Modern miniature pumpkin topiary …

Miniature Gold Pumpkin Topiary

… and National Thrift Store Day! Today is National Thrift Store Day, so we are celebrating by sharing a fun thrift store transformation and several other transformations from our fellow bloggers! Yes. these are pumpkins. yes I know it's August.  Will  you forgive me?  See here's the deal.  We're bloggers.  Specifically, we are craft, home decor DIY bloggers.  That means we are already discussing Christmas trees and tinsel. I know, I know, it's painful when it's still 90 degrees out … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Crafts Jute Wrapped Utensils


  Hey Y'all! We are Trish and Bonnie and we blog over at Uncommon Designs.  We are thrilled to be here today. Heather and Vanessa are two of our favorite gals and we love that they are a blogging team as well.  Over at our blog we love all things crafty, and today we would love to share a super simple and way inexpensive little DIY craft with you... Do you love Dollar Store Crafts? We think these  Jute Wrapped Utensils are so cute! With cookouts and parties during the summer months and … [Read more...]

DIY Love Mug…for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Love Mug from At The Picket Fence

  It's so easy during Valentine's Day to get wrapped up in expensive gift giving.  Now don't get me wrong, I love roses and perfume and jewelry as much as the next girl but I also love sweet, simple gifts as well. Like this Love Mug that you can easily make yourself! All you need is an inexpensive mug, paint pens and an oven! Supplies: White porcelain or ceramic mug (I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree) Red and Black Paint Pen  Directions: Draw a fun design.  I made this one of a … [Read more...]

Sparkles make everything better! Spiderweb Blinged Out Pumpkin!

blinged out spiderweb pumpkin 1

I'm of the philosophy everything looks better with a little bling. I am a Southern gal after all, and we "really" love our bling! I think we all can agree that a little sparkle makes the world a better place. Having a bummer of a day...add sparkles! Haven't had a chance to wash your hair all week...add sparkles! Experiencing some PMS water weight gain...yep...add sparkles! Sparkles make everything better, including cheap Dollar Tree pumpkins. Those sad little orange foam … [Read more...]

Vintage Tool Box Turned Frugal Fall Centerpiece

Fall Vintage Tool Box Centerpiece from At The Picket Fence

Do you ever wonder where those "vintage" items we all love so much come from?  Who owned them before us? For instance, my new (to me) tool box? Being a vintage i.e. old tool box, I am going to assume the who was a him. We could even make a guess at his name... I see a J and an M and a C.  So could be... John, or Mac or Carl? Do you think John Mac Carl ever thought his beloved vintage tool box would become a frugal fall centerpiece? That it would hold Miniature Foam Dollar Tree … [Read more...]

Patriotic Pool Noodle Firecrackers!

Patriotic Pool Noodle Firecracker Craft

Sisss! Boom! Pop!!Who doesn't love fireworks!?! They are hands-down my favorite part of 4th of July celebrations! Our neighbors are firework distributors and they have the most amazing show you've ever seen right across from our house! I wanted to recreate my own fireworks show to put on display and what better way than with the now infamous pool noodle! Here's the super easy tutorial!Supplies:pool noodlescrapbook paper of your choice (the large size)4th of July spray picks (Hobby Lobby .99 each … [Read more...]

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Ring of Roses Wreath


Yes, yes it’s another  wreath, I know I just featured my Feather Boa Heart Wreath on Monday…BUT you didn’t think we’d let Valentine’s Day go by without another Dollar Tree Wreath?! My Dollar Tree Holiday Crafts Series has become a fun challenge for me here At The Picket Fence.It started with my Dollar Tree Pumpkins! We came up with a Monogramed Pumpkin, A Faux Nail Head Pumpkin, A Ribbon Pumpkin and the most popular one my Book Page Pumpkin.For Christmas I came up with three fun Dollar Tree … [Read more...]

Three Dollar Tree Wreaths

Candy Cane Dollar Tree Wreath from At The Picket Fence

Hi! Hi! Hi! We are going strong here At The Picket Fence! We’re working our way through several fun holiday crafts and projects as well as showing off our homes all decked out for Christmas! Today we are so excited to BOTH be sharing a fun and festive Christmas craft with Lisa at the Twelve Crafty Days of Christmas Series over at Before Meets After. My Tale of Three (Dollar Tree) Pumpkins Project was so popular this fall, I thought I’d do a Three Dollar Tree Wreaths series as … [Read more...]

How to make a book page pumpkin

How to make a book page pumpkin

I'm sharing a super easy and cute fall craft to make a book page pumpkin! I am just loving all of the ways people out in blogland that people are using Dollar Tree pumpkins! I shared with you a couple of weeks ago my first use of a Dollar Tree pumpkin, my Monogramed Pumpkin. I love projects using book pages. As a literature teacher they speak to me through the beauty of  the typography and their simplicity.  I knew when I saw some variations of the book page pumpkin on … [Read more...]