Best In Show ~ Dog Themed Party

Best in Show Birthday Party

My daughter has yet to meet a dog without some redeemable quality.  Every dog regardless of pedigree, grooming, or personality is either the cutest, sweetest, or smartest dog on earth.  And if they’re not, well, it’s not their fault and they deserve an extra dose of love and affection. … [Read more...]

Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party

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At some point over the past year, my son fell in love with Chronicles of Narnia. One day he’ll claim to be Peter Pevensie, the next he begs to officially change his name to Caspian.  I am forever cast as the White Witch and his two sisters willingly play along as Susan & Lucy. When deciding on a theme for his 5th birthday, Narnia was the … [Read more...]

Date Night and a Chalkboard Word Search Puzzle

Valentine's Day date night at home

It was the summer of 2003. My husband and I were sitting outside at a restaurant enjoying the warmth of the evening and sipping on our glasses of wine. Our newborn son slept soundly in his carrier at our feet and we smiled smugly at each other across the table as if to say, "Why do people always make it sound like life has to stop when you have … [Read more...]

Holiday bar cart ideas and a Home Goods giveaway!

How to style a bar cart for the holidays

I'm often asked how I would "define my style."  I've always had a hard time putting my style into words.  I love a little glitz and glamour combined with some fun pops of color all against a white background. Think deer antlers….gilded in gold.   a disco ball propped up against a mirrored tree stand.  A family heirloom made over in electric … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Birthday Party and Being 6…


Do you remember being 6 years old? Do you remember having a vivid imagination and talking to your stuffed animals and just hearing them "talk" back to you? Do you remember rotating out who got to sleep next to you each night because you didn't want anyone to feel left out? Do you remember being 6 in the summertime? Running through the sprinklers … [Read more...]

Recycled Patriotic Party Ideas for the 4th of July

Patriotic Recycled Bottle Centerpiece1 from

How often do we find ourselves wanting to host a fun summer party, but we are intimidated by the cost and the preparation?!  I love to gather friends and family together on warm summer afternoons and evenings, but I don't like the  idea of spending all day preparing food and drinks and a lot of money on decorating. Summer gatherings do NOT have … [Read more...]

A Tea Party Birthday


I've been feeling very sentimental lately. Maybe it's because my son turned 10 (sniff...sniff) on Tuesday. Or maybe it's because this is the last week of the school year. Or maybe it's because my youngest has her Kindergarten graduation Thursday night and these next months will pass all to quickly and soon I won't have my little afternoon buddy … [Read more...]

How to Make an 8 Layer Surprise Cake

Cake Title

Thank you so much for all of your kind words yesterday about my daughter's Super Science Party! I promised I'd be back today to show you just how I managed to make her 8 Layer Surprise Cake and I never go back on a promise. When dreaming up a birthday cake for my daughter’s science party, I stumbled upon a photo of a wedding cake that looked … [Read more...]

It’s A Spring Thing Party Features!

It's A Spring Thing Feature Round Up from At The Picket Fence

  What could be better than 14 Fabulous Spring Project Ideas... How about 717 FABULOUS Spring Project Ideas!!! We have loved seeing all of the amazing recipes, crafts, tutorials and home decor linked up to the It's A Spring Thing Linky Party! We've gathered up a few of our favorites based off of the projects we shared during the It's A … [Read more...]

Lace Dyed Easter Eggs

Lace Dyed Easter Eggs from At The Picket Fence

So, have you ever found yourself standing at the check out line or a fabric counter and the clerk, trying to make small talk while cutting small squares of lace, asks what you are going to make with the fabric you are buying? Excitedly you tell her about this idea you saw in Better Homes and Gardens for Lace Dyed Easter Eggs. How they took … [Read more...]