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Joy. Do you have it? Some days it’s a lot harder than others to be joyful. Wouldn’t you agree? Some days we wake up feeling like grizzly bears {hee-hee}. And on those days, it’s hard to reach down deep and find the joy that is there. The joy that will allow you to see the sun rays through the clouds, the joy that will allow you to smile at the stranger in the grocery store. Joy is an attribute that I would like people to associate with the person that I am. How about you?

Be Joyful.  Free Printable[1]


The word joy always makes me think of the song I used to sing in church when I was a child:

“I’ve the got the joy, joy, joy joy down in my heart.
Where? Down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart.
I’ve the got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
Down in my heart to stay….”

Sometimes, it’s great to have reminders posted around our homes, offices, dorm rooms or studios. Today’s printable is just that, a reminder to Be Joyful!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life — it’s that being joyful can only do ONE thing, spread more joy! That’s such a happy thought for me. Today, I’m going to be joyful. Pass it on!

I’m providing the printable in yellow and black + white (ink friendlier version). Enjoy, sweet friends!

*Please Note: All printables and downloads designed by Live Laugh Rowe are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter the file or claim it as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file.

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Thanks for having me again! See you soon.

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