Believe You Can…

Heather and Vanessa at SNAP

...and you're halfway there. This past weekend we, along with over 500 of our closest friends , attended the SNAP conference in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. And we wished there was some way to have packed you all up and brought you along with us. Imagine what the over-sized luggage fee would have been for that! ;-) Because, well, you see it was amazing. … [Read more...]

Tips for Promoting Your Blog..and a Giveaway!

session card handout

It was every bit as amazing as we knew it would be! Getting to meet old and new friends.  Gals we have "known" online for years but finally having a chance to hug their necks, talk face to face and laugh until we cried.  It was Haven...and it was a dream conference for the picket fence gals with the best moment getting to see each other for the first time in over a year!! … [Read more...]

Finding Your Blogging Voice

Blogging Voice Label

Do you remember your very first Blog post? You had been “stalking” those DIY or Crafting or Decorating or Cooking blogs for weeks/months/years and you finally worked up the courage to start your own! The templates confused you, you had no idea what a widget was and html code sounded like something you would have to learn to become an astronaut. You finally got it all set up and ready to go and then there it was. That blank page staring you in the face, daring you to fill it with … [Read more...]

Ten Commandments for every blogger…

Lately I've been thinking about what makes a successful blogger...and, by successful I'm not talking financial success, or popularity.... but someone who connects with others.  Someone who stands head and shoulders above the rest because of their integrity, their work get the idea! I have vowed that no matter how much success or not, how much growth..or not, we experience here At The Picket Fence, I always want to hold myself to a standard of excellence! This prompted me to think … [Read more...]

How To Join a Twitter Party! Do you tweet?

Tweet! Tweet! We hope if you are attending or think you might want to attend the Southern Bloggers Conference you'll join us Monday, October 8th at 8:00 for the Southern Bloggers Conference Twitter Party! But first...Do you Tweet? Have you been putting off joining Twitter because it seems confusing, unnecessary or maybe you're like us and you wonder how could you EVER express yourself in 160 characters or less?! ;) We felt the same way at first.  We just couldn't see what the big deal was, until … [Read more...]

Blogging Together…our number one question answered!

Recently Kathy of  a Delightsome Life asked us to share some on blogging and how we do it, we thought we'd share our post here with you today.Believe it or not the number one question we get asked about our blog At The Picket Fence is not…”how do you come up with projects?” or “how did you get sponsors or advertisers?”The number one questions is: “How do you blog TOGETHER?” The concept of multiple blog authors is still relatively new in the blogging community.  Blogs originally were a platform … [Read more...]

Network Your Blog…May Networking Blog Hop!

We were so honored to be asked to participate this month in the Networking May Blog Hop by the lovely Kelly of Live Laugh Rowe!What is a Networking Blog Hop you ask...well...Are you ready to network??Are you prepared to make some new bloggy friends??Well, here's your chance!One of the best ways to introduce your blog to others and network with bloggers is a blog hop! RULES:Link up to the homepage of your blog.....follow Host and Co-Hosts {pretty please} feel free to follow by Facebook, … [Read more...]

How To Use Linky Followers

Last week we introduced Linky Followers to our friends here At The Picket Fence.  If you missed the post explaining the premise behind Linky Followers you can read our Linky Followers introduction post which will give you more details on the thought behind this new follower tool.  As a quick recap, Brent (the owner of the popular Linky Tools) was asked to help create a product that mimics the concept of Google Friend Connect.  You might be asking why someone would need a replacement for GFC … [Read more...]

Big News For Google Friend Connect Users!

We have some exciting news to share for all of us concerned about the discontinuation of Google Friends Connect!  As you’ve probably heard, the popular Google Friend Connect (“GFC”) is going away March 1st for non-Google blog platforms like Wordpress, and the scuttlebutt is that it will be eventually phased out completely to be replaced by  Google+.  (now don't panic yet!!) GFC was never really so much an “I follow this blog” tool as it was an attempt at the whole Facebook “friend, like” … [Read more...]

Blogging 101: Photo Editing

Or also known as's free, so learn how to use it! Welcome to Part Two of Photography Tips for New (and not so new) Bloggers.  This is a part of our ongoing series Blogging 101.  You can revisit all of our Blogging 101 posts by clicking on the Blogging 101 Link in our sidebar.  Today we will explore this great tool provided by Google.  This is available for anyone who has a google account, but is specifically linked to blogspot blogs.  Welcome to:That place where all of the photographs … [Read more...]