Christmas down South….

Welcome!  I’m so excited to finally give you a peek at our new home! It seems these days, I’m a day late and a dollar short but here I am with a glimpse into our house dressed up for Christmas day.  It might be sunny and almost 70 degrees on December 22nd, but that’s okay because, “This is how we we roll in the South!”

Shaw Floors 2016 Epic Plus Hardwood Entry resized

C’mon on in and don’t worry about taking off your shoes! Because of my new beautiful Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood Floors, I never have to worry again about heels gouging holes, or dogs scratching them! They are as solid…as well hardwood! grin!

//Front Entry//

Shaw Floors 2016 Epic Plus Hardwood Staircase remodel resized

I’m excited to be showing off my new hardwood stairs and the beautiful installation job by Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring!  I’m in L-O-V-E!! Carpet on steps no more!

Shaw Floors 2016 Epic Plus Hardwoods Foyer and Stairs resized


Christmas 2016 Guest Bedroom mini tinsel tree resized

Christmas 2016 Guest Bedroom resized

Christmas 2016 Guest Room Bedding resized


Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood Christmas 2016 resized

Coffee and Hot Chocolate Station



Christmas 2016 breakfast room resized

Christmas 2016 mini wreath  resized

Christmas 2016 Breakfast room-2



Christmas 2016 fireplace resized

Christmas 2016 Living Room

Pencil Blue and White Christmas Tree 2016


Here’s a little glimpse of our new floors up close.  They are mixed width hand-scraped hickory and I can’t wait to show you how durable they really are, so stay tuned next week for our before and afters and our experience with having the entire first floor, and stairs, of our home replaced.

Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood Christmas 2016 1-3

As I am typing this my son, who lives far away now, has walked in the door to spend the week with us…and now it finally feels like Christmas!  As much as I love the beautiful Christmas decorations around our house, it’s the people in it that make it a home.  This year, especially, we are cherishing every moment together.  My father-in-love has terminal cancer and we are more aware than ever that each day is precious and this Christmas, we will be taking time to laugh and reminisce.  To take time to say, “I love you.”   I pray that you are with those you love this Christmas and if you find yourself alone, for some reason,  I want you know that you are loved, you are not ever truly alone and we are praying for YOU!

Front door Christmas 2016 resized
Thank you for visiting my home and taking a little tour of my Christmas home! We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and blessings in the New Year!

Thank you for meeting me….at the picket fence!

signature*I’m compensated for my partnership with Shaw Floors but all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. Jan Howard says

    We have great taste in flooring! I just had Shaw Hudson Bay, Copper Ridge installed in my new house! It is also the mixed width. The most beautiful floors I’ve ever had. Love yours too. Enjoy your new home. Merry Christmas!

  2. Carol Reddin says

    I get to be the first to say how beautiful your home is all dressed up for the holidays. The flooring is gorgeous and I especially like the stairs without carpet. I love all the holiday decor and the two gorgeous trees. It looks like a place where I would enjoy spending Christmas.

  3. Pamela LePage says

    I so love the floors and the house looks great. Sorry to hear about your Father in love , will be keeping you in my prayers.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Be safe

  4. Susie says

    Just beautiful! Thanks for the tour I’d love to know your paint color on your walls. I’m looking for a warm white and your walls are lovely. MERRY Christmas!

  5. june says

    Love the floors…I also have a variable board in my new wood floors that are hand scraped. LOVE THEM!!!
    Don’t worry when the german shepherd granddog visits.

    Sorry about your father in love. So many suffering right now. My dear friend of 50 years from HS just found out she has pancreatic cancer. I have another friend that is in hospice and may not be here Christmas.
    Praying for all of us affected by family and friends struggling with health challenges.

    Merry Christmas Heather!

  6. Vicki says

    I have missed you! That is a lot of news in your post. So sorry about your Father-in-Love. Love your new home and your new floors. I look forward to more! Merry Christmas, enjoy your family.
    Your friend in the South,

  7. Vonda says

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it all! You’ve got such amazing style Heather!!! And the hardwood floors are beautiful!!

  8. says

    How beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us your readers. So glad that your son got home and all of you can spend Christmas together. Yes, I lost 2 sisters two years apart right after Christmas with cancer and my heart goes out to you. Enjoy every day and know that you , your family and father are being prayed for. Merry Christmas.

  9. Diane Lawrence says

    Beautiful, Heather! Looks like both you and your sister inherited your creativity from your amazing Mom! I love the variety of plank widths, the texture and color of your new floor! I would love to not have carpet on the stairs. The wood looks so classy, and probably much easier to clean! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Praying for many special memories for you all this year.

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