Winter Decorating Ideas

*I have some very simple winter decorating ideas for you today*

Well, the gift I gave to myself when I decorated the house for Christmas is really paying off! This was by far the easiest tear-down I’ve ever had as basically I only had to remove the big trees and the garland on the staircase. I seriously feel like I’m winning at this post-Christmas getting the house back to normal stuff!

The best part is that I didn’t have to do a bunch of redecorating. My brain feels so fried lately as we make the adjustment back to our regularly scheduled programming that having to try to decorate a mantel for winter would have most likely meant that said mantel would have been bare until spring.

BUT, since I went into December intentionally decorating with less of a ‘Christmas’ mindset and more of a ‘winter’ mindset, I didn’t have to even give it a second thought!

Vintage windows with faux snow on mantel

The hot cocoa station is still in demand so it will remain here on the kitchen buffet for a little while longer too. I may even throw caution to the wind and let Santa hang out there the whole time too.

Hot cocoa station on a buffet table

And other than giving it a quick dusting, the dining room buffet won’t be touched again until the first spring buds begin peeking through.

Christmas buffet table decorations

The big Christmas tree has been removed from the family room but this little tiny one is doing a pretty good job of filling the void.

Winter farmhouse decorating ideas


Little pine tree with burlap on galvanized tray

I decided that I still needed some twinkling lights to lift my spirits on these cold, dreary days so this tree in my entry will remain. It gives me such pleasure to turn it on each morning and my kids have informed me that they think it should just always stay there.

Christmas tree in an olive bucket

And a glittery little cottage on top of my vintage kitchen scale is still right at home in this season.

Glitter house on vintage scale


So, how do you transition your home from Christmas to winter? I’d love to hear some of YOUR winter decorating ideas!

And, as always, thank you so much for meeting me here at the fence,


  1. Rebecca Turner says

    I go straight from Christmas decor to Valentine decor, since Feb 14th always.comes in a flash and I want to enjoy it a little longer. I’m enchanted with the sweet illustrations associated with the “LOVE” holiday and I find ways to use them. Right now my mantle is sporting a heart banner and two old tin Whitman’s candy boxes, along with a sign that says, “Valentine Be Mine.” Hanging above in the center of the mirror is a square boxwood wreath, completely plain. (It’s left over from Christmas but I’m not yet ready to take it down. Or embellish it.) Like you, since I took the tree down I miss the lights…so I have been turning on more lamps for ambiance.

  2. betty ann trible says

    I made a wreath.. covered a grapevine wreath w/my leftover narcissus bulbs/greens/moss..
    tied in on w/rafia knots around the wreath.. tucked in moss to cover mechanics…
    hanging between my kitchen door/storm door.. xo

  3. Marian says

    I take down the big trees and put away the Santa’s but leave out the greenery and twinkle lights. I love the lights on dreary days and leave some lights out all year. I always leave a Mary Englebreite “Believe” Santa picture in my kitchen.

  4. Carol Weiler says

    I decorated my front porch with skates and sleds and greens. Just removed the red bows and Christmas sign and it looks very wintery. Pretty much did the same in the house. Put away anything red and Christmas but kept twinkle lights on my mantle. I like to transition slowly. It reminds me to keep the spirit of the season in my heart.

  5. Diane Stark says

    Christmas definitely stays up through Twelfth Night and then slowly transitions to winter themes. You definitely won’t find a snowman in sight until the creches and Santas are put away, but they come out in force then! Skis, sleds, skates, etc. appear indoors and out. Usually, I do a whole forest of smaller to medium sized trees with deer in a vignette on top of a cupboard. Pine garland and a large clear cylinder of pine cones (both with lights) remains until March in the fireplace opening. The dining room table usually has a vignette using amaryllis or African violets. And, of coarse there’s a change in pictures, wall hanging and linens/throws to a more wintry look.

  6. Kathy Barton says

    I have followed your blog for quite some time. I do the same as you, so that the transition from Christmas to winter is so easy. I also love red so many of the items remain as everyday decor. Keep up the wonderful ideas as I love it. I am in the Eugene/Springfield area, so we are almost neighbors.

  7. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Like you I don’t go over the top for Christmas. I am always decorated and attempt to add winter by the beginning of December. For Christmas I use lots of fresh pointsettias, yellow cedar trees, bottle brush trees, of course the nativity, and LOTS of snowmen. I also force paper whites in time for Christmas that last almost through January. The bedrooms are dressed in red and/or red/green quilts until after Valentines Day. I have to work at getting through the winter months in DELAWARE. When I put Christmas away, I hang kids gloves on twine across the fireplace, cut some fresh greens, move the pointsettias to an old tool box on my desk, and force more paper whites to arrive for Valentines Day! For Valentine’s Day, I will stage a romantic table (to actually be used) with reds/pinks, and sprinkle valentine boxes and other items around the house. Would like to hear how others enjoy/enhance the winter months in cool climates.

  8. Karen Hobson says

    I put away my truly Christmas and Santa stuff but left out my potted lit trees and plug them in each night for the ambiance…they sit on either side of my fireplace. I also added touches of snowmen decor, and I have a tray with snowmen on it that I am going to sit on my kitchen counter with hot chocolate items in it for the winter… Have to finish up a project and clean the counter off first. Also, I have little 4 snowmen with the antennas for putting pictures in. Well, I put some of my prettiest snowy Christmas cards that I received in them and sat them around.

  9. Christina Tenhoeve says

    Hi! I have looked and looked!!! But, I can’t seem to find a true link that tells about your darling Burlap mini trees! I tried. Talk about a stick-in-a- bag!! Please give me a little direction!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!!!!

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