Simple Fall Entry Decor

Simple and elegant fall entry decor

Can I confess something to you my friends? Sometimes I just want to stick one pumpkin on one shelf in one room of my house and declare that I've decorated my house for fall. Between working against the book deadlines, running the business that is this blog, getting kids back to school and all of the general craziness of life, it was definitely tempting to do that. … [Read more...]

Kitchen and Family Room Makeover

kitchen cabinets built to look like furniture

Happy Saturday friends! On behalf of my friend Kara (who is the one who gets to live in the gorgeous new spaces I've been showing you!) and myself we'd like to say a big huge THANK YOU for all of your lovely comments the past two days! This was such a long process for Kara and her husband Caleb but he got to go to work each day while she, on the other hand, was living in the midst of chaos while their home was being remodeled. Oh and they have 5 kids. She deserves a trophy don't you think? … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Farmhouse Cottage Style Kitchen makeover

So, here's the thing. I'm a crier. I cry over obvious things like sad movies or sad news or when I get my feelings hurt. I cry when I think about my kids getting older or when they had to have shots at the Doctor's office. I've cried overĀ pretty much every single Hallmark commercial as well as almost every episode of Little House on the Prairie. But in all of my years of being a crier, I've never cried over a home makeover. That is, I hadn't until the day I walked into my friend Kara's … [Read more...]

Personalizing Your Home

printed bible verse pillow

Not too long ago, I sat and flipped through the pages of a fancy-schmancy home decorating magazine. I have no idea where I was at the time and how I happened to have a fancy-schmancy home decorating magazine in my hands but I can only assume that a) my children were nowhere near me because they rarely allow me the luxury of sitting down with a magazine and b) I wasn't in my own home because I don't subscribe to fancy-schmancy home decorating magazines. ANYWAY, as I flipped through the pages I … [Read more...]

DIY Wall Plate Rack

DIY plate rack with silver platters

Oh happy, happy end of the week! Are you all in total denial like me that July is already over? Slow. Down. Summer. So, we're continuing on with our Flashback Friday series today and I'm sharing with you a project I did almost two years ago in my kitchen but it still remains one of my all-time favorite DIY's.Ā  You may notice that some things look a tad different in the house but don't forget that this includes old photos. Since this time we have painted the kitchen island and changed up … [Read more...]

French Country Sconces

French Country sconce

I'm all for individuality, both for people and houses. I will cheer you on as you discover how you've been uniquely created and how that discovery in turn leads to your own creativity. I will admire how you turned a room in your home into a one of a kind space. How you have that nautical themed bathroom next to the western themed bedroom next to the room filled with 'I Love Lucy' memorabilia. And I will never, ever say that it's wrong. Because I don't live there. You do! But as for me and my … [Read more...]