Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover Reveal!

budget friendly bathroom makeover atthepicketfence.com

 My son is what some might call "change resistant". A few years ago I decided it was time to make some small changes in his bedroom since he had pretty much all of the same decor (vintage golf themed) from when he was a baby. He came home from school, walked into his room and saw that the little round rug was gone (actually just rolled up and stored under his bed) and immediately burst into tears! I should have remembered that moment when I tackled my budget friendly makeover on the upstairs … [Read more...]

French Country Bathroom Makeover

French Country Bathroom Makeover www.atthepicketfence.com

So, is it French Country or Country French? Do you know? Is there a difference? I mean, I don't want to be going around saying the wrong thing! It would be like all those years I was singing along to certain Aerosmith songs and didn't know (or understand) the lyrics until one day it was pointed out to me that I had been singing them wrong. How embarrassing! And eye-opening! ;-) … [Read more...]

How to build a window seat with storage

How to build a window seat with storage atthepicketfence.com

One of my favorite features of my recent kitchen remodel,  is my window seat.  I was sad that it wasn't part of the Better Homes and Gardens feature, and I've had several people ask to see the "rest of the kitchen", which is where the window seat sits. There's something special and romantic about a window seat.  And, even better a window seat with lots of storage! For several years now I had envisioned a window seat in the bay window area of my kitchen.  We have a beautiful 2 acre … [Read more...]

American Girl Doll Sized Dollhouse

American Girl Dollhouse At the Picket Fence1

I should have been cleaning the bathrooms. Or meal planning. Or painting the rest of that room that is half done. Or trying to find out what exactly the mysterious odor is that lingers in my car....pretty sure the kids are to blame for that one. But, instead of doing all of those important and wonderfully productive jobs, I spent the better part of last week turning a bookcase into an American Girl Dollhouse. You see, I felt badly for my daughter's Kit doll. She needed a home. She and her … [Read more...]

Powder Room Reveal

 I am so relieved to have this room done! I mentioned awhile back that I had no idea when I started this remodel, that the smallest room in the house would be the most challenging.  I shared my intentions to makeover my powder room about eight weeks ago. But here’s a little reminder of how it’s evolved over the years.  This is a photo heavy post..I hope that’s okay! grin! I will share in my next post all of the details on how I brought this room together.  So for now…enjoy my powder room … [Read more...]

The evolution of a powder room…

SourceIt’s amazing how a room (is a bathroom considered a room?)  can evolve over the course of living in a home.  There’s always the room you inherit, which may be a blank slate, or in our case was NOT a blank slate.  Nor our taste. at all.Then, there’s the room you quickly fix up because you’ve just moved and you had to paint EVERY room in your entire house in one week including a magenta room, a navy blue room, a chartreuse green room, a hunter green room and a Sponge Bob bathroom. yes. I do … [Read more...]

Kitchen Island Makeover Tutorial

Kitchen Island Makeover as seen in BHG from At The Picket Fence

Update: Here is my completed kitchen remodeled as featured in Better Homes and Gardens! My island is still holding up great and I love it! photo courtesy of BHG As just a little recap. I am in the middle of a major DIY Kitchen Remodel.  It has been a multi-step process over several months and it is….almost….done…. The most recent project that I competed just this past weekend was the transformation of my kitchen island.  Here is a little before and after. (mouse over for … [Read more...]

My kitchen island transformation…Part One


also known as “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them!…” or aka Step 3, 252 in my kitchen remodel…Ahhhh…my dear friends.  You have so generously and graciously put up with me and my almost but not quite reveals of my never ending, will it ever be over kitchen remodel.  When I started this ginormous project in April I truly never realized how long it would take.  See there’s this thing called “life” and it keeps getting in the way.  I am also almost doing this completely on my own, (I love my … [Read more...]

Mr. Beadboard…Meet Miss Chair Rail!

They say that Kitchens and Bathrooms are what sell houses and apparently Heather and I are taking that to heart!She has shown you a little bit of the progress they are making on their Kitchen Remodel on a BudgetAnd a couple of weeks ago I shared with you some changes we made to my rascal's bathroom.Can you tell we are getting a little Beadboard Happy here at the Fence?And while I proudly declared my undying love for Mr. Beadboard and his magical ways of transforming a space, I have come to … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel on a Budget-Part 1

We have lived in our home for a little over six years.  And for a little over six years I have wanted to remodel the kitchen.  I adore almost everything about our house...except the kitchen.  I HATE the kitchen.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I love the layout of my kitchen.  It is nice and open.  I have a great bay window with lovely sunlight streaming in.  It's a nice size, which is good since we have LOTS of parties and on most weekends you will find my kitchen full of friends.BUT...I have … [Read more...]