A New Piece in the Dining Room

Easter buffet atthepicketfence.com

It's so hard to find 'the one'. You are always on the look-out, hoping that one day you will finally meet that perfect match for you. And then the day comes when you enter a room and you see it. You just know that you've found that special 'someone'. The one you've been waiting for all along. You were so tempted before to say yes to the others, but you were never quite able to pull the trigger. Some of them seemed like 'the one' but you always hesitated. And now you know why. You were … [Read more...]

Kitchen Island Makeover

kitchen island before

My daughter and husband are amazing artists. They can think of something in their heads and then make it come to life on the paper in front of them. I, on the other hand, am sorely lacking in the drawing department. Trust me, you DO NOT want to be on my Pictionary team. I can totally visualize these incredible scenes in my mind but somewhere between thinking it and drawing it, my mind turns it into an image that closely resembles something either a toddler or a very drunk person would draw. … [Read more...]

A Great Find!

hanging landscape canvas

My husband would tell you that every time I start a conversation with, "Hey, you know what I was thinking?" it usually means that something is going to be moved, DIY'd, painted, repurposed or rearranged. And frankly, although he wouldn't admit it at the time, I know he was feeling more than a little worried that during the great painting extravaganza of 2015 that particular question would begin to haunt him. … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel Decorating

Simple spring mantel decorating

I love where I live. I mean, I'll admit that I didn't always feel this way. I've even talked about how long it took me to fully embrace the fact that I am an Oregonian. But, there is nothing like Spring in my neck of the woods to make me want to shout to the world that I LOVE OREGON! Here in the Willamette Valley, we truly get the best of both worlds. We have access to everything that big cities can offer and yet we can drive 5 minutes down the road and see the most gorgeous … [Read more...]

Family Room Makeover Reveal

family room built-ins painted white atthepicketfence.com

The other day as my daughter was happily chattering away to me about all of the latest in her 2nd grade world, my ears perked up when I heard a familiar phrase. She was describing how a friend felt about something (obviously my mind was wandering just a bit!) and she said with great emphasis "Mommy, she doesn't just love it. She LOVE loves it!" And I had to smile. … [Read more...]

Fireplace Makeover Reveal!

fireplace 1200 x 825

Some people count sheep to fall asleep. Or their blessings. And while I definitely try both of those (plus a little Tylenol PM!) when I'm suffering from insomnia, nothing helps me relax and calm my mind more than envisioning rooms all redecorated. I envision rooms in my own home, my friends' homes, and homes which only live in my imagination. … [Read more...]

Decorate a coffee table like a boss on a budget!

yellow tulips close up atthepicketfence.com

The phrase 'budget friendly' is really kind of a relative term, isn't it? I mean, what is 'friendly' to one person's budget might not be quite so 'friendly' to another person's budget. Sometimes when I'm watching a decorating show or flipping through the pages of a magazine and they reference an item that was such a 'great deal' and then I find out what they actually paid for it I'm shocked. Apparently my definition of a good deal is very different from theirs! I firmly believe in … [Read more...]