$70 Cree Light Bulb Package Giveaway!

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It's always funny to me to hear comments that people make about my home. Most are gracious, positive and encouraging but others are just kind of...well...blunt. Case in point, we had a group of people over not too long ago and one of them walked all around the house, got a bit quiet and then said to me, "you have a lot of lamps." Ummmm...thank you? … [Read more...]

In the Drudgery

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*republishing this because sometimes we all need a little reminder!* This morning I woke up feeling 'blah'. I think I might have actually even said, "ugh" the moment I opened my eyes. Maybe it was the fact that the power had gone out in our neighborhood in the middle of the night which caused my children to wake up and promptly freak out. … [Read more...]

JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

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Friends, I could totally spend a bunch of time today expounding again on my love for my new Jord Wood Watch. I could tell you again how when I opened the box and the smell of fresh wood wafted out at me I could only think about things like little houses on prairies built of wood.   … [Read more...]

When You Want a Wood Watch

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Have you ever been thinking of a song and then you go to turn on the radio only to have that EXACT song be playing? It kinda freaks you out a bit, right? At least it does me! And even though I know that 'big brother' is watching I'm still startled when something I looked at on Amazon suddenly shows up on the sidebar of my Facebook page. So, when one day this summer I received an email from JORD Wood Watches, I'm not going to lie, I was a little suspicious.   … [Read more...]

A Painting Themed Birthday Party

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Hello At the Picket Fence friends! I'm so excited to be back with you today sharing one of my all-time favorite birthday parties we hosted for our son. There is so much about raising a boy that completely mystifies me, but a few basics that I’ve learned so far are that they have a very unique way of channeling creativity, they love to make messes and they love to destroy. … [Read more...]

The Peace-Filled Home Part Two

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*click here for part one of The Peace-Filled Home series* I have a thing for pendulums. I've talked a little bit about them here before. Perhaps it's the fact that a pendulum is always trying to find the center. They are made using a fixed point and as they swing back and forth there is an effort, a straining, towards getting back to that point. That point is the equilibrium. … [Read more...]

Blackberry Basil Scones With Lemon Glaze

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I was warned it would happen. The other mothers, the ones with older children, would look at me wistfully with a hint of pity in their eyes. Now, looking back, I realize that I was a skeptic. Perhaps I was naive. Perhaps I was just hopeful it wouldn't happen to me.  Either way, I was wrong. Dead wrong. And now, I find myself realizing the truth. The truth about the 'hollow leg' stage.   … [Read more...]

The Peace-Filled Home

the peace filled home series from atthepicketfence.com

Not too long ago we had some of our dearest friends over for dinner. Their son was running around with our kids and general hilarity and mayhem was the order for the evening. As the kids played and the husbands talked my sweet friend turned to me and said, "You know, your home just feels so peaceful."   … [Read more...]

When You Marry Southern

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I've learned a few things since being married to a southern (born and raised) boy for the last 20 years. If you can shoot it, you can eat it. If you can grow it, you can eat it. If it's good, it's even better fried. If you can cook it, cook it even longer..for example turnip greens!   … [Read more...]

Natural Accents Book Giveaway!

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We are so excited for our friend Stacy from Not Just a Housewife!! Her first book, Natural Accents: Outdoor-inspired Design and Decor, has just been released and you guys, it is seriously chock full of amazing ideas and inspiration for decorating with natural elements in your home.   … [Read more...]