Easy Lemon Creme Brulee

Lemon-creme-brulee atthepicketfence.com

I'm having a jealousy issue. I'm really jealous of people who have never had Crème Brûlée Because I'll never again get to experience that very first delectable bite of this most awesome of creations. And they will. … [Read more...]

Key Lime Pie Dessert Shots and a Party!

Key Lime Pie Shots

My daughter has always had a fascination with miniature things.  Teeny-tiny notebooks and tape dispensers.  Little tiny plants and wee little animals to place in her shadow box. I must admit there's a certain fascination I have, as well, with cute little bitty things.  Like cute teeny appetizers, mini-cupcakes and now the popular tapas, which … [Read more...]

Nutella Hand Pies for Valentine’s Day!

Nutella and Blackberry Valentine's Day Hand Pies

  Did you know there is a National Pie Day? Did you know it was TOMORROW! A WHOLE day to celebrate the goodness of PIE! What is it about pie that conjures up images of home and warmth and grandma’s kitchen table? … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Cranberry Cake


Hello Picket Fence friends! This is Angelina from JoJo & Eloise! Well, 2013 quickly came and went, and now we are looking at the Brand New Year of 2014! I SERIOUSLY have no clue how this has happened. I still remember the EVE of the year 2000, like it was yesterday. Maybe it's age or maybe time is REALLY speeding up on us, I prefer the latter … [Read more...]

The Box


Every year around this time of the year we would watch for it. We would hear a delivery truck coming down the street and race to the window, our little faces pressed against the glass hoping, willing it to stop at our house. And then would come the day that the truck did finally pull up to the curb in front of our house. We held our breath as … [Read more...]

Of Groaning Sideboards and Apple Pan Dowdy

Apple-pan-dowdy-dessert from At the Picket Fence

One November, when my husband and I were still fresh-faced newlyweds, we traveled from Oregon to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family. At the time, they lived next door to her in-laws (Southern transplants!) and I was so excited to introduce them to my new husband.  My sister's mother-in-law, Arlene, is every bit the … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pecan Ice Cream…a summer treat for fall!

Pumpkin Pecan Ice Cream main graphic

We had gone to bed in summer and we awoke in autumn; for summer passes into autumn in some imaginable point of time, like the turning of a leaf. ~Henry David Thoreau Summer transitions into Fall.  We exchange Garden Trowels for Rakes.  Swimsuits for Sweaters. Popsicles for Pies. But there is one summer treat we don’t have to give up even … [Read more...]

Canned Apricots 3 Ways & Slow Cooker Giveaway!

Canned-apricots-3-ways from atthepicketfence.com

I am obsessed with Fall. It's my "most wonderful time of the year". I love the colors, the smell of leaves burning, my favorite mulled cider candle and frankly, I look better in Fall clothing. ;-) But (and I can't believe I'm going to utter these words), there are some things I don't like about this season. I feel like a Fall … [Read more...]

Blackberry Cobbler and a Secret Ingredient

blackberry_cobbler_with_golden_grahams atthepicketfence.com

August in Oregon means one thing...blackberries! And in our family, blackberries are meant to be put in yogurt, cereal, pies, popped into your mouth as you're walking past the bowl and most of all, turned into blackberry cobbler. … [Read more...]

Summer treat…all natural fruit popsicle ideas!

All Natural Fruit Popsicle Recipes!

Hello Picket Fencers this is Angelina from JoJo and Eloise. I am so excited to be here again sharing some Summer Fun with you. Summer was always my favorite time of year when I was a kid, as I am sure I am not alone in this. It meant time away from school, family vacations, staying up late and sleeping in. All of which I would LOVE to do on a … [Read more...]