Modern miniature pumpkin topiary …

… and National Thrift Store Day! Today is National Thrift Store Day, so we are celebrating by sharing a fun thrift store transformation and several other transformations from our fellow bloggers!

Yes. these are pumpkins. yes I know it’s August.  Will  you forgive me? 

Miniature Gold Pumpkin Topiary

See here’s the deal.  We’re bloggers.  Specifically, we are craft, home decor DIY bloggers.  That means we are already discussing Christmas trees and tinsel.

I know, I know, it’s painful when it’s still 90 degrees out and the pool is still open and the grill is still hot. But what is a blogger to do.  When everyone is pinning Fall and Halloween ideas and Fall Home Tours are just around the corner?

You either reject it or embrace it and given Autumn is one of our favorite seasons, we’ve decided to embrace it with arms wide open!

While visiting my local thrift store I found these cute miniature flower pots in my favorite shade of blue and a bag of miniature foam pumpkins.  I knew I needed to make some cute Modern Miniature Pumpkin Topiaries out of them!

Miniature Pumpkin Topiaries before

Here’s what you’ll need to make them yourself!


Small Flower Pots
Miniature Foam Pumpkins
Gold Spray paint, gilding liquid or rub and buff
Chopsticks or Skewers
Floral foam

Miniature Pumpkin Topiary Supplies

Spray, gild or rub and buff foam pumpkin Gold. or Silver and Copper would be pretty as well!

Place floral foam in bottom of flower pots.  I found the perfect size foam at my local Dollar Tree.

Miniature Pumpkin Topiary Step 1

 Using a skewer or disposable chopstick (you know the kind they throw 20 pairs of in the bottom of your take out Chinese food) and thread through the foam pumpkins, leaving enough at one end to stick into the floral foam.  Make sure you do not push the top pumpkin on too far, so that the stem will stay intact.

Miniature Pumpkin Topiary Step 2

THAT’S IT! A super cute and easy FALL project… can make in August!

Miniature Gold Pumpkin Topiaries

 Coming up in September….Christmas Tree Topiaries…. kidding… just kidding…. 😉

Miniature Pumpkin Topiary


For more gold pumpkin ideas be sure to see my post on White and Gold Decoupage Pumpkins….

white and gold decoupage pumpkins


and for another fun (and larger) topiary here’s my House Numbers Pumpkin Topiary!

house numbers pumpkin topiary preview

Ready to see some more National Thrift Store Day Transformations? Be sure to visit these fabulous bloggers and see what they created with their thrift store finds!

National Thrift Store Day Blog Hop

National Thrift Store Blog Hop Participants:
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At the Picket Fence’s Pumpkin Topiary

see you back here soon….at the picket fence! 




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