Stereo Console Makeover


Hello ATPF friends! Julie here from where it is brutally cold. Our wind chill in Michigan got down to -35 recently. That is just crazy. However, I have my tea and blanket and I'm here to share one of my all time favorite DIY furniture makeovers with you…my "Black Stereo Console Makeover". … [Read more...]

Built In China Cabinet Makeover

built in china cabinet counter

It was tired of being overlooked. Oh sure, it was tall and it was dignified. But, it was tired. Tired of people walking right past it and barely noticing. Tired of being more 'function' than it was 'form'. … [Read more...]

How to Paint a Pillow


Hello, At the Picket Fence friends…it's me, Julie from Redhead Can Decorate. I'm back at the fence, and I'm ready to start 2015 with a little something you may have never thought of trying... I painted a pillow… Last month, while browsing through our Good Will store here in Michigan, my daughter and I came across a throw pillow that cost … [Read more...]

Scripture Wrapped Advent Candles

DIY scripture advent candles from

"At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of advent by loving and serving others with God's own love and concern." Mother Teresa Growing up,  we never had advent calendars filled with chocolates and prizes. The only countdown we had were these darling paper houses from Hallmark where each door and window … [Read more...]

DIY Wood Plant Stand

white wood plant stand

The other night as I was tucking my 11 year old son into bed, he asked if I would lie down with him for a few minutes. He was listening to an 'Adventures in Odyssey' CD and wanted me to hear the latest story in the series. Now, this was one of those moments that every mom of a tween boy dreams about. Normally at bed time any kind of overtures … [Read more...]

DIY Wall Plate Rack

plate rack on wall in kitchen

Do you ever have projects that you put off for...oh...say about 5 years? neither! ;-) In our kitchen there is a narrow wall that you pass by on your way to the dining room. Or if you are coming from the dining room you pass it on the way to the kitchen. You get the idea! I like to call it 'The Forgotten Wall'. Just … [Read more...]

IKEA Bed Slats Turned Indoor Shutters


We are so thrilled to be welcoming our friend Candace from Vintage News Junkie here today! She has an awesome project to share with you all and we know you are going to be as inspired by her as we are! … [Read more...]

DIY Painted Cork Board

DIY Painted Cork Board

Why is it that the room we need the most is often the room that we finish decorating last? That has been the case with my home office.  I have all of these grandiose plans for it, yet it still sits full of unpacked boxes and Christmas decorations I can't bring myself to finish packing away.  When Decoart asked me to review their new Americana Decor … [Read more...]

Take Five: DIY Poppers for Valentines Day

DIY poppers for Valentine's Day

  I miss those days.  When they came home with a list of classmates and we headed to the store to carefully pick out the perfect pack of Valentines for their classes.   We've had Hello Kitty, and Princesses.  We've had Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Super Heroes. It was pre-Pinterest so I never had a chance to make all of … [Read more...]

Appliance Garage Turned Coffee Station

Coffee Station from

This story all begins with a Keurig...well...actually, I think it goes back further than that. Back to a day in 2008 when we were touring a house in a neighborhood we loved. One we had driven through countless times and had always said, "wouldn't this be a great place to live?" We had been looking at houses for what seemed like forever and had … [Read more...]