Simple Easter Egg Tabletop Craft

Can we all just pause for a moment of silence…..

There. Thank you!

I just needed to have the opportunity for a bit of reverence because, you see, I made a craft. I know, I know, mind blowing, right? What’s the big deal you ask? Well, lately I’ve been feeling like I’m scraping the bottom of my creative juices barrel. I’ve kind of lost my crafty mojo.

Easter eggs on wood spindles craft

I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s winter and I’m tired or that I’m using up every last ounce of creativity I have to finish the projects for the book or if I’m just so excited that they finally have the second season of ‘When Calls the Heart’ on Netflix and all I want to do is watch every episode straight through.

I kind of feel like I’ve been in a bit of a fog. But, I’m slowly starting to see the sun piercing through and little by little I’m finding new ideas popping into my head and today I’m sharing one of them with you!

Simple Easter Egg Tabletop Craft


Wood spools (found at craft store)

Plastic or wood Easter eggs



easter craft supplies

Step 1: Attach moss to the top of each wood spindle using hot glue gun.

moss on wood spindle

Step 2: Write out the word ‘Easter’ with a different letter on each egg and then attach them to the tops of the moss covered spool using hot glue.

egg on wooden spool craft

Step 3: Fight off your daughter who desperately wanted to put these in her room right away and convince her to let you have them long enough to take pictures.

easter egg craft

I think it’s highly symbolic that the first craft I’ve done in awhile is one for Easter.

It’s a time of dead things coming back to life. Of rebirth and renewal.

Of coming out of the fog and into the glorious light.

Easter eggs on wood spindles craft


And I for one am very hopeful about what lies ahead as we enter the new season.

Maybe there will even be more crafts.

Miracles do happen, folks! 😉

I’m so thrilled to be joining my ‘Celebrations of Home’ friends again this month so be sure to check out all of the awesome Easter ideas and inspiration!

Celebrations of home easter


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    I’m just getting ready to take down all Of my Valentine decor but I have been looking at Easter ideas. Especially since it’s so early this year. Your craft is a winner — here’s to the end of your craft dry spell!
    Lauren recently posted..Love Is All AroundMy Profile

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