A celebration…100 pound weight loss!

Heather 100 pound loss

  Actually….105 pounds as of this post, but who's counting.  Oh wait (weight) I AM!!! grin! Two weeks ago, I hit a 100 pound weight loss!  It's so hard to process that, ONE HUNDRED POUNDS GONE! that's 100 pounds I am no longer carrying around on my body.  To say I feel "lighter" both physically, mentally and emotionally would be an … [Read more...]

Moss Covered Easter Eggs..and she sent me what?

Moss Covered Easter Eggs Collage

  After the holidays and winter, sometimes it's hard to get motivated to start new projects.  I think bloggers are just a little burned out after all of the hustle and bustle of blogging during the holidays and we all get the winter blues. So when our friend, Jennifer Rizzo, invited me to participate in a crazy, fun party to get our … [Read more...]

Key Lime Pie Dessert Shots and a Party!

Key Lime Pie Shots

My daughter has always had a fascination with miniature things.  Teeny-tiny notebooks and tape dispensers.  Little tiny plants and wee little animals to place in her shadow box. I must admit there's a certain fascination I have, as well, with cute little bitty things.  Like cute teeny appetizers, mini-cupcakes and now the popular tapas, which … [Read more...]

Lemon-Lime Beer Shandy Cocktail

Lemon Lime Beer Shandy Cocktail

  Who's ready for summer? Raise your hand! I am so ready! Ready for sunshine and shorts.  Flip flops and flipping burgers on the grill.  The pool and picnics. I'm ready for my favorite summer recipes and cold cocktails on the deck.  Cocktails like my Lemon-Lime Beer Shandy! … [Read more...]

Wrapping Paper Letters and Burlap Art

wrapping paper letters and burlap art

  So am I the only one that is drawn like a moth to a flame to the "dollar" sections in stores? It seems that everywhere you shop these days, they have these little sections set up full of goodies that are all under a few dollars. What was once meant to be a distraction attraction for little kids, while out shopping with mom or dad, has … [Read more...]

DIY Painted Cork Board

DIY Painted Cork Board

Why is it that the room we need the most is often the room that we finish decorating last? That has been the case with my home office.  I have all of these grandiose plans for it, yet it still sits full of unpacked boxes and Christmas decorations I can't bring myself to finish packing away.  When Decoart asked me to review their new Americana … [Read more...]

Nutella Hand Pies for Valentine’s Day!

Nutella and Blackberry Valentine's Day Hand Pies

  Did you know there is a National Pie Day? Did you know it was TOMORROW! A WHOLE day to celebrate the goodness of PIE! What is it about pie that conjures up images of home and warmth and grandma’s kitchen table? … [Read more...]

Take Five: DIY Poppers for Valentines Day

DIY poppers for Valentine's Day

  I miss those days.  When they came home with a list of classmates and we headed to the store to carefully pick out the perfect pack of Valentines for their classes.   We've had Hello Kitty, and Princesses.  We've had Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Super Heroes. It was pre-Pinterest so I never had a chance to make all … [Read more...]

A New Year…a new weight loss update!

Heather 2013 weight loss

  Wow! It's hard to believe it's been since September since I've given you an update on my weight loss journey! I promised an update at 75 lbs and I flew right past that goal.  With the holidays, and all of the projects and posts that come along with that when you have a blog, I turned around and it was the end of the year.  So I decided … [Read more...]

Outdoor DIY Marquee Sign for the Holidays! #damagefreeDIY

DIY outdoor holiday marquee sign

Today I, along with the Command Brand, am sharing a super cool outdoor holiday project! I have been so busy getting the INSIDE decorated, that I must confess I had been a little neglectful of the outside! Oh I had thrown some lights in the bushes and hung a wreath on the door, but I had still to create that one fun thing to make our yard stand out … [Read more...]