Kids, Smells and Air Freshener

laurens window seat

"Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Unstopables through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Unstopables, all opinions are my own." There are areas of my home that I don't share as often here At the Picket Fence. Perhaps that is because, let's face it, you probably don't want to see a big pile of stuffed animals or a photo of me sprawled out on the floor after I've stepped on a rogue Lego. And I've realized recently that while our … [Read more...]

At the End of Myself

Dear friends, I just felt like I needed to share from my heart with you today. To share what's been happening behind the scenes here At the Picket Fence. You see, every day for months now I've been pouring my heart out as I'm writing our book. We're so humbled and thrilled that we have this opportunity that I've been hesitant to share the other side of it. The side that has been challenging and has pushed me to my absolute limit. It's truly the most emotionally draining thing I've ever done. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas


Well, hello from! As I sit hear writing to you, I am roasting a chicken in our oven early in the day so it's ready for dinner tonight after I run some errands. Let me tell you...the aroma is totally putting me in the mood for Thanksgiving! As a little girl I remember Thanksgiving well. My Dad did most of the cooking, and my Mom did most of the running around cleaning and preparing the odds and ends that go along with Thanksgiving dinner. I remember setting the table … [Read more...]

Giving back to those who gave so much!

Mr. Glover with Military Shadowbox

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had the honor of joining The Home Depot and The Home Depot Foundation for another Celebration of Service Project! This time I was able to bring along my own, and personally favorite, husband! As the daughter in law, wife and now MOM, of a veteran, those who serve our military are near and dear to my heart and to have a chance to give just a little back to someone who has given so much, is a true joy! … [Read more...]

DIY Military Display Shadowbox

Military Display DIY Shadowbox Tutorial 1

I watched him as he gathered up his uniform and tucked it under his arm carrying it, and his basic training yearbook, over to the couch for us to see.  As I painted alongside where he sat, I listened as he shared stories from his days in Vietnam.  The impact that it had on him, on his family. When I finally had a chance to present him with this gift, a place to proudly display those tangible memories from days that are forever etched in his mind, it was such a joy.  A joy to know that … [Read more...]

Scrap Fabric Christmas Trees


You may think that you are looking at photos today of fabric scrap Christmas trees. But I see something very different when I look at them. I see a Saturday morning that found me sitting at my kitchen table cutting up little squares of fabric and gluing them onto cardboard cones. The Christmas music playing in the background, seamlessly blending in with the sounds of ordinary life on an ordinary day. My youngest in the family room, happily playing and lost in her imaginary world. My son … [Read more...]

DIY Wooden Handprint American Flag…

Handprint DIY Wooden American Flag labeled

It may be November, but we are getting patriotic around here in honor of Veteran's Day! As the daughter-in-law and wife of veterans and the MOM of a United States Army soldier, anytime I can create something that honors their service, and the service of so many others, I jump at the chance! This Saturday, November 7th,  I am going to be partnering with The Home Depot, at their Buckhead, Georgia location, to celebrate our greatest heroes...American Veterans! Home Depots, by you, will be … [Read more...]

Better Homes and Gardens Came to My House

with the bhg crew

Two weeks ago, after the alarm went off early in the morning, I dragged myself out of bed all the while bemoaning the fact that it was pitch black outside and frankly it felt all wrong to have to be doing anything other than snuggling under the covers for another hour or so. I went downstairs, made coffee and opened my laptop to check emails before the kids came down. And there it was. An email from an editor at Better Homes and Gardens. … [Read more...]

Celebration of Service with The Home Depot


This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.... You know those once and a life time opportunities that come your way? The ones that truly change your life? I had one of those moments, last year. A day that reminded me how grateful I am for the freedom I cherish as an American, and the sacrifice of others to maintain that freedom.  This time last year, I spent the day with this lovely couple, Chris and Larissa. Chris is veteran of the Iraq War. In 2009 Chris’s vehicle was struck by an IED … [Read more...]

My Inspired Family Room Mantel

Fall mantel details

These days I seem to find it a bit hard to look at old photos. I think it has something to do with feeling like time is passing WAY too quickly and my kids are getting WAY too big and I'm getting WAY too much older. But, that being said, there's a reason why we take photos. We're trying to capture a moment, right? Hold onto a memory.   … [Read more...]

An Apple Tasting Party

fall place setting with apple place card

Happy Friday friends!! I'm so excited to be featured today on the Tuesday Morning Blog. I'm sharing some fun ideas for celebrating the season with an Apple Tasting Party. I hope you will visit me there today to see all of the details and a fun recipe! … [Read more...]

Dutch Apple Pie


Good morning, it's me, the apple picker from Did you go apple picking yet this season? We went 2 weeks ago and picked 4 1/2 bushels. Here we are trying our favorite kind...Empire. They are crisp, juicy, tangy, tart, and sweet. Store bought ones are sometimes okay this time of year, but if you ever go apple picking, try them. So...why all the fuss about apples? … [Read more...]

49 Questions

49 questions with bloggers

They issued the challenge. 49 questions. 49 things they wanted to know about me. 49 questions they wanted me to film myself answering. Some are personal. Some are silly.  All give you a glimpse into my future. … [Read more...]

White and Gold Decoupage Pumpkins

white and gold decoupage pumpkins

I'll never forget that dress...It was gold and white lamé checked with a black velvet bodice.  The perfect 1987 homecoming dress.  The black velvet bow I found for my hair was the icing on the cake. Lamé they even make dresses in lamé anymore.... because they should!  The subtle (or not so subtle) sheen picked up the pulsating lights on the dance floor perfectly. … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Biscotti with Apple Cider Icing

Pumpkin Pie Biscotti with an Apple Cider Icing

Recently I've realized something very important about pumpkin flavored things. People either love them or hate them. There seems to be no in-between here. And every year around this time battles are waged in the war between the pumpkin flavor lovers and the pumpkin flavor haters. Social media is flooded with the intense opinions of both sides of this issue. Some people wildly cheering for the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes while others bemoaning the fact that they are slammed from all … [Read more...]

French Accents Book Tour


Tucked high up in the closet of our office is a row of black binders. In those black binders are plastic sleeves filled with torn out pictures. Pictures of beautiful rooms, lovely table settings, kitchen inspiration and every kind of window treatment you could imagine. In the days before Pinterest, those black binders were my go-to resource for all things home decorating. Each page carefully torn out of a magazine and then tucked inside a protective sleeve to preserve it so that I could … [Read more...]

Feather Pheasant Bundle Knock-Off

Pottery Barn Pheasant Feather Bundle Knock-Off

There is nowhere quite as important to a teenage girl as the mall. Not only is it the place to see and be seen, but it's also where all of one's fashion dreams can come true. In my day, Wet Seal was THE store. I just knew that if I could get my clothes there then any awkwardness I was facing in those tenuous years would instantly fade away. I would walk through the door and I would be overwhelmed by the utter stylishness of it all. From stirrup pants to acid washed jeans with zippered … [Read more...]

Happy Fall! Have a Ball!


Hi, it's Julie, from! You know, as a little girl growing up in New York State, Fall was all about Halloween. I remember tons of curled leaves on the sidewalks as I scooted through the neighborhood in my cat costume collecting candy in my pillowcase. I'm not even sure if I noticed the colorful foliage before the leaves shed, but I do remember having a plan to rake the entire yard by myself. I remember raking so long that blisters developed on my little hands, and my dreams … [Read more...]