Tiered Clay Pot Centerpiece

candle on clay pot tiered centerpiece

I'm going to show you a super duper easy project I did recently involving clay pots but first I need to get something off of my chest. You know those words that just make you cringe? The ones that give you the heebie-jeebies? I hate to admit it, but there are quite a few that fall into that category for me. Like the word 'moist'. Ack! Even typing it out sends shivers down my spine! Recently I've discovered a new word to add to the list. 'Succulent'. Kinda cringe-worthy, don't you … [Read more...]

Etched Glass Snowflake Lamp! Let it Snow!


Why on earth am I showing you an etched glass snowflake lamp in August? Why would I want to dig through my Christmas bins in a 90 degrees attic and clunk my head on the rafters over and over again? Why would I risk my family looking at me like I had lost my mind working with fake snow and snowflake stencils? Why? I'll tell you why! I was issued a challenge by the folks at Hometalk and Lamps Plus. Take this plain lamp and transform it for the holidays. And when I'm issued a … [Read more...]

Are you Itching For Spring?

#Itching4Spring HomeTalk and HGTV Twitter Party

  Are your as ready for spring as we are? Are you itchin' to get started on your gardening and spring projects? Do you love HGTV?!?!  If the answer is YES to all three of those questions than be sure to join us this THURSDAY, February 21st at 8 PM EST for the HomeTalk and HGTV Gardens Twitter Party hosted by myself and the fabulous Rhoda of Southern Hospitality!! On the agenda: *Learn about planning for your spring garden *Share your gardening plans *Get new ideas and inspiration … [Read more...]

Hosting a Holiday Party!

coffee and cookie party At the Picket Fence

I'll never forget the evening, several years ago, when I was racing around the house getting ready for a party we were hosting. I barked orders at my family, did a lot of loud sighing and grumbling and generally made myself and everyone around my crazy as I prepared to welcome our guests. Once the doorbell rang, though, I was all smiles and as cool as a cucumber. Later that night, my husband gently informed me that while our guests got the "nice Vanessa", my family got "maniacal mommy". And … [Read more...]

Two Fun Holiday Announcements!

holiday party hometalk hgtv

  Holiday Parties aren't just for "in real life"! We've got TWO fun virtual holiday parties...and we are inviting you to attend! Up first, we invite you to join us TONIGHT for the HomeTalk Holiday Twitter Party...sponsored by none other than HGTV!! Yes you read that right, HGTV will be joining us tonight and sponsoring several amazing giveaways! Heather, along with the fabulous Rhoda of Southern Hospitality will be hosting this fun Twitter event.  They will be joined by the rest of … [Read more...]

We are joining the FOLK Magazine team and other fun news!

FOLK Fall Cover

Hi friends of At The Picket Fence! We have some exciting news to share with you all! First, we are so honored to be joining an amazing line up of bloggers as part of the Contributors Team for the FOLK Magazine Blog! Are you familiar with FOLK Magazine? If not you should be! FOLK Magazine was founded by an amazing group of talented young people, and what started out as a one time limited edition has grown into a fabulous and gorgeous seasonal magazine! Here's what FOLK is all … [Read more...]

Steppin’ out in style…new uses for old ladders!

Ladders aren't just for climbing anymore! We love the creative uses for ladders people are coming up with these days...and this round up of ladder projects is no exception!We love this clever Stepladder Bird Bath from Kelly of Eclectically Vintage!  Anne of White Lace Cottage said this Ladder Display Project was a "step above" and we couldn't agree more.  She spanned this vintage ladder between two cabinets for extra storage and display space! How clever is that?! Here's another option for the … [Read more...]

How To Join a Twitter Party! Do you tweet?

Tweet! Tweet! We hope if you are attending or think you might want to attend the Southern Bloggers Conference you'll join us Monday, October 8th at 8:00 for the Southern Bloggers Conference Twitter Party! But first...Do you Tweet? Have you been putting off joining Twitter because it seems confusing, unnecessary or maybe you're like us and you wonder how could you EVER express yourself in 160 characters or less?! ;) We felt the same way at first.  We just couldn't see what the big deal was, until … [Read more...]

How to Host a DIY Girl’s Night Out Party!


What could be better than hanging out with a group of friends on a warm Summer evening? How about tossing a little DIY into the mix?! That’s right, last Thursday night I hosted my very first Girl’s Night Out~DIY Style! When I read on the hometalk blog that they would provide me with some fun goodies for my friends if I were to host a Hometalk House Party, I didn’t even have to think twice. I was in!! I decided on a DIY theme and had so much fun getting everything … [Read more...]

Repurposing Round-Up!

It truly never ceases to amaze us how much incredible talent, creativity and clever-ness (that is SO a word!) is out there! And one of our most favorite things to do is show-off that talent here at the Fence.So, being Ambassadors for hometalk could not be a more perfect way for us to get the best of both worlds.Not only do we get to see some amazing projects and ideas, we are also finding answers to questions like this and this and this.AND we get yet another opportunity to feature some of the … [Read more...]