Healthy Chow Mein with Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodle chow mein with shrimp

When our kiddos were little, Saturday nights were sacred. We had the routine down to a science. Since they went to bed fairly early, we would feed them first then, when they were finally off to dreamland, my husband and I would make a delicious meal just for us which we would eat on the coffee table in the family room while watching a movie.   … [Read more...]

Our Best Holiday Recipes

Favorite holiday recipe collection from

Does anyone else find themselves feeling so smug as you get everything checked off your grocery list for upcoming holiday meals only to get home and realize that while you may have the ingredients for a grand meal in a few days, somehow you've managed to make it home from the store without putting anything in your cart for the dinners you are expected to prepare leading up to that day! … [Read more...]

Lemon-Lime Marinated Chicken Drumsticks …a perfect summer recipe!

Lemon-Lime and Greek Yogurt Marinated Chicken Drumsticks

  We are a grilling family.  My favorite part of summer is being able to move from the kitchen to the back deck for meal preparation! Actually truth is, it's because my husband is quite the grilling master….which gives me several months of not having to think about what I'm going to cook for dinner that night! … [Read more...]

Seafood Chowder & Pumpkin Party Features!


Seafood chowder and a pumpkin party? That's quite an interesting combination, right?! I'm so thrilled to be guest posting over on Tidy Mom today and sharing the recipe for this AMAZING Smoked Salmon Seafood Chowder. Did I mention it's AMAZING? Because it is. And if you try it you will realize just how right I am. And why that word needs to be in bold and in all caps! But, I guess if you don't like seafood this will look horrible to you. In which case, just look away! ;-) But if … [Read more...]

Are You a Lemon Lover?

lemon and sour cream pasta label

  Have you ever noticed that people either love lemon-flavored things or they don't? Well, I loudly and proudly declare that I love ALL lemon flavored things! OK, well, maybe not all. I mean, I'm sure there are some things that wouldn't go well with lemon flavoring. I can't think of any right now but I'm SURE there are some! Lemons just make me happy. They are bright and cheerful and represent warmer days ahead. Hopefully. Maybe. Who am I kidding? I live in the Pacific … [Read more...]

Why I’m posting about spaghetti squash…and not my powder room…

Do you ever have one of those projects that is a perpetual failure? Please tell me I’m not alone…cricket. cricket.  Wait….I am talking to the cream of the crop in DIY and home decor so maybe I am all alone. ;) My powder room makeover, is giving me fits, I tell ya! I have painted over my STENCILED walls THREE TIMES now and am still not happy with it.  Today will be a fourth paint over. sigh.  The aftermath of the tornadoes that devastated our area this past week, has also put a damper on this … [Read more...]

End of Pumpkin Week … Curried Pumpkin Soup

Well we hope you’ve enjoyed Pumpkin Week, here At The Picket Fence! We wanted to leave you with a warm, fall pumpkin dish! One of our favorites.  Curried Pumpkin Soup.There are so many delicious pumpkin desserts out there, as Vanessa showed us on Tuesday with her Sticky Bun Pumpkin Muffins, but pumpkin is not just for desserts!  You can make fabulous savory dishes with it as well.Curry Pumpkin Soups is easy, hearty fall main dish and is a definite crowd pleaser on a chilly evening! I've even … [Read more...]

Knockin off the OG…Olive Garden that is!

A Post from the Past...Knock off. A popular word in a DIYer's vocabulary. We LOVE to knock stuff off..mainly from stores with  initials like P.B. and R.H and occasionally B.D. and C.B.  I also can't say the words "knock-off" without thinking of shows like the Sopranos or The Godfather..."Hey, Jimmy youz wanna me knock him off for ya.." Cricket. yeah, my brains a scary place.But I promise this is a soup you will want to knock off and I mean in the best sense of the words...Today I … [Read more...]

Make Ahead Summer Recipe…Greek Pasta Salad

I love serving pasta salads in the summer.  They are the perfect meal for those long hot days when you’ve spent the afternoon at the pool or lake and the thought of coming home and standing in front of a stove is unbearable.  If you are like I am, and always on the hunt for fabulous recipes, then you need to look no further than our friend Val at Val So Cal!  She creates the most amazing dishes and drinks and desserts along with mouthwatering photographs.  Even better, she is as sweet as those … [Read more...]