DIY Wall Plate Rack

DIY plate rack with silver platters

Oh happy, happy end of the week! Are you all in total denial like me that July is already over? Slow. Down. Summer. So, we're continuing on with our Flashback Friday series today and I'm sharing with you a project I did almost two years ago in my kitchen but it still remains one of my all-time favorite DIY's.  You may notice that some things look a tad different in the house but don't forget that this includes old photos. Since this time we have painted the kitchen island and changed up … [Read more...]

French Country Sconces

French Country sconce

I'm all for individuality, both for people and houses. I will cheer you on as you discover how you've been uniquely created and how that discovery in turn leads to your own creativity. I will admire how you turned a room in your home into a one of a kind space. How you have that nautical themed bathroom next to the western themed bedroom next to the room filled with 'I Love Lucy' memorabilia. And I will never, ever say that it's wrong. Because I don't live there. You do! But as for me and my … [Read more...]

New Dining Room Chandelier

white french country chandelier

My friend Julie and I take bargains very seriously. Frankly, it's one of the things that first bonded us to each other. When she uttered these words, "Sometimes you just have to buy that $10 pair of jeans even if the zipper is just a tad off centered" I knew we would be BFF's. … [Read more...]

A Lazy Summer Tour


Hello! It's me, the redhead and I would like to invite you over to our house today for a Lazy Summer Tour... The crazy lazy days of Summer are upon us, and all I plan to do is bask in the sun and sip fresh brewed iced tea,with little lemon wedges on the side of the glass. … [Read more...]

Ballard Designs Monogrammed Wall Plaque Knock-Off

Door Mat Turned Wall Plaque Ballard Designs knock-off

I have a bit of a ritual when it comes to receiving the latest issues of my favorite catalogs or magazines. I never look at them right away. Oh sure, I might allow myself a quick glance through. But rarely does the mail come to our house at a time with things are calm and relaxed. Frankly, sometimes I wonder if those times are just urban legends. ;-) I want to savor that new catalog or magazine. I want to peruse it at my leisure. Preferably without anyone asking me for a snack. … [Read more...]

Summer Home Tour 2015

summer buffet table decor

(Be sure to go all the way to the end of this post for a fabulous Giveaway from bHome and Painted Fox Treasures!) You know what? I don't live in a farmhouse. Or a cottage. I live in a traditional style stucco house. And I like it. Really I do. Actually, I like it a WHOLE lot and I'm incredibly, incredibly grateful for it. But, lately, I've noticed that you never really see my kind of house on Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook or...anywhere, really. And sometimes that makes me feel … [Read more...]

Entry Decorated for Summer

fresh flowers on entry cabinet for summer

Oh friends. When I think about how I used to over-complicate seasonal decorating I feel shameful. I mean, seriously, the LAST thing decorating should be is complicated. I know I've talked about it before here but I think it's worth revisiting. Decorating is merely a creative extension of our personalities. It's a physical manifestation of our likes, dislikes and way of living. … [Read more...]

Easy Breezy Summer Decorating Ideas


Summer in our minds is synonymous with simplicity. It's relaxed and casual and somehow on a warm day when there is a breeze blowing through your hair, your only worry ends up being about what you are going to toss on the grill for dinner. It's flip-flops and swimming pools. Farmers markets and berries. Hammocks and cocktails...although you might not want to try and drink a cocktail while lounging in a hammock...just trust us on that one! ;-) … [Read more...]

Beautiful Farmhouse Home Tour

shady grove dining room

Oh friends do we ever have a treat in store for you today!! Are you on Instagram yet? If not, we HIGHLY recommend it! You see, Facebook is so wonky these days. Are we right? Sometimes you see things, sometimes you don't. But on Instagram you get to see everything! And that is where we met our new friend Wendy from the blog Life on the Shady Grove. And not only did we fall in love with her absolutely beautiful home but we have been so blessed by her incredibly warm and welcoming … [Read more...]