Re-arranging the Dining Room

dining room

You know those pictures where it starts out looking like one thing but the longer you look at it, you are able to see another image appear? Well, I'm really horrible at those. Everyone around me will see that what looks like the solar system is in actuality a big bowl of apples. Squint your eyes, they say. Tilt your head, jump up and down, … [Read more...]

Deck Makeover Reveal!

entertaining on the deck

Eons and eons ago I started a blog. was actually only 4 years ago but it feels like EONS ago! This was pre-At the Picket Fence days and I was so excited that it  gave me an opportunity to remember that I could string sentences together and use words with multiple syllables since at that time I was up to my eyeballs in sippy cups, potty … [Read more...]

Parade of Homes Tour ~ Far Above Rubies

far above rubies collage

We've all heard the saying, "Their worth is far above rubies…" Nothing could be more appropriate when describing our friend Anita, from Far Above Rubies! Not only is this gal talented but she's a true gem! We are so blessed to be sharing Anita's beautiful home, as part of our At The Picket Fence Parade of  Homes Tours, with our friends here … [Read more...]

Parade of Homes Tour ~ Housepitality Designs

Housepitality designs graphic

Do you have someone in your life who knows just the right things to say at just the right moment? They are able to use words to bless and encourage and uplift? If you do, you know what a gift that is! We have a sweet friend we met through blogging who is definitely that kind of a gift to us. Shirley from Housepitality Designs is gracious and … [Read more...]

Blue Home Decor Ideas …I’ve got the blues!

Welcome! If you're joining me from my talented and fabulous friend, Jennifer Rizzo's, I'm so glad to have you here visiting us At The Picket Fence! I was so honored when my friend Beth, of Home Stories A to Z, invited me to be a part of her How to Decorate Series! Seriously, the talent in this group is amazing! You can start the series from the … [Read more...]

A Southern Summer Home Tour 2014

Moss Wreath Planter

  WELCOME to Georgia y'all!! Where the weather's HOT and the tea is SWEET! I'm so honored to be following my friend Rhoda, of Southern Hospitality on the 2014 Blogger Summer Home Tour; hosted by my fabulous and talented friend Gina, of Shabby Creek Cottage! Be sure to pay her a visit to start at the beginning of this amazing tour of blogger … [Read more...]

Tween Boy Bedroom Reveal & Giveaway!


What do you get when you mix really cool paint technology, one 'tween' boy and one mom in denial over the fact that her son is actually a 'tween'? You get one really cool room makeover AND even amazing bonding experience. 'Tween' boys are an interesting species. One minute still pretending that a giant box is an airplane and … [Read more...]

Summer Home Tour 2014

Simple Summer Decorating Ideas and Home Tour

Flip, flop. Flip, flop. Flip, flop. Don't you love it when a word so perfectly describes the sound it makes? And nothing says summer quite like the sound of flip flops. In fact, I was tempted to just scatter flip flops all around my house and say, "There. Consider my summer decorating DONE!" But then, well, I figured that since the … [Read more...]

DIY Wall Plate Rack

plate rack on wall in kitchen

Do you ever have projects that you put off for...oh...say about 5 years? neither! ;-) In our kitchen there is a narrow wall that you pass by on your way to the dining room. Or if you are coming from the dining room you pass it on the way to the kitchen. You get the idea! I like to call it 'The Forgotten Wall'. Just … [Read more...]

Tween Bedroom Makeover Plans & Giveaway!

tween boys makeover with Sherwin-Williams paint

FACT: My son has always been completely and utterly change resistant. FACT: He fought back tears when I tried to convince him to let me paint his room a couple of years ago. FACT: He didn't fight the tears, but let them flow when I got rid of an old rug that he had in his room from the time he was a baby. FACT: I'm totally and completely obsessed … [Read more...]