Back to School Party Ideas

We’ve taken a vote on something. And since there are only two of us and we both voted ‘yes’ that means that it’s unanimous and our voices MUST be heard.

What did we vote on, you ask?

Well, we have decided that each state should get to determine when their summer break will take place.

Back to school party ideas from

For example, in Oregon summer break should be July, August and September instead of June, July and August. Because June is the month where Oregon still can’t make up it’s mind whether it’s Spring or Summer but typically favors Spring even though everyone is seriously ready to hang up those rain coats. And in Arizona, their summer break could be when it isn’t so boiling hot outside that the kids can see the sun outside their window but can’t go out in it for fear of melting.

Who’s with us on this?? Should we start a petition? Anyone know where we would send it? 😉


Well, until our voices are heard from the powers that be, we’ll just have to deal with the reality of summer quickly coming to an end and make the best of it by throwing a party!

Here’s some of our favorite Back to School Party Ideas and Inspiration to get us ready to shift gears in grand style!

From our very own At the Picket Fence Contributor Julie here are some adorable ideas for a Back to School Party 


Back to school Ice Cream Social from Uncommon Designs


From Yesterday on Tuesday we are loving these Back to School Party Printables


How cool are these Back to School Cupcakes from Dukes and Duchesses?


And we absolutely love this Back to School Celebration from Parties for Pennies

Have all of your guests take photos using a Back to School Chalkboard like this one from Cherished Bliss.


Whether your kids go back to school after Labor Day or they started back last week, technically it’s still summer people!

There may be school supplies on the shelves of the stores but we are going to relish these last few days with sunlight lasting long into the evening, gardens overflowing with their bounty and barefoot kiddos running through the grass.

How about you? When do your kids go back to school?

Are you going to sign our petition? 😉



  1. Sandy says

    Let me also sign your petition. As a retired teacher with thirty-seven years of hot August classrooms, I suggest Ohio schools to start the day after Labor Day.

  2. June says

    We are fortunate here in MN – we start the day after Labor Day. However, it takes a legislative vote and they tried to move it before Labor Day and our farmers suffered with not having their kids to help. Plus…the great Minnesota State Fair starts late August through Labor Day!

  3. says

    MY kids? Do you want to know when MY kids go back? Well… drum roll please, NEVER. Woohooo and do the Hustle. We have officially made our last tuition payment. For the first time since 1994, we will not have a reason for a back to school party in the Piney Stick Forest. You would think I’m all blue about that, wouldn’t you? Well, nope. Did you miss the part about no tuition payments this fall?

    I think I shall hijack one of your party ideas and have a NOT Going Back to School Party. I have a bunch of other moms just about my age who will gladly celebrate with me.

    Cute ideas, though! Every last one of them.

    As for the petition? I stand with the folks who wish these kids didn’t have to go back in August as they do around here. I like a summer that goes through labor day myself.
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