• Taking Your Decor from Christmas to Winter
  • Take Five: DIY Poppers for Valentines Day
  • Winter Pine Cone Terrarium
  • Chocolate and Pink Salt Dipping Spoons

The Heaping of Coals

We drove home that night in silence. Not an uncomfortable, awkward silence but rather the kind that you have when there are sleepy kids in the back of the car and you are all looking forward to … [Read More...]

Cabinet Makeover

Not too long ago I shared with you the history behind my daughter's bedroom furniture and why I will never paint it. I said that I believe there are times to paint furniture and times not to paint … [Read More...]

Window Seat Decorating

If there was a club for people who struggle with having too high of expectations, I would be the president. I've been known to have my expectations dashed when it comes to everything from birthday … [Read More...]

Wood Typography Scripture Sign

"Mommy, I need some privacy please." I was in my daughter's room, working my way through the laundry basket of clean clothes, folding and sorting, stacking the piles on her bed.  I had just informed … [Read More...]

How to Make a Memory Bench

Happy New Year, At the Picket Fence friends, from redheadcandecorate.com! It's brutally cold up here in the "mitten state" (Michigan), but I'm making the best of it by keeping busy indoors which can … [Read More...]

That Time I Was Almost Awesome

Oh friends I was so close to being awesome yesterday!! And this was going to be a totally awesome blog post showing you an even more awesome Valentine's Day gift idea! I had one of those 'stroke … [Read More...]

Valentine’s Day Hand Pies

Did you know there is a National Pie Day? Did you know it's tomorrow! There is actually a WHOLE day to celebrate the goodness of PIE! What is it about pie that conjures up images of home and … [Read More...]

Chalkboard Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

The older I get, the more I realize that all of the ideas of romance that we see in movies or read about in books completely miss the mark. Because, romance lived out on a day to day basis is rarely … [Read More...]

When You Don’t Paint Furniture

My mom grew up on a farm in Michigan and as a little girl I absolutely loved hearing her tell us stories about her childhood. She would recount the time that she and her best friend were determined to … [Read More...]

She Wants a Pink Room

I'll never forget the joy with which I decorated my daughter's nursery. The journey of having her join our family was one that was both painful and beautiful. On the nights when sleep was elusive … [Read More...]