How to Make an Appetizer Tree


Good morning, and Merry Christmas from! Last year, I tried something new for our annual Christmas appetizer party and I'm so excited to share it with you here today hoping maybe you will try it. Keep in mind, this is an appetizer you can use for any celebration. We don't usually have a large party, but we do invite our closest friends over, and everyone brings something to share. Then we all lounge around the fire in our kitchen chatting up a storm and sometimes even … [Read more...]

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

Skinny Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

Since I've been on this weight loss journey, and by the way I've lost 130 pounds and am now maintaining…whoop! whoop!, I have totally changed how I think about food and my relationship with it.  BUT….that doesn't mean I still don't appreciate, and like to have, a great party dip, especially during football season! … [Read more...]

Beer Cheese Stuffed Pretzels


Hi there my ATPF friends!  It's me Claire, from A Little CLAIREification, back again with a delicious recipe just for you!  This month, I decided to make these Beer Cheese Stuffed Pretzels for One. Main. Reason. I know it's hard to believe we are already into August, but I happen to know that a lot of people are doing a little happy dance.  No, not because school is starting (although there may be some "Summer weary" Moms that might be just a little relieved about that)! ;) … [Read more...]

Holiday Appetizer: Roasted Beet Salsa and Brie…and a giveaway!

Two Holiday Appetizers with Roasted Beets

There seems to be some foods that strike fear in the hearts of home cooks when it comes to preparation. BEETS They often seem to end up near the top of the list. Brussels sprouts may run a close second. I think it's because in days gone by, i.e. when our grandmothers and mothers made them, they boiled them within an inch of their lives turning them into mushy side dishes. If only they had known the magic of ROASTING.  How roasting turns these unassuming little vegetables into dishes … [Read more...]

Bruschetta Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

grilled bruschetta stuffed mushrooms label atthepicketfence

Mushrooms. You either love 'em or hate 'em.  Where do you land on that one? I used to land on the "hate 'em" side but that might be due to the fact that I had only ever been exposed to the slimy, slightly gray colored version that come in a can. Now, if from the very beginning, I had tasted Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms, Bruschetta Style...well...I mean...just think of how my life could have been different! … [Read more...]

The World’s Best Black Bean and Corn Salsa

The world's best and easiest black bean and corn salsa from At The Picket Fence

I became known far and wide for my Black Bean and Corn Salsa recipe.  From Missouri to Seattle to Kentucky I had carted this special recipe to each new home and served it with pride. Pride because I KNEW whenever I made it, my salsa would be consumed in about 5 seconds flat. no lie. They would start out dipping a chip into my salsa full of beans and corn and fresh cilantro with a hint of lime, and then in would go another chip. and another chip...and soon... ...the questions would … [Read more...]

A Big Welcome to Val So Cal!

Hey there, this is Val from ValSoCal, a Southern California food/life blog. I'm thrilled to be guest posting today At The Picket Fence. I adore both Vanessa and Heather.  Summer is here and I love to entertain and whip up easy and delicious recipes. Hop on over to my blog and lets have some yummy fun! Here are a couple easy recipes! Enjoy.                      This sweet dip is the epitome of what Summer is all about!!  Refreshing and oh so good! Do you have a Summer get together that you are … [Read more...]

Baked Southwest Cheese Dip

I've been wanting to share this great dip I made the other day.  I adapted it from one featured in the January edition of Southern Living Magazine.  Have I told you how much I {heart} Southern Living Magazine?  I have?  Okay well you get to hear it again.  I LOVE Southern Living Magazine!  So the original sounds so delicious and I will share that recipe with you as well, but I had to adapt the recipe for ingredients I had on hand well...because we had a snow storm and Bama Boy didn't find dip a … [Read more...]

The Super Bowl…it’s all about the food! BBQ Chicken Pouches

So there's this supposed big event happening this coming Sunday.  I think it involves large burly men, skin tight pants, lots of padding and they toss around this weird shaped ball.  I'm not sure what all the hype is about because we all know the important thing is not the football but the food! Right?  I mean who really cares about sweaty men chasing each other around on a field when we can watch cool new commercials and eat cute little appetizers  like the one featured here today by my friend … [Read more...]