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“Mommy, I need some privacy please.” I was in my daughter’s room, working my way through the laundry basket of clean clothes, folding and sorting, stacking the piles on her bed.  I had just informed her that it was time to hop in the shower but noticed that she made no movement towards undressing.

It took a moment for her words to register but the look she gave me said it all. She did not want me in there.

scripture sign hanging over vintage bed atthepicketfence.com

She’s my youngest, my baby. The one with the love affair with stuffed animals and an imagination like I’ve never seen. She’s so very little still in so many ways. And yet, a breeze is blowing through our house and it’s bringing with it changes that I’m trying so hard to embrace and yet almost grieving over at the same time.

I absolutely adore this girl who tells me that she’s pretty sure Taylor Swift is her favorite musical artist even if she’s only heard 3 of her songs. I love that she is exhibiting such confidence in areas which used to be almost crippling. That she is showing maturity in how she handles situations at school and has artistic abilities which have long surpassed my own.

oak dresser with attached mirror

And I’m so excited for her future, for how God is going to unfold the story of her life. But, oh how my heart aches as she is entering this new season. Because I remember what it was like to straddle the line between little girl and young woman. I remember how confusing it was and how these strange emotions suddenly began creeping in usually at the most inopportune moments.

I actually remember the day I lost my imagination. There I was in my room with my Barbie dolls lying around me on the floor and I just couldn’t seem to come up with a single storyline for them. It was like a switch had been flipped and ‘poof’, the world which used to so very real to me was suddenly gone.

cabbage rose pillowcases on oak bed

And while, thankfully, my sweet girl still gets blissfully lost in her imagination, I know that day is coming for her too.

So, when I began planning her room makeover, I wanted to include something that I hope she will cling to during the crazy years ahead.

Something to reach for. Something that will set her apart from a generation which seems to be growing more and more consumed by ‘self’.

typography bible verse sign atthepicketfence.com

I combed through scripture looking for just the right verse and finally settled on this one from Proverbs. And with the help of Signs of Hope, my vision beautifully came to life.

laurens sign

The day we hung it in her room, we read it together and talked about what it meant.

And then she asked if I would leave the room so she could play with her stuffed animals. I happily obliged!

Wood typography bible verse sign atthepicketfence.com

I stood outside the door, listening to the sounds of her playing with her stuffed friends and was reminded that while the future seems to be coming at us fast and furiously, and while she may want more privacy now, she is still my little girl.

And, no matter how much she grows and changes, she always will be!



  1. says

    What a sweet time for you both. Where does the time go? The sign is lovely. My twin girls are almost 25 (yikes) and traveling the world, working jobs, and yet, I still often see them as little girls. Enjoy these times and those to come … All are precious.

  2. Leslie says

    Precious! What a beautiful Mommy’s perception and preparation for the future for that sweet daughter! Love.❤️

  3. Susan says

    This is absolutely beautiful. Your daughter should do just fine when she has been raised by a caring and loving mother like you.

  4. Carol Reddin says

    This is so sweet, Vanessa! She’s a darling little girl and we so love the person she is (and her Momma too)! Mom and Dad

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