• Fireplace Makeover Reveal!
  • Easy Lemon Creme Brulee
  • Lace Dyed Easter Eggs
  • Bird’s Nest Cupcakes in Mason Jars

A New Piece in the Dining Room

It's so hard to find 'the one'. You are always on the look-out, hoping that one day you will finally meet that perfect match for you. And then the day comes when you enter a room and you see it. … [Read More...]

Our Favorite Easter Crafts and Recipes

Ummm...yeah...please tell us that we are not the only ones who are completely and utterly shocked that Easter is THIS week! How did that happen? Wasn't it just Christmas? For that matter, wasn't it … [Read More...]

Creamed Asparagus on Toast

Oh, Gus! Spare me. Okay, there really isn't a Gus, or anything to spare, but I'm trying to get your attention because I'm talking about asparagus today. Yep, good ole "green sprig most people run … [Read More...]

Spring Baby Shower

Spring and new life go hand in hand. With the buds on the trees and the flowers peeking up through the soil it seems like the whole world is starting to wake up. So when HGTV Gardens asked me to … [Read More...]

Kitchen Island Makeover

My daughter and husband are amazing artists. They can think of something in their heads and then make it come to life on the paper in front of them. I, on the other hand, am sorely lacking in the … [Read More...]

A Great Find!

My husband would tell you that every time I start a conversation with, "Hey, you know what I was thinking?" it usually means that something is going to be moved, DIY'd, painted, repurposed or … [Read More...]

Roasted Asparagus with Goat Cheese

I was thinking recently about how often I find myself saying something to my children that would sound so  ridiculous to anyone else but makes perfect sense to me. Things like, "Hey guys, we're not … [Read More...]

Making Friends With My Problems

I read the words over and over, certain I had misunderstood or that in my just awakened, pre-caffeinated state I had to be reading them incorrectly. But there was no mistake about it. There they … [Read More...]

Spring Mantel Decorating

I love where I live. I mean, I'll admit that I didn't always feel this way. I've even talked about how long it took me to fully embrace the fact that I am an Oregonian. But, there is nothing … [Read More...]

Easy Budget Friendly Spring Decorating

I'm nominating myself for an award. It's probably not one you're familiar with but I think I have a really good shot at winning this one. It's called the 'Longest Amount of Time for Having a Hot … [Read More...]