Chalkboard Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

The older I get, the more I realize that all of the ideas of romance that we see in movies or read about in books completely miss the mark. Because, romance lived out on a day to day basis is rarely about grand gestures.

Case in point, last week my garage door broke.

Chalkboard Crossword Puzzle from At the Picket


We have a 3 car garage and, fortunately, my husband’s side was still working but mine was going to have to be manually lifted up and down each time until we could get it fixed. When I woke up the next morning it was still pitch black outside and I could hear the sound of the rain pounding against the house. After racing around and getting the kids ready for school we headed out the door only to discover that before he left for work, my sweet husband had moved my car into his spot so that I could use the one working garage door.

That my friends is romance. It seems like such a small thing and yet it wasn’t small to me. It showed me that he was thinking about me. That he wants to take care of me. That he loves me. And something as simple as giving me his spot in the garage is more romantic to me than all of the roses in the world.

So, when I think about Valentine’s Day I don’t think about proving my love through expensive gifts. I think about things that are simple and sweet.

Like a personalized chalkboard crossword puzzle. It’s so easy to make!

Chalkboard Crossword Puzzle

Supplies: Chalkboard, ruler, sticker letters, printed out personalized crossword puzzle (there are many websites where you can create these!)

chalkboard crossword puzzle supplies

I started in the middle of the puzzle and worked my way up and down from there using the ruler to keep the lines straight.

chalkboard crossword puzzle step1

That’s all there is to it!

chalkboard crossword puzzle stickers

Write the words to be searched for on a tag or piece of paper and attach it to the chalkboard.

A Valentine's Day Chalkboard Crossword Puzzle


Simple, sweet and romantic. That’s my kind of Valentine’s Day gift!

I’m so thrilled to be joining these lovely ladies again this month as part of our ongoing ‘Celebrations of Home’ Series.

celebrations at home button

Be sure to pay them a visit for more fabulous Valentine’s Day ideas and inspiration!


  1. Barbara says

    Love the transfer image iron on – Love Birds. I hope to get that finished for my own vignette. Thanks for sharing!

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