New Dining Room Chandelier

white french country chandelier

My friend Julie and I take bargains very seriously. Frankly, it's one of the things that first bonded us to each other. When she uttered these words, "Sometimes you just have to buy that $10 pair of jeans even if the zipper is just a tad off centered" I knew we would be BFF's. … [Read more...]

The Best Blackberry Cobbler Ever


Summer in Oregon is just absolutely glorious. We are rewarded for enduring the days of rain with beautiful sunshine and blue skies and here in the Willamette Valley it feels like we are getting to experience a little slice of heaven. Farm stands pop up overflowing with every kind of summer fruit or vegetable you could possibly want and the berries...oh the berries. Sigh...they are so magnificent they almost make me ache. Ok, actually my stomach does sometime literally ache from eating too … [Read more...]

Summer Tablescape and Mikasa Giveaway

blue and white table setting with Mikasa dishes

Have you ever watched honey drip from a spoon? How it starts out slow and steady. And, at first, you think that it is just one solid color but as it catches the light you suddenly notice all of the different tones, the different layers. Have you noticed how it lands in a little honey puddle? How you have to have patience as you blend it in. It won't be rushed. But then, well then, it's subtle sweetness just works its way right through.   … [Read more...]

A Lazy Summer Tour


Hello! It's me, the redhead and I would like to invite you over to our house today for a Lazy Summer Tour... The crazy lazy days of Summer are upon us, and all I plan to do is bask in the sun and sip fresh brewed iced tea,with little lemon wedges on the side of the glass. … [Read more...]

Summer Home Tour 2015

summer buffet table decor

(Be sure to go all the way to the end of this post for a fabulous Giveaway from bHome and Painted Fox Treasures!) You know what? I don't live in a farmhouse. Or a cottage. I live in a traditional style stucco house. And I like it. Really I do. Actually, I like it a WHOLE lot and I'm incredibly, incredibly grateful for it. But, lately, I've noticed that you never really see my kind of house on Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook or...anywhere, really. And sometimes that makes me feel … [Read more...]

Guilt Is Not a Spiritual Gift

Guilt is not a spiritual gift quote

*You may have read this post before. You may not have. But either way I decided to unearth it and publish it again. Because sometimes we just need a reminder, right?* I have this friend. I'll call her "Rulie". If you are apart of our Sunday school class at church and you've had a baby (or 4), lost a loved one, been through surgery, moved into a new home, flushed a goldfish down the toilet or experienced any other assorted traumatic life experience and the "bring you a meal" sign-up sheet goes … [Read more...]

Entry Decorated for Summer

fresh flowers on entry cabinet for summer

Oh friends. When I think about how I used to over-complicate seasonal decorating I feel shameful. I mean, seriously, the LAST thing decorating should be is complicated. I know I've talked about it before here but I think it's worth revisiting. Decorating is merely a creative extension of our personalities. It's a physical manifestation of our likes, dislikes and way of living. … [Read more...]

This One’s For You


Hey you, yes YOU. You who have a dream. A dream that started as a mere whisper. A dream that seems so out of reach that you dare not speak of it for fear that others will confirm that yes, you are indeed crazy for ever dreaming it up. … [Read more...]

The Big Fork

kids walking

A silent war has been waged in our home for awhile now. Every day I make dinner. (For some strange reason my family expects it every night. Go figure!) And every day I ask one of my kiddos to set the table. Many nights, in order to keep them out of the kitchen at the most critical moment when everything is getting ready to be served up, I put the placemats, silverware and napkins on the edge of the kitchen island so they can simply grab them and start setting the table. … [Read more...]