Kitchen Desks Outdated? Say It Ain’t So!

Are kitchen desks outdated

The other day my son and I were sitting together watching Chopped when a car commercial came on for the new 2016 version of whatever model of car it was. "They already have 2016 cars Mom?" , he asked. "It's just now 2015!" And so began a lively discussion on the science behind advertising along with explaining how mommy's car might just seem old … [Read more...]


keys on vintage books

I was on a mission. My husband had taken the kids on a walk and I had a few minutes to race through the house cleaning and picking up all of the items which seemed to cover every square inch of floor. I became a veritable “Mommy Tornado”! Nothing was safe as I worked my way up the stairs and followed the trail of Legos leading to my son’s … [Read more...]

Go Small or Go Home!

messy craft supplies

No friends, that's not a typo. I really do mean go SMALL or go home! You see, I realized something recently. I'm fairly certain that if someone were to conduct a study on the feeling you get after accomplishing a BIG project it would be pretty close to the feeling you get after accomplishing a small project. Think about if for a minute. … [Read more...]

Custom Wood Sign Giveaway

la rae pillow

Happy Saturday friends! :-) We can't think of a better way to start off the weekend than with a giveaway, can you? Our incredible sponsor LaRae Boutique has a shop filled with so many amazing, personal treasures. Not only are there adorable children's pillow covers... … [Read more...]

On Being Still

Hebrews 4 16 quote

I had been feeling it for months. It was nagging at me, coming up in my mind over and over again. And yet, I couldn't actually put my finger on just what IT was. All I knew is that I was supposed to do something. … [Read more...]

Homemade Valentines Day Gifts

10 homemade valentines day gift ideas

Sometimes there are years when we just wanna buy ready-made stuff. Sometimes making something from scratch just sounds so exhausting. Sometimes we don't even want to think about it let alone create it. Sometimes all we want to do is to buy the box of Valentine's Day cards and have our kids sign their names on them without having to get all … [Read more...]

How to Paint a Pillow


Hello, At the Picket Fence friends…it's me, Julie from Redhead Can Decorate. I'm back at the fence, and I'm ready to start 2015 with a little something you may have never thought of trying... I painted a pillow… Last month, while browsing through our Good Will store here in Michigan, my daughter and I came across a throw pillow that cost … [Read more...]

Modern Country Cottage Home Tour

modern country cottage home tour from aka designs

Happy, happy Saturday! We are so excited to show you another amazing home today in our ongoing Parade of Homes Series! This week we are welcoming the incredibly talented Shannon from AKA Designs who also happens to be one of our newest sponsors here At the Picket Fence. We know you will love her home as much as we do so let's get to the tour, … [Read more...]

Our Song ~ A Personalized Record

Personalized our song framed record

Before I say anything else I would like to just mention two things... First of all, this is the totally awesome project I had all planned to show you on Wednesday before things went horribly awry. Of course, as it turned out, the day ended up being pretty awesome anyway but you'll have to go back and read more about that here.   … [Read more...]