Certain Uncertainty

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When I became a mom of two I entered into a season of what I found to be a new kind of crazy. I had gotten one child all potty-trained and sleeping through the night and drinking out of a cup without a lid and giving me a chance to take a shower and go to the bathroom by myself...most of the time. … [Read more...]

At the End of Myself

Dear friends, I just felt like I needed to share from my heart with you today. To share what's been happening behind the scenes here At the Picket Fence. You see, every day for months now I've been pouring my heart out as I'm writing our book. We're so humbled and thrilled that we have this opportunity that I've been hesitant to share the other side of it. The side that has been challenging and has pushed me to my absolute limit. It's truly the most emotionally draining thing I've ever done. … [Read more...]

In the Drudgery

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*republishing this because sometimes we all need a little reminder!* This morning I woke up feeling 'blah'. I think I might have actually even said, "ugh" the moment I opened my eyes. Maybe it was the fact that the power had gone out in our neighborhood in the middle of the night which caused my children to wake up and promptly freak out. … [Read more...]

On Being Important


It's my sweet girl's birthday tomorrow. I can't quite believe that the precious baby with the big brown eyes which locked into mine the moment I held her in my arms is going to be 8 years old. And as she edges her way closer to the tween years, I feel such an urgency to prepare her heart for what is to come. So on this occasion I thought it would be appropriate to revisit a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago. One about my precious girl who is so important to me. And about what it really … [Read more...]

Before Our Big Announcement

Quote about God given dreams from atthepicketfence.com

We know we've been teasing about this for awhile now. Little hints have been dropped here and there that we have something really exciting to tell you. And honestly? We REALLY, really want to tell you! We thought we would have been able to announce it this week but with another 'I' to be dotted and 'T' to be crossed we simply can't spill the beans yet. And, at first, we were kind of disappointed about this.   … [Read more...]

Guilt Is Not a Spiritual Gift

Guilt is not a spiritual gift quote atthepicketfence.com

*You may have read this post before. You may not have. But either way I decided to unearth it and publish it again. Because sometimes we just need a reminder, right?* I have this friend. I'll call her "Rulie". If you are apart of our Sunday school class at church and you've had a baby (or 4), lost a loved one, been through surgery, moved into a new home, flushed a goldfish down the toilet or experienced any other assorted traumatic life experience and the "bring you a meal" sign-up sheet goes … [Read more...]

The Big Fork

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A silent war has been waged in our home for awhile now. Every day I make dinner. (For some strange reason my family expects it every night. Go figure!) And every day I ask one of my kiddos to set the table. Many nights, in order to keep them out of the kitchen at the most critical moment when everything is getting ready to be served up, I put the placemats, silverware and napkins on the edge of the kitchen island so they can simply grab them and start setting the table. … [Read more...]

My I Should Summer Take 2


Sometimes I need reminders. And sometimes those reminders come in the form of my own words (weird, right?). And because today is the last day of school for my kiddos AND because it's also my son's 12 birthday (sniff...sniff), I'm giving myself this reminder. Maybe you could use it too.  My I Should Summer I do it to myself every year. The month of May rolls around and I know that school will be out in a few weeks and we're going to have days filled with nothing but time, time and more time. … [Read more...]

Build Up Sweet Friends, Build Up

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Pursuing your dreams can be a funny thing. It brings up so many different emotions. We're putting ourselves out there. Setting goals, taking risks, praying, hoping, willing those dreams to come true. And often what happens as we lay ourselves bare in the pursuit of our dreams is that suddenly we've created extra space for insecurity to seep in. As if we all needed more of that right? Recently I was deeply impacted by someone else's insecurity. By their inability to 'light my … [Read more...]

The Path

I made him promise to not go too fast.  I made him promise to stay where it was safe.  Not too high (I’m terrified of heights..like pass out and die of fear..afraid of heights) no steep hills, no crazy detours…you get the idea. And he said, “I promise I’ll watch out for you.”  So we headed off. Out on our four wheeling trip into the desert. … [Read more...]