DIY Wall Plate Rack

DIY plate rack with silver platters

Oh happy, happy end of the week! Are you all in total denial like me that July is already over? Slow. Down. Summer. So, we're continuing on with our Flashback Friday series today and I'm sharing with you a project I did almost two years ago in my kitchen but it still remains one of my all-time favorite DIY's.¬† You may notice that some things look a tad different in the house but don't forget that this includes old photos. Since this time we have painted the kitchen island and changed up … [Read more...]

On Being Important


It's my sweet girl's birthday tomorrow. I can't quite believe that the precious baby with the big brown eyes which locked into mine the moment I held her in my arms is going to be 8 years old. And as she edges her way closer to the tween years, I feel such an urgency to prepare her heart for what is to come. So on this occasion I thought it would be appropriate to revisit a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago. One about my precious girl who is so important to me. And about what it really … [Read more...]

DIY Window Seat With Storage


Why oh why we ever think we are going to get big projects done in the summertime is beyond me! I had the best of intentions of tackling my office makeover this summer. So far, I have a desk. ;-) We're giving ourselves a break though, knowing all of you totally understand and relate. We also know that many of you are newer friends to us here at the fence so we thought it would be fun to put together a new series. Welcome to the¬†Flashback Friday series! … [Read more...]

Our BIG News

publishing contract photo

When we were little girls, the absolute worst punishment our parents could give us was to take away reading time. For us, words were never just letters on a page. They weren't even just fodder for our imaginations. No, for one blonde hair, blue eyed girl and one brown hair, brown eyed girl those words were practically akin to breathing. So to have them removed from us, even briefly, felt like the end of the world. … [Read more...]

Lakeside Home Makeover Tour


Good morning ATPF followers! It's me, Julie from I'm here at my kitchen table listening to the birds and looking forward to some rain today. The rain really puts me in the mood to browse through DIY DECOR in blog land, how about you? … [Read more...]

Before Our Big Announcement

Quote about God given dreams from

We know we've been teasing about this for awhile now. Little hints have been dropped here and there that we have something really exciting to tell you. And honestly? We REALLY, really want to tell you! We thought we would have been able to announce it this week but with another 'I' to be dotted and 'T' to be crossed we simply can't spill the beans yet. And, at first, we were kind of disappointed about this.   … [Read more...]

French Country Sconces

French Country sconce

I'm all for individuality, both for people and houses. I will cheer you on as you discover how you've been uniquely created and how that discovery in turn leads to your own creativity. I will admire how you turned a room in your home into a one of a kind space. How you have that nautical themed bathroom next to the western themed bedroom next to the room filled with 'I Love Lucy' memorabilia. And I will never, ever say that it's wrong. Because I don't live there. You do! But as for me and my … [Read more...]

New Dining Room Chandelier

white french country chandelier

My friend Julie and I take bargains very seriously. Frankly, it's one of the things that first bonded us to each other. When she uttered these words, "Sometimes you just have to buy that $10 pair of jeans even if the zipper is just a tad off centered" I knew we would be BFF's. … [Read more...]

The Best Blackberry Cobbler Ever


Summer in Oregon is just absolutely glorious. We are rewarded for enduring the days of rain with beautiful sunshine and blue skies and here in the Willamette Valley it feels like we are getting to experience a little slice of heaven. Farm stands pop up overflowing with every kind of summer fruit or vegetable you could possibly want and the berries...oh the berries. Sigh...they are so magnificent they almost make me ache. Ok, actually my stomach does sometime literally ache from eating too … [Read more...]