bombfire with the torches adding additional ambiance.

  42. April Farley says

    Tiki products have come a long way baby! They would help me provide a classy elegant charm in my back yard and keep them nasty biters away! I adore these products!

  43. Amy Kasson says

    Have been slowly building my outdoor space over the last few years with my squeaky-tight budget. These would add amazing ambiance to my space!

  44. Lauren E. says

    They help open up the feeling of the yard when it starts to get dark, with beautiful warm lighting.

  45. Gina M says

    These would create the perfect ambiance while also repelling bugs!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  46. Rhonda B says

    Without even realizing you were promoting the torches, the first thing that caught my eye, and caused me to click through to your blog, was the beautiful table torch. I immediately had ‘itis’ for that! So funny that you were going to talk all about how much you love them. I would love to have this ensemble to light up our back yard. We have a small yard and having this would ensemble would make it sparkle! Thanks for giving us the chance to win it!

  47. Debbie B says

    these tiki torches look really great! I would love to have some around my patio and its great that they repel bugs

  48. Mary says

    Found your blog through Pinterest while looking for appetizer party ideas:) the torches look so enchanting and would make my little yard super inviting for my guests!! everything looks so cozy!!

  49. Betty C says

    I love it when beauty and practicality come together. These Tiki torches really do a great job of making this very practical outdoor accessory something I would love to add just because it’s so pretty.

  50. rick S says

    I think it would make it clear the the party has started and everyone should relax and leave your cares behind.


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