In the Doldrums

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Have you ever wondered where different sayings come from? My son received a really cool game for Christmas called 'Word Teasers'. (In the spirit of complete honesty let me clarify that his parents thought it fell in the 'cool' category while he thought it fell in the 'educational' category and those two categories don't always cross over in an 11 year olds world!) Essentially it is giving the background on all of those sayings, or idioms, which have become part of our everyday conversations. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Desks Outdated? Say It Ain’t So!

Are kitchen desks outdated

The other day my son and I were sitting together watching Chopped when a car commercial came on for the new 2016 version of whatever model of car it was. "They already have 2016 cars Mom?" , he asked. "It's just now 2015!" And so began a lively discussion on the science behind advertising along with explaining how mommy's car might just seem old and outdated but it was actually WAY better than those brand new 2016 cars because it's paid for. ;-) … [Read more...]


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I was on a mission. My husband had taken the kids on a walk and I had a few minutes to race through the house cleaning and picking up all of the items which seemed to cover every square inch of floor. I became a veritable “Mommy Tornado”! Nothing was safe as I worked my way up the stairs and followed the trail of Legos leading to my son’s room. The epicenter of the mess. … [Read more...]

Go Small or Go Home!

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No friends, that's not a typo. I really do mean go SMALL or go home! You see, I realized something recently. I'm fairly certain that if someone were to conduct a study on the feeling you get after accomplishing a BIG project it would be pretty close to the feeling you get after accomplishing a small project. Think about if for a minute. You've been putting something off for weeks, months, maybe even years. … [Read more...]

Custom Wood Sign Giveaway

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Happy Saturday friends! :-) We can't think of a better way to start off the weekend than with a giveaway, can you? Our incredible sponsor LaRae Boutique has a shop filled with so many amazing, personal treasures. Not only are there adorable children's pillow covers... … [Read more...]

Homemade Valentines Day Gifts

10 homemade valentines day gift ideas

Sometimes there are years when we just wanna buy ready-made stuff. Sometimes making something from scratch just sounds so exhausting. Sometimes we don't even want to think about it let alone create it. Sometimes all we want to do is to buy the box of Valentine's Day cards and have our kids sign their names on them without having to get all extra fancy schmancy Pinterest-y and making personalized, individualized, customized, one-of-a-kind gifts for each kid in their class knowing all along … [Read more...]

How to Paint a Pillow


Hello, At the Picket Fence friends…it's me, Julie from Redhead Can Decorate. I'm back at the fence, and I'm ready to start 2015 with a little something you may have never thought of trying... I painted a pillow… Last month, while browsing through our Good Will store here in Michigan, my daughter and I came across a throw pillow that cost $3.99. It was very plain, but in very good condition. … [Read more...]

Modern Country Cottage Home Tour

modern country cottage home tour from aka designs

Happy, happy Saturday! We are so excited to show you another amazing home today in our ongoing Parade of Homes Series! This week we are welcoming the incredibly talented Shannon from AKA Designs who also happens to be one of our newest sponsors here At the Picket Fence. We know you will love her home as much as we do so let's get to the tour, shall we? … [Read more...]

Our Song ~ A Personalized Record

Personalized our song framed record

Before I say anything else I would like to just mention two things... First of all, this is the totally awesome project I had all planned to show you on Wednesday before things went horribly awry. Of course, as it turned out, the day ended up being pretty awesome anyway but you'll have to go back and read more about that here.   … [Read more...]

The Almost Awesome Blog Post

Awesome life quote from

Oh friends I was so close to being awesome yesterday!! And this was going to be a totally awesome blog post showing you an even more awesome Valentine's Day gift idea! I had one of those 'stroke of genius' moments and I was so excited to finally be feeling creative again and had it all planned out. It was going to rock! And I was going to make my sweet friend proud and embrace my inner creative rock star. … [Read more...]

Free Valentine Printable

You + Me = Love.  Adorable Valentine's Day Printable in two colors.

Hi there, friends! It's me again, Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe. I'm back today with a super sweet Valentine's Day printable. Whose got a little love on your mind? I do. I kinda love (no pun intended) Valentine's Day -- all the hearts, candy and fun ways to spread a little extra TLC. Don't you agree? Not too long ago, I saw a gift tag that had this mathematic valentine on it and I thought it would make a great printable! You+Me=Love. … [Read more...]

Of Hospitality and Julia Sugarbaker

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Some teenage girls wait anxiously for the latest issue of 'Teen Beat' or 'Seventeen' to come in the mail. I was not one of them. Oh no. Instead, every month I eagerly anticipated my mom's latest edition of 'Traditional Home'. This could explain why I always felt a tad out of place among my peers. … [Read more...]

Sequined Heart Valentines Day Accessories

handmade valentine's day accessories from

 Valentines Day is a day of sweet memories for me.  Of waking up as a child to a pink & red wrapped gift on my bed and special treats at the table. Memories of care packages filled with home baked goodies to share with friends in my dorm room.  And post-college memories of sidesplitting belly laughs with girlfriends at my annual Valentine’s Day party where the wine flowed & the girls one-upped each other with dating disaster stories. … [Read more...]

From Christmas to Winter Decorating

How to transition your home from Christmas to winter

I gave myself a super duper fantabulous early Christmas gift this year. The interesting about this particular gift though, is that I didn't even actually get to enjoy it until after Christmas. Because, this year I gave myself the gift of easing into the new year. Actually, what I gave myself was the gift of time. … [Read more...]

God Won’t Gong You


Do you remember 'The Gong Show'? It was kind of the 'American Idol' of the late '70's, early '80's with one major difference. Just imagine Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. listening to each contestant and then instead of simply deciding whether or not they would earn a golden ticket, they would decide if the contestant would be allowed to complete their audition or if they were so absolutely horrible that one of the judges simply couldn't stand it any longer and must pick … [Read more...]

New Kitchen Island Stools

linen seat counter stools

Have you ever known that something you purchased for your home was just totally WRONG but then never did anything about it for...oh....say about 6 years? And have you ever known that those somethings were not only totally WRONG they were also super uncomfortable and inconvenient for your family? either. ;-) … [Read more...]

It’s OK To Start Small

kitchen desk organization from

  Sometimes you just have to start small. Sometimes on the day your kids start back to school after Christmas break you might start out in the morning with a million ideas swirling in your head and wondering about which home improvement project you are going to tackle first. You may even get so hopped up on caffeine that your brain tricks you into thinking that you will break out the miter saw and nail gun and jump right into that kitchen island makeover. … [Read more...]

Breathless Expectation

christmas decorations

When I became a mom of two I entered into a season of what I found to be a new kind of crazy. I had gotten one child all potty-trained and sleeping through the night and drinking out of a cup without a lid and giving me a chance to take a shower and go to the bathroom by myself...most of the time. … [Read more...]

Our Best of 2014

I'll Have A Blue Christmas 1

Let's all say it together shall we? FASTEST YEAR EVER! Seriously, folks, is it just us or did this year literally fly by? Anyone else find themselves on Christmas Eve having that panicky moment where you look around and think to yourself, "wait, is it actually Christmas Eve right now? Wasn't it just Easter?" ;-) You've been shopping and decorating and baking and wrapping all season long and yet somehow you feel totally perplexed as to how you actually got to this point in the year. … [Read more...]

Our Best Holiday Recipes

Favorite holiday recipe collection from

Does anyone else find themselves feeling so smug as you get everything checked off your grocery list for upcoming holiday meals only to get home and realize that while you may have the ingredients for a grand meal in a few days, somehow you've managed to make it home from the store without putting anything in your cart for the dinners you are expected to prepare leading up to that day! … [Read more...]

My Road Less Traveled


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the one less traveled by…” Robert Frost The road less traveled…how often is that the direction we choose for our lives? I like the well-beaten path, the predictable trail with clear markings and maybe a Starbucks along the way. One is dark and frightening, winding its way along with overgrown trees blocking the final destination from our view. The other is brightly lit and wide enough for many to walk down it together. There are no stones … [Read more...]

Dashing Dish Cookbook Giveaway!


Friends we have such a treat in store for you today...literally and figuratively! Have you ever thought about food as a relationship? Well it is. And you have one with it. In fact, our relationship with food is so intricate and complicated that sometimes we aren't even aware of just how much control it has over our lives. Now, have you ever thought about the relationship between your physical health and your spiritual health? Well, recently we've connected with the incredibly talented … [Read more...]